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  2. Google Maps Embed

    You may be aware that the forum software "embeds" internal links. For example, if I link to a Coming Event, although I've copied/pasted the link, you see far more than just a link: This also works for some external links, such as Facebook & Twitter. I've just discovered that it also works for Google Maps. Using the above example of the Coming Event, if I type the Post Code into Google Maps and copy/paste the link you get And the map is fully usable. Could be useful for Coming Events etc?? As an example please see
  3. Last week
  4. Octopus For Sale On ebay

  5. Mick Claffey

    terrible news, wish him all the best
  6. 40ft trailer mounted shooter/can joint Complete with cork guns rifles cans balls and swag Van be seen built up Ready now Phone 07881525578
  7. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    I've started work on this - at the moment it just says what benefits there are to being a supporter, but I will add to it as time allows. Please see http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/supporter-benefits/ The software ISN'T intuitive when it comes to donations and that is a problem that I am constantly trying to solve. I recently found a plugin that would simplify things, but unfortunately I can't get it to work properly. The plugin author is working on it, but I don't know when (or if) it will be available. However, if ANYONE wants to donate and is having difficulty please send me a Private Message - I can make it very simple on an individual basis. It can be as easy as putting cash/cheque in the post and I will do everything else or I can send a direct link to my PayPal donate page. Many thanks to those who have persevered!
  8. Need A Carousel

    Who's your son?
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  10. Forum Gallery - Apologies, Another CHANGE

    I read this and think, Bill has really good thinking how he can go on with the forum FOrum losing we all dont want it. I use it very much to post pictures and the Database/rides list. Running a forum is not a simple job. You're doing very well Bil!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Frank

    Thanks Colin
  12. Gary Witcomb

    Proud Supporter of the Forum 

  13. Posting Photo Topics - NEW POLICY

    I have updated the above policy to take into account the move back to forum based photo topics - please see I am hoping that now we can accommodate ALL photo topics on site the policy will be more agreeable to a greater number of member. Regards Bill
  14. Ebay (Carved Oak Panel, Decorated) For Sale

    For sale on Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263238022458?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  15. Forum Panel - New Members

    Welcome to "All The Fun Of The Fair" Panel Darren Mark Butler & James C good to have the both of you on board
  16. James Temporal

    wish the fair could stay in north hykeham for 2 weeks instead of only a week, it keeps the school children out of trouble

  17. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    I forgot to add an end date to the poll when I set it up. We usually run polls for a week, which would be today. To give anyone a chance to vote who hasn't yet, the poll will close at 5.30pm tomorrow, Thursday 28th September 2017.
  18. Dear All I understand that we all like to be appreciated and it's nice if we contribute to the forum with information or photos and we get positive feedback. It is also frustrating to revisit a topic to view a new post only to find that it doesn't actually add to the topic and just says "thanks" or "good pics". The "Like/Thanks" button is perfectly adequate to show your appreciation, it also adds to the reputation of the poster and when a topic is liked sufficiently it shows as "Popular". Forum rules state: 14 ) The posting of 'non-contributory' replies is discouraged. This is any post that does not further or help the topic. Please click "Like/Thanks" if you just want to say "Thank you" - it increases the like count of the member without clogging up the thread with short, meaningless replies. What is particularly frustrating from my point of view is when a member replies with "Thanks" but DOESN'T click "Like / Thanks" button It would be appreciated if you could bear the above in mind when replying. Many thanks Bill
  19. Transport Ownership

    Just reply to the relevant topic and a Moderator will update
  20. In Need Of Some Childrens Rides, Bedfordshire

    Hi Luke No, I haven't, would you kindly ask if I am able to have some contact details for him, please. Cheers
    • Frank Church
    • David Ide

    Happy birthday David


    1. David Ide

      David Ide

      Thanks frank

  21. Replying to topics in Ride Lists

    Thanks, I'll give it a try Bill.
  22. Scampton Airshow-10.09.17

    Some of Crows machines I have not seen down Lincoln way before.
  23. Rushden Feast Pull On/Build Up 2017

    The Race-O-Rama is Thomas Irish. Yes Kiosk is John Parrish Snr.
  24. Suggestion: Map Of Fun Fairs

    you could also get information from members who regularly travel around certain parts of the country as to exactly where some of the fairs are and how to get to them. this could be much faster if we all contributed.
  25. Oxford St Giles Fair 2017 (Day)

    Great photos as usual, thanks for posting. Just think how busy it would be if twas held after the 23,000 students return next week.
  26. Burnley July 1980

    The good old days
  27. Permission To View Content?

    OK, apologies for the delay, I've been at work, but I do have a partial answer The "Roe Green, Kingsbury" topic has been DELETED and the link shouldn't be there as the topic no longer exists, hence the error message. I've reported to Tech Support that the link is still there, because once the topic is deleted the link should be deleted as well.
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