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  3. As Ross has stated unless you have the Worlds Fair- which I don't- the list is invaluable Bill; I am sure everyone visiting this site appreciates your work and time, please keep the coming events list going.
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    More Raunds Feast info on Forum.

  5. Coming events is invaluable because there is no other method of finding fairs apart from the Worlds Fair which does not publish a comprehensive list and the only other method would be to trawl through showmen web sites and Facebook pages which are not always updated. I look at Coming Events on a daily basis .
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. Our prayers have been answered. David is out of danger and has been moved to West Mid Hospital where he continues to improve although eating and drinking is not going well. Stephen
  8. Happy birthday for yesterday Rob
  9. Thanks to you both, had a good day!
  10. Bit late Rob but happy birthday
  11. Hoping you have a greatday Rob.all the best Adie
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    Hi Colin

    Happy Bithday hope you have had a great time.


    Best regards John Fahy

  12. All the best colin.Have a great day Adie
  13. Happy Birhday Colin. Have a good one. Dave told me to say that the beers are on him tonight. Best wishes, Chunks & Bonnie.
  14. Happy birthday Stuart, hope you have a good day. Best wishes.
  15. Happy Birthday Stuart. Have a great day. Best wishes, Chunks & Bonnie.
  16. That's great news Stephen. Thanks very much for keeping us informed and once again I hope David makes a full recovery.
  17. David is out of the induced coma and is recovering from the operation to his head following this serious accident.
  18. Happy Birthday Richard. Have a good one. See you at Hollycombe next month. Best wishes, Chunks & Bonnie.
  19. Hi Bill, Just to let you know that all your efforts are extremely appreciated by myself and I'm sure most people who look at the forum. We can all be guilty at times of taking access to this forum for granted and it's content without fully realising the amount of work that goes into what we see. Although I don't travel to so many fairs these days I do indeed use Coming Events for many reasons and when i am able I do contribute with dates of local events. Thanks again. Chris.
  20. just seen this and i am shocked, i hope mr guyatt makes a full speedy recovery, my thoughts are with his family.
  21. I will continue to produce the Coming Events, for the time being, but unless I feel that it is being supported adequately, I will not hesitate to pull the plug. I have family issues that are taking up a lot of my time at the moment and are, occasionally taking me away from my computer for days on end. This evening is the first time all WEEK that I have had the time to update the Coming Events, and it's taken all evening. Out of necessity, the following change will be implemented immediately:- I will add the details I have. I have a database of previous events and where available I will add full details. If the full details aren't in the info I receive or the database, the info will be added "as is" - at the moment I don't have the time to research Post Codes, Counties etc What can YOU do? If you add an event, please add as many details as you can. I will accept ANY info for the files, but the more details, the better it is for other members. This is particularly so for posters which, being shown locally, are often missing such info as the County If you see details missing from an event and can add the details or have a spare five minutes to research it, please do so. If you know of an event, please let me know. There are still a lot of events where the first I know is a Funfair Report! If an event is listed without a Lessee, and you know who it is, please let me know To reiterate - I longer have time to research events and am relying on YOU to help. If the help isn't available, the standard of the information will fall. Sorry to be blunt, but help me or lose it Many thanks Bill
  22. In a case 3 phase, Skid mounted Very good condition Phone 07881525578
  23. Its at the top of the front page under Leader board
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