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  2. Kirmes and Park Magazines. 10 English editions. Random selection dating from 2007 - 2012. All in good condition. £45.
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  4. KevinR

    • KevinR
    • Terry Baker

    Hi Terry,


    Please could I book a table for the show next year.


    Many thanks,



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  6. Bill Warren

    Wanted: Chairs For Juvenile Chair-O-Plane

    I know someone that makes new ones
  7. harry monk

    Photo Storage - Suggestions Please

    @lego skid And that's why we don't have a Membership fee to see/view/participate in the forum. It's a site for a hobby which we all follow in different ways. Unfortunately running a web site/forum does cost money and none of us could afford to finance it individually. The forum will remain free for as long as we can manage, it's in everyone's interest for it to be that way. We do have some areas that's only available to Supporters, but that's to Thank them for supporting us financially
  8. Andy H

    Photo Storage - Suggestions Please

    It's not a membership fee, the forum is not a club with a set fee, you are free to donate any sum you can afford to support the forum. if you choose not to become a supporter then that's fine.
  9. lego skid

    Photo Storage - Suggestions Please

    gary mate ya will get moaners/dissenters/free loaders where ever ya go if ya do not like this then as ya say shut the door on the way out this is not a personal attack by any means have ya ever thort why people can not pay the membership fee because they are struggling
  10. Alan Russell

    Wanted: Chairs For Juvenile Chair-O-Plane

    messaged you
  11. Looking for a 24 chairs for a chair o plane ride looking for complete with hanger and chains Thanks Andy
  12. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Bill Edwards

    hi bill I did a fairground report on Nantwich and andy h has put it on their as his infact its mine I went on Saturday evening

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      Andy posted his on Saturday, yours was posted yesterday, First reporter gets it I'm afraid.

  13. Paul McHaddan

    Ground Wanted

    Ground wanted for "Top Star" Superstar ride Saturday 3rd November North East or Scotland contact - Michael Houghton 07974948377
  14. John Burnside

    • John Burnside
    • lego skid

    i am back ou ok

  15. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  16. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  17. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  18. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  19. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  20. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  21. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  22. http://www.swanseachristmas.com/waterfront-winterland/
  23. The Team

    Site Issues

    We are currently experiencing difficulties with the site. Tech Support are aware and dealing: Hello. Our apologies for the inconvenience, we're aware of an issue on our cloud infrastructure which we are working right now to correct. We will have your site up and running as soon as we are able. Regards, Mark Higgins Invision Power Services, Inc.
  24. Cardiff City New Year's Eve Civic Center 31December -1 January
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