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  2. All The Fun Of The Fair - 20 years Old

    Whilst I have loved travelling fairs for as long as I can remember, it wasn't until the early noughties that I considered myself an ''enthusiast'' having learned that there were others with a similar interest. I had seen the ATFOTF website on occasional visits to my local library, where one could log-in for an hour at a time...that was never long enough, so I decided to acquire a PC at home, and that's when The Forum became such an important resource as I sought to expand my growing passion for Travelling fairs around the UK. From around 2005 onwards I really embraced the hobby, and began venturing to other towns & cities to see and photograph the attractions and transport of different showmen. This fantastic website became an invaluable source of information...The Rides List helped me to learn who owned what, and the Coming Events List enabled me to locate where & when these showmen would be. Over the next few years I got to meet various Forum members at the different gaffs I visited, and many of these like-minded souls became (and remain) good friends. I loved seeing the photographs that members posted from around the country, and these would often inspire me to visit a particular location or area with the aim of seeing & photographing the same rides & transport shown in these topics. I then began posting selections of the photos taken during my travels, and it was a real pleasure to share them, especially if I managed to capture some of the lesser-known/not often seen equipment - I particularly loved being on a ground during pull-on/pull-off, so it was especially pleasing to share photos of the loads and add them to the Rides List as appropriate. When the compilation of a Transport List was proposed, I was more than happy to help with the establishment of a comprehensive list of showman's lorries, adding another extremely useful resource for Forum Members. It is quite incredible to note just how rapidly the modern fairground scene has changed over the past 10 years! Back in the mid-noughties there were still plenty of ''old-school'' build-up machines on the grounds (particularly Waltzers and Dodgem Tracks), but the majority of these have now been replaced with modern, trailer-mounted fold-out versions, or converted into similar one-load articulated configurations. This has, in turn, led to the transport generally becoming far less interesting, with tractor-hauled drawbar loads now few & far between. Similarly, many of the smaller attractions (especially juveniles) are now trailer-mounted fold-out types often towed behind a 4x4, which has led to fewer and fewer lorries on the grounds, so many of the fairground-transport enthusiasts have found their interest has lessened considerably. First and foremost, for me personally the biggest buzz has always been the once wonderful variety of converted lorries and trailers used by showmen, usually painted in all manner of different colour schemes, often boldly lettered-up and always unique one-offs. Now this has largely disappeared from the grounds, I find I have little enthusiasm for the transport of today, which is often little different to that used in general haulage. I'm sorry to say that I don't really enjoy the experience of visiting modern fairs - the over-loud, pounding music, the repetitive generic jingles, the dazzling displays of countless LED's...all combine to create too much of an assault on my delicate, aging senses!! With so many rides and attractions lacking any real individuality, I find one fairground to be much like any other, so again I feel no real inclination to travel to a specific ground to see a specific attraction. No doubt the current generation of ''new'' enthusiasts probably embrace modern fairs...one tends to favour what one grows up with, and, as the old saying goes, ''you don't miss what you've never had''! However, I do know of a number of the more ''senior'' enthusiasts who feel much the same as I do about modern fairs. My comments are in NO WAY intended to be detrimental to today's showmen...on the contrary, show-people have always been quick to adapt to the changing market, and with business levels generally in decline across the country, I fully appreciate their need to keep costs to a minimum and streamline their operations accordingly. This may seem like a somewhat cryptic and long-winded tribute to ATFOTF! The Forum has undoubtedly been the single most important and useful resource that has helped me enormously in pursuit of the hobby during the last 10 years or so...The ''Spark'' may have left me now, but I'm sure ATFOTF remains the best ''one-stop'' source of information for those who are still embroiled in the hobby. Thank You to Bill, the team of dedicated Admins, and all the Forum Members for greatly enhancing my time as an enthusiast. Finally, THANK YOU to all the show-people just for being there!
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  4. Dear All It is with much regret that I inform you that I am withdrawing from Compiling & Publishing the Coming Events. Even though I've done it before and knew what was involved, it's got me down. It takes up a lot of my time, every evenings is a minimum of 30 minutes, more time at weekends (on top of a full time job (including an on-call rota), home, family and other leisure commitments). Support has been poor to say the least with no tangible offers of help. Whilst I appreciate it is used, I don't believe the amount of use justifies the time and effort required to maintain it to the standard I have been. Despite badgering and moaning, it is clear that some members are in possession of information and for whatever reason don't share it (including I'm sorry to say, some I would expect the support from). I don't want to leave members with nothing, but every idea I've come up with is doomed to fail because it is either off site (and unlikely to be supported) or requires too much "Staff" input (and there is no individual willing to take it on, and I can't get help). I'm sorry to say that I believe that whatever I put together will be largely unsupported. @Gary Witcomb has suggested a "What's On This Week" Forum. This will be 4 four forums covering the next 4 weeks. Ideally it would be one event per topic with the Town & Dates included in the title of the post. However I suspect that we will have to settle for less It pains me to withdraw from the Coming Events, but I want my life back. Many thanks to those who have supported me. All the best Bill
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  6. Wanted Toyset Items Like Bus, Boat, Ark Object, Etc

