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  2. Hi Everyone Pole NDT are pleased to announce that we have successfuly carried out NDT work now for Dans Rides in brighton, Fantasy Island, Canvey Island, Flamingo Park Hastings, Jason Gray Rides Aldershot. Word is getting around. Please feel free to contact any of the above for references All The Best Paul Pole NDT
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  5. Whilst I am grateful for the suggestion, I believe that would be counter productive - we will be deprived of a large number of excellent photo sets just because the poster isn't a forum supporter. Whilst I am keen to ensure the forum supporters cover the costs involved, I don't want to lose any photo contributions. That was very much my thinking. Although neither myself or the forum panel have defined a period yet, I personally was thinking of a much longer period. I will need to do some research to find out at what point photo topics become 'stale' and no longer get viewed - looking at the stats it does happen, but I don't know when. Many thanks for your input.
  6. Can I add a further suggestion that posting in the photo forum be reserved for those who contribute to the costs of running & managing the forum. A small price to pay to gain mass exposure of your efforts among the total membership. As this is easily the largest & most popular ATFOTF forum then by definition it must cost the most to maintain. Regarding the archive, it would be pointless archiving captionless images as nothing is included to indicate anything about the subject matter. In the circumstances can I suggest these be removed following posting after a period to be agreed say 6 weeks or 2 months.
  7. Dear All Following on from the discussion and poll about captioning photo topics in the photos forum, it is clear that members do find captions desirable, but that it shouldn't be compulsory. In an effort to encourage captions, the forum panel have discussed a simple change to the photos forum that we hope will encourage members to caption their photos. Effective immediately all members posting topics in the photos forum will be able to edit their own topics for as long as they are in the photo forum. Perhaps if you are short of time when you post the topic you can consider returning to it when you have spare time and editing the post and adding captions? If you are unsure of the owner you could consider captioning it with a "?", as and when another member identifies the owner you could consider editing your post and updating the caption? Personally I like captions, but if the choice is no captions or no photos, then no captions wins every time Whilst looking at the photos forum, I noticed that there are in excess of 1800 topics over 76 pages going back to 2014. Since we've been keeping every photo topic the forum is becoming somewhat unwieldy. I also noticed the vast majority of views a topic gets are in the first few months. Older topics just don't get viewed very much. However, it is nice to have these older photos as they provide a historic view of past events. The benefit of captioning photo topics becomes, in my view, much more important with older photo sets. Firstly, without captions, the older topics are effectively unsearchable - for example if I search the entire forum for rides belonging to "Philip Green" I will get Rides List Photos and Photo Topics that are captioned - I will miss uncaptioned photo sets, which means we are keeping them just to "browse" and browsing 76 pages is difficult. Secondly I can't just check the Rides List to identify rides from older photo topics because they may have changed hands. Another consideration with the photo forum is "how much do we retain"? All our photos are stored off the forum on an Amazon supplied server. We have unlimited space available, however we pay for EVERY photo we store. The cost, at the moment is fairly negligible, amounting to about $10 a month. This figure will only increase as our archive gets bigger. The number of forum supporters is falling and at some point I will either be unable or unwilling to pay for storage out of my own pocket. To address the above points, I have suggested to the forum panel that we set up the photo forum slightly differently. As time allows I will be setting up yearly "archive" forums for older photo topics, much like the funfair reports. Topics in these forums will be listed alphabetically to aid browsing. As topics get older they will be moved to the relevant yearly archive forum. I will only be moving the "better" photo sets. What constitutes "better" will obviously be subjective, but the following criteria will be taken into account - weather the sets are captioned, duplication of photos, quality of photos etc. As the photos will have been visible in the main photo forum for some time (exact period yet to be determined) all photo sets will be visible for some considerable time before either being moved to the archive or deleted. If anyone has any suggestions as to how we can maintain the usefulness of the photos forum or make it more user friendly, I would be glad to hear them! All the best Bill
  8. I do hope it doesn't come down to that. I mean I have noticed a lot of photo topics recently with no slogans on, and I feel it does solidify the idea of making captions compulsory. Adam. Ps: I don't mean for this to come across as a dig at people who don't do captions, its just my opinion I guess.
    • Mark Franks
    • Darren Mark Butler

    A very big thank you to you Darren for getting around the east and west London fairs. I know the feeling of having to be constantly on the move to capture everything. Keep up the good work. :)

  9. What is it they say about statistics? I've looked at the stats and concluded that over 80% of our members think they are desirable and/or should be compulsory Another good reason FOR captioning has come to mind today. We've 1880 photo topics over 76 pages going back to 2014. The topics that aren't captioned are NOT searchable and I would suggest won't get looked at again. If they were captioned they would come up on any search - e.g. someone searching for a particular Showmen's ride would NOT be able to find the photos that are present in an uncaptioned photo set! Perhaps there is an argument for deleting older, uncaptioned photo sets??
  10. One thing that is becoming clear from the few members who have bothered to vote in the poll is that the majority of voters so far either aren't bothered one way or the other about captions or don't see the need for them. I just hope now that those members who do add captions don't stop adding them thinking that they are wasting their time.
  11. I agree with Adam's viewpoint above. I have to hold my hands up and admit on my Facebook page I tend to slack captioning my photos. I have reviewed my own procedure following some questions of "whose is this" in replies. However both on this forum and on my own main website I always endeavour to caption my photos as good practice. As Adam says it does take no more than an extra 2-3 minutes. I also voted for the middle choice as I feel it should be encouraged.
