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  2. I think that it is a good idea bearing in mind that you know who the owners of rides, stalls and juveniles ect belong to. But is it known whether every showman would want their equipment made known on this forum ??. The other thing that I would like to add is if a certain ride or attraction isn't known to an enthusiast, then could the moderators of this forum edit the topics in order to provide the names of ride owners ? This by the way is just a suggestion.
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  4. I had an email from Gizmo last night to say that she is doing a London to Paris charity cycle run, next month, in aid of 'Hearing Dog's for the deaf'. London to Paris on a cycle.... It tires me out just thinking about it.... Although our Mags hasn't been on the Forum for quite a long time, I'm sure there are those out there who know her well. A really nice person with a heart of gold. If anyone does feel that they would like to support Gizmo and this very worthy cause, the link to her fund raising page, the link is
  5. For sale 40ft shooter/cans Wheels come out. Blue Led tubes. New front banners complete with rifles and small cork guns Can be seen open With or without swag Good money taker Nicely decorated Phone 07881525578
  6. Man wanted for waltzer . Must have experience in building up and pulling down waltzer, accommodation supplied . Position available for good hard working man to maintain and manage everyday running of waltzer . Phone . Ireland . 00353872295922
  7. Happy Birthday Mags. Have a good one.
  8. One of my reasons why I never bother captioning. It isn't because I don't know the ride owner it's the fact I only use this forum on my smart phone. If I caption every photo I post it takes about 15/20minutes longer to caption as it only allows me to caption one photo at a time. I only tend to upload to the website when I get a spare 5/10 minutes when I'm having dinner or a quick toilet break.
  9. Only just heard about this accident . Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Come as a complete shock. Hope they catch the cowards who failed to stop.
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    • Easyrider

    helklo, do you need rides

  10. Wishing Gizmo a great birthday Enjoy .Adie
  11. Hi I know! Unfortunately an event company has promised out this ride but not sourced it. The guy is going with out a ride now. Thanks for the reply!
  12. This job has been played to death on various showmans sites on facebook for several months now, I am sure somebody would have already taken it on if the money was right..
  13. I am in urgent need of a big wheel for this Saturday 20-05-17 for an event in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Needed from Midday - 11pm Please email if you are able to provide this! Thank you
  14. I use it a lot, in particular to prepare weekend trips. Thanks for your hard work Bill.
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  16. These words are exactly the ones I would have used. Many thanks Bill.
  17. Well i browse most of the forum most days & Bill does a fantastict job..Thank you Bill But its not just Bill who puts the effort into the forum its all the Moderators & Panel members!! But most of all its the Members that count thank you!
  18. Without a doubt, it's an invaluable asset to the Forum and well worth the effort you put into it Bill. I often browse it just as a matter of interest, as well as for specific reference.
  19. Sorry Simon,my fault,need to go to Specsavers
  20. Bill you are doing a great job with the coming events list . I personally appreciate all that effort you are doing. I use the it most days. Thank you again Bill Regards Martin
  21. Dear All I have been compiling and publishing the Coming Events in it's current format for about 6 months now. I would appreciate your feedback. Do you use it? Is the current format usable? Useful? Could it be improved? Is it easily accessible? Maintaining it in it's current guise is a lot of work, which I am happy to continue with, but it would be nice to know that it is being used and is useful Regards Bill
  22. Too far thanks anyway but need staff local
  23. The policy hasn't changed, probably a simple mistake by a Moderator. I've returned the topic to the Current Reports forum.
  24. I posted a report on a fair at Boscombe, Dorset recently with dates between 28th April until 29th May and could not locate it. Upon carrying out the relevant search it is in the 2017 archive. I was under the impression that all reports stay on the current reports page until the fair has finished. Has this system now changed?
  25. Happy Birthday Chris. have a good one, Ben
  26. No Bournemouth/Southampton area but I could travel up to Derby/Ripley
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