    This is the ride after restauration but I an still looking for wooden animals, motorbikes etc...
  7. Nowadays I don't usually use sharpening on my pictures,It's one thing I don't think Photoshop is good at (although I use CS5,later versions may be better) I've just discovered this ,on special offer at the moment.I've tried it on a few pictures and it does a pretty decent job
    • Kas Haaijer
    • Tim Barker

    I've send you an e mail Tim.

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    Now working again
  9. Wanted: Technical Park Reverse Bungee

    Wanted techical park reverse bungee if possible with constructionbook from technical park contact J. De rooij whatssapp 0031(0)683844444
  10. Coming Events - Last Chance To Help :)

    I think idea 1 makes the most sense and is easy to contribute to. Maybe if events missing info could be created in the sub folder first using a common template, i.e. this information must be provided or it goes in the sub folder. When and if all information is provided it could be updated and moved by the moderators. I'm personally willing to help as I find this site a great resource for finding travelling coasters. I can't guarantee my effectiveness but I guess it's the trying that counts 🙃
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  12. Panning

    A definition from the web Panning is a photographic technique that combines a slow shutter speed with camera motion to create a sense of speed around a moving object. It is a way to keep your subject in focus while blurring your background. This picture has had a few outings (no not that sort ) on the forum and I make no apologies for showing it again as it is one of my favourites Harry Jones Miami ,Wolverhampton 2008 Shutter speed 1/30th sec This was about my 1st attempt and also the best,it's not easy and possibly a fairground isn't the ideal place for this sort of shot I've tried it on a few other rides with no real success,but it's not something I do a great deal Loughborough 2017 Shutter speed 1/25sec Easier on the railway although a slightly faster shutter speed to freeze the valve gear would have been better Have any of you tried this ?
  13. Error Messages.

    Not had any errors myself... Have notice the new lay out at the side of the page this is very good
  14. Wanted Old 110v Knife Switch Board

    Ive got a largevone out of my ghost train call me 07968 447352
  15. Looking for a build up side stall or market stall for sweets
  16. Photo Post Processing

    It can take a few minutes per photo, like I said in my post I could take 100s of photos at an event and only end up posting a few on Flickr, a few years ago I used to just upload everything, or run everything through a batch process that used auto levels etc, but a lot of the times I ended up with a lot of duplications or 'poor' photos, so as I got older and learnt more techniques I got more picky over the ones I upload, I think if I went through that process for every photo I'd still be at it a week later! I spent two days in Whitby earlier this week and took 300 photos over the two days, but there's none I liked enough to put online, so they just sit in my own library, I might go back them at a later time though. I recently got Adobe Lightroom too, and it does make editing photos easier, but it still could take as long as my method in Photoshop, and sometimes I end up opening the photo in Photoshop after post processing in Lightroom to do a bit extra work too!
  17. Time Lapse Photography