  12. Personally I feel all photos should have captions, as I feel sometimes it can be sloppy when people just put photos in the topic and for some who may not travel to their areas may not know who owns what, and trawling for a report or trawling through the ride lists to find out owners can be tedious. I always take the time to post captions on all photos I put up, duplicates also, and I'm sure an extra 2-3 minutes per topic shouldn't be too much of an issue. I know one thing that does gripe me is when people put 2-3 photos up then send you to a cluttered or ugly looking website to view the rest, I won't name names as its unfair but I tend to completely ignore those types of topics now. Anyway that's just a ramble. I voted that it should be members choice (2nd choice in vote) but think personally it should be compulsory.
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  14. On the flip side to your comments about new members if photos were captioned surely it would be a big help to new / young members to identify things easier.
  15. As I stated in my post if you caption the one's that are known and put a simple ? under the one's not known someone is bound to fill in the gaps also other members might have in their photo collections photos of the same equipment and they don't know who owns it but by captioning things it helps others out.
  16. 100% agree, which is why I didn't vote for this option, but I'm hoping that this discussion will encourage those who clearly do have the knowledge to take a couple of extra minutes (I don't accept it takes too long) to caption their photos. The ?? idea is good - members don't currently have the ability to edit their photo sets once posted, but I could look into changing this if it would encourage captioning
  17. I agree with Waltzerman - better no captions than no photos at all. I hope we're not going to intimidate new members who don't know the showmen, are too shy to ask, haven't got time or don't know the forum well enough to find the names of the owners after the event. They could well be at a fair, which no else has visited or an unusual one, like the Market Deeping one, which Paul Ward and Keith W covered. It would be an awful shame for the forum to lose photos in those instances. I like Steve Barton's suggestion to post photos with question marks as captions. There seem to be plenty of people on here with knowledge which they're willing to share. The question marks would give them the go-ahead with no risk of feeling they're butting in on someone else's topic.
  18. The forum is I believe building an archive of the images. If reports were linked to pictures in some way I cannot see how information for a specific picture could be identified & transferred with the picture to the archive other than someone physically adding such information. When I was much more mobile I posted pictures from fairs all over the British Isles while travelling with my job & socially. The amount of travelling did significantly reduce any time I had for posting items on the forum but I can honestly say adding a caption to images took up a negligible amount of that time.
  19. Well i think all photos should come with captions!! But not everybody knows who owns rides, juveniles, games, transport etc!! Its the enthuiast who wants to go that far to take the time & the trouble to find who owns what!! Not everyone has the time to go that far.. So photos with out a name is better than nothing at least they bothered so then i take my time to find out on this forum who does own what!! So i think its best left upto the members to decide
  20. Thank you for another well reasoned reply - I agree with everything you say! I agree 100% with this, which is why I voted for desirable and not compulsory. However there are some very good arguments above FOR adding captions That would be better than no captions at all, but in my view not nearly as good as having the captions there under the photos - always assuming there is a report. Following on from a thought above - What would it be like to buy a hard back book with 1000 funfair photos in, but none of them captioned? Or if it came with a separate book with the captions in and you had to look up and cross reference every photo?
  21. Yes understand there must be a fair report, think in future i will use captions when time allows and if not link to a report.
  22. You could post a link from the Fair Report at the bottom of a photo post but that will only work if someone done a report for the fair, for example your last post is of Market Deeping but there is no report for that Fair so a link can't be added.
  23. I think making captions compulsory would not be a good idea as it may put some people off posting photos at all, i must admit i don't add captions much now as it takes to long to do, most of the time a member has taken the time to list the ride owners in the reports so is there anyway these could be linked?
  24. I think that captions finish off the topic and make it look more professional. When this subject has been mentioned previously people have stated that either they haven't got time to add captions or that they don't know or are unsure of the owners of equipment so they don't add captions. I feel that if you have taken time to travel to a fair taken the time to take the photos and then taken even more time to edit and upload the photos it seems a shame that you don't have the time to add captions to finish off the job. As for not knowning who owns what there are two options open to you either check in the Rides or Transport Lists which I agree can be time consuming but there is an easy way and that is to put a question mark under the photo and usually it doesn't take long for someone to post who the subject in the photo is owned by. I also think that where captions are added they should be added under the photo in all case's because there are some posts where the caption is above the photo and others where the caption is under the photo .
  25. I have aired my views on this topic previously & I still feel that captions with images are important. Firstly I cannot see much point in posting dozens of images from a particular fair or locality without providing some information about the subject matter, bearing in mind a majority of users will not have seen most of the included items or visited a particular fair or location. If any images are submitted for publication in the press particularly the Worlds Fair or one of the enthusiasts magazines it is doubtful they would be used or be paid for without captioned information. The second point concerns archiving where a meaningful description is necessary to assist both the archiving process & future reference. Tens of thousands of images are held at NFA the vast majority having been filed & categorised at the time of capture enabling clear & structured systems to be in place for the benefit of users, researchers, the media etc, Finally I have recently been asked by several showmen why images of their equipment are displayed without any indication or clue as to ownership especially when they may have invested tens of thousands of pounds in acquiring, restoring or updating their equipment. Adding details provides showmen with a 'shop window' for their equipment especially when seeking new grounds or for lessees seeking something fresh for their own presentations. No showman to my knowledge charges a fee for photographing their equipment. I do feel the least we can do to thank them for giving us free rein on their grounds is to acknowledge ownership of their subject matter when posting here & elsewhere.
  26. I'm not too bothered about the lack of captions, except when it concerns fairground model shows. I don't get to many and I like to know who these talented model makers are, particularly if they're forum members. The names often get added at the bottom of the topics, but scrolling up and down to put names to models can get really irritating. I dread to think what it's like if you're viewing on a smartphone. I've often wondered if it's possible to open up a topic temporarily to allow the original poster to add the names in the right place.
  27. I think ' unknown ' or 'ID please' is acceptable , as we know other members will add the owners name in a reply usually.
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