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  2. Gary Witcomb

    Photo Storage - Suggestions Please

    it would not benefit the forum so why would we want this !!
  3. Last week
  4. PEWSEY. Corner of Swan and Salisbury road. Wed 19th-Sat 22nd in support of Carnival. Lessee Frank Edwards.
  5. Following several recent requests, we have opened a 'Supporters Forum'. This is for all members who have donated to the upkeep of the site. The forum is listed on the Forum Home Page, just under the "Forum Help / Announcements " one. Or click the link below - http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/696-supporters-forum/
  6. Carters this weekend Hammersmith Sat/ Sun22nd/ 23rd
  7. 19th - 22nd Sept, Mid Somerset showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5RT, Lease Albert Rogers
  8. Fairfield car park Abergaveny 17-23 September Deakins Amusements .
  9. Boston September fair 22-30 Central park Boston Gary Evans
  10. Paul McHaddan

    • Paul McHaddan
    • Bill Warren

    Hi Bill,


    I have added a couple of photos of a train ride you may be interested in i hope its what your looking for.


    Sorry Bill i will have to delete your other wanted advert as it is in the wrong section


    Kind regards 



  11. Paul McHaddan


    Call Brett Turner on 07974433951 if your interested if its what you want.
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  13. Coventry 50p Fun Fair!! 20/09/2018 - 29/09/2018 It’s only the one you’ve all been waiting for!! The UK’s cheapest fun fair is back this September at Coventry Hearsall Common!!! From Thursday 20th September Until Saturday 29th September All rides are just 50p when you purchase a £1.50 bargain wristband! (Dodgems £1 per car) Open Week nights from 6pm Saturday’s and Sunday from 1pm Free Entry Free Car Parking post code: CV5 6HB * PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO ATM ON SITE AND THIS IS A CASH ONLY EVENT*
  14. Dates - 25th - 29th September main fair day 25th Location - Summercourt nr Newquay Lessee - David Rowland and Sons
  15. T P Holland & Sons Barking Park, Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex 21st to 30th September
  16. Paul Bernard Dunstan

    • Paul Bernard Dunstan
    • Rod Sherwood

    Happy Birthday

  17. T P Holland & Sons Barking Park, Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex 14th to 23rd September Date change from original WF advert confirmed by William Gooch.
  18. Hosted by David Guyatt High Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire
  19. Huw Foxhall

    Wanted To Buy: Noahs Ark

    There is one forsale on showmen ads on facebook
  20. What's the betting the marked out writing reads 'Monday and' which would be hard given the fair opens on Tuesday
  21. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Andy H

    hi andy h are you going sharlands pull on Wednesday winsford its on dean drive car park huge fair

  22. Paul Burns

    • Paul Burns
    • Bill Edwards

    alright bill, id like to make a donation so i can access the rides list.. how do i go about please. thanks paul b.

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      Hi Paul. I'm no longer involved in the running of the forum, but if you take a look at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum-supporters/ it will answer your questions. All the best. Bill

    2. Paul Burns

      Paul Burns

      thank u

  23. harry monk

    Members Ideas & Suggestions

    Dan @Dan Thomas The notice is intended to get people to log in regularly, so they don't accidentality become a victim of a deleted account once it's implemented. The actual time frame is in discussion and ongoing, but your points have been noted and will be taken into consideration. Notice now changed. Thanks
  24. Blackwood Showfields Cefn forest Gwent 20-23 September Danters funfair.
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