    Try this tutorial Bill
  18. Long Term Storage Of Photo Forum Topics

    Whilst archiving photo topics, I've been looking at the post overall, but also if it's captioned. Uncaptioned photos sets are unsearchable and being virtually unbrowsed are dead topics. I've noticed a few topics that actually start with a list of attractions that there are photos of. Whilst the photos themselves don't have individual captions, the topic IS searchable as the text appears in the same post as the photos and so I have been archiving them. Whilst this isn't, in my opinion, as user friendly as individually captioned photos, it is a lot quicker to do - either type a quick list or a copy/paste of the fair report and the topic is searchable and will (subject to to the other criteria) be archived. Bearing in mind that members can edit their topic photos without time limit, the list could be added as soon afterwards as time allowed.
  19. Photoshop

    Photoshop official site
  20. Blurred Moving Rides

    I'm lucky in this respect - the EOS 750D connects to my Android phone and there is an app for remote control
  21. Happy birthday Graham
  22. New Software Installed

    I'm not aware of an issue and I haven't experienced it myself, I've searched the software support forum and there is no mention of anyone else experiencing it. If anyone else has/is experiencing this please let me know and I will report to Tech Support.
  23. Chris Partridge

    WELLAND   MODEL TENT  ............ ran with a relaxed atmosphere by capable ANDREW  GLOVER    I had a good time   dispite the rain

  24. I've taken a lot of photos at fairgrounds over the past 10 years of being an enthusiast, at the beginning I just had a cheap point and shoot camera, and as my love for the hobby grew, so did my love of photography, these days my photography isn't just limited to funfairs, and if I'm out for the day you can trust I'll have my camera with me. There's a lot of photos I could have picked as my 'best' or 'favourite', both terms are subjective, and I could have a new favourite tomorrow, but for the purpose of this thread I decided on the one below, ever since getting a camera capable of doing long exposure shots, it's always been my favourite thing to photograph, whether its a moving thrill ride at night, a main road at night, or even the sea or a waterfall during the day (I love Waterfall long exposure shots! And if no one minds I'm going to cheekily post this link that shows all of my Long Exposure photos on my Flickr page, you can see all of my photos from the link in my signature) This particular one was taken at Tunstall, Stoke on Trent in Feb 2014 and shows John Noyce's Superstar mid ride, I like this photo due to the variety of colours it shows and the clarity of the image. As to how I got it, well the main item I required was a sturdy tripod, the photo itself was taken on a Fuji Finepix S3380 bridge camera on the 'Shutter Priority' mode, which basically means that most of the camera settings were on auto, but I have control over the shutter speed and a couple of other things, this particular photo had a shutter speed of 5 seconds with an aperture of f9.0, I'm not an expert with photography, but as I understand it, the aperture setting is the sensitivity of the lense, similar to how wide a pupil in an eye goes in the light conditions, the higher the number the less sensitive it is, therefore the less light that gets let in, obviously with having a 5 second exposure a lot of light is hitting the lense, even at night, and there's a danger of it being to bright and over exposed. The other main setting I changed was the ISO value, again, this is to do with how much light the camera lets in, this photo has a very low ISO setting of just 64, again to limit the amount of light hitting the lense to avoid it being over exposed. When I got home I loaded the photo in Photoshop, I can't remember exactly what I changed, but more than likely it would have been the levels, even altering the levels in a photo a little bit can drastically improve a photo and make the colours look more real and natural, I would have probably also edited the hue and saturation, again to brighten it, and run it over with a highpass filter, to slightly sharpen the photo.
  25. that's a great idea Bill. I hope that Marc Burgers will be one person who joins because for me he is one forum member who really knows how to capture the true atmosphere of a funfair
  26. About Me

    I didn't, I'll have a look and get it! Many thanks
  27. My only reason for posting this is because I think it captures a Showman looking very happy in his work. Goose Fair 2016.
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