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    More Raunds Feast info on Forum.

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  3. Coming events is invaluable because there is no other method of finding fairs apart from the Worlds Fair which does not publish a comprehensive list and the only other method would be to trawl through showmen web sites and Facebook pages which are not always updated. I look at Coming Events on a daily basis .
  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Our prayers have been answered. David is out of danger and has been moved to West Mid Hospital where he continues to improve although eating and drinking is not going well. Stephen
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    Hi Colin

    Happy Bithday hope you have had a great time.


    Best regards John Fahy

  6. All the best colin.Have a great day Adie
  7. In a case 3 phase, Skid mounted Very good condition Phone 07881525578
  8. Its at the top of the front page under Leader board
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    Do you know where the craig jennings mini coaster will be this weekend?

  9. Front and rear wheels fron 2in Thetford town for sale. Professionally finished in red and lined out with genuine gold leaf P.M. me for further details. 5 minutes fron Juntion 3 M5
  10. 6x4 twin axle unbraked box trailer c/w rear roller shutter. Needs finishing P.M. Me for further details. 5 minutes from junction 3 M5
  11. Try advertising job on Facebook plenty of groups on there dedicated and run by both showmen and gafflads. A lit of showmen now look for staff through facebook
  12. thanks mate
  13. I think that it is a good idea bearing in mind that you know who the owners of rides, stalls and juveniles ect belong to. But is it known whether every showman would want their equipment made known on this forum ??. The other thing that I would like to add is if a certain ride or attraction isn't known to an enthusiast, then could the moderators of this forum edit the topics in order to provide the names of ride owners ? This by the way is just a suggestion.
  14. I had an email from Gizmo last night to say that she is doing a London to Paris charity cycle run, next month, in aid of 'Hearing Dog's for the deaf'. London to Paris on a cycle.... It tires me out just thinking about it.... Although our Mags hasn't been on the Forum for quite a long time, I'm sure there are those out there who know her well. A really nice person with a heart of gold. If anyone does feel that they would like to support Gizmo and this very worthy cause, the link to her fund raising page, the link is
  15. For sale 40ft shooter/cans Wheels come out. Blue Led tubes. New front banners complete with rifles and small cork guns Can be seen open With or without swag Good money taker Nicely decorated Phone 07881525578
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    helklo, do you need rides

  16. Hi I know! Unfortunately an event company has promised out this ride but not sourced it. The guy is going with out a ride now. Thanks for the reply!
  17. Sorry Simon,my fault,need to go to Specsavers
  18. Too far thanks anyway but need staff local
  19. Happy Birthday Chris. have a good one, Ben
  20. Is this what your after as i know it is for sale
  21. Happy birthday Nikki, hope you have a great day
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