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  2. Paul McHaddan

    Advertising Banners

    Banner Advertising With the change from the previous three tier supporter system to the single "Supporter", the Team have decided that ANY Supporter can have an advertising banner displayed at the top of the forum subject to a couple of conditions It must be the members website linked to - you can only advertise your own site It must be a web site (that is, not a Facebook page) It should be funfair/circus related or a product or service of interest to funfair/circus The Team reserve the right to refuse any banner advertising a site that it deems unsuitable If you would like a banner advert you can either reply to this topic and attach your banner AND include the web site address or send a PM to any member of The Team or email admin@fun-fairs.co.uk. Unfortunately we are not in a position to supply banners but there are free banner makers available online.
  3. Last week
  4. J.Buchwald

    • J.Buchwald
    • Richard Parmenter

    All the best for your birthday mate.wish you well.ADIE

  5. Stephen Harris

    Ground To Let

    Space for two/three juvenile attractions at community event/Caribbean Carnival in Herts Sunday 29th July. Stephen Harris 07889 194090
  6. Simon Deery

    ATFOTF Chatroom

    I remember when the site had a chatroom some years ago. It wasn't used all that much back then ( in the days when chatrooms were popular ). Any such cost to the forum would be hard to justify and to be fair if I chat to any friends here I tend to use the personal messaging function which does the job quite well.
  7. Simon Deery

    To All Forum Members

    Hi Gary A big thank you from myself for all your help steering the ship after Bill's departure. It is great to see the forum picking up again with new and returning names becoming more obvious with regard to content. I wish you much happiness in getting more time back on the grounds and seeing all the photos and reports of the many miles you get to cover. Also hope you enjoy having more time with the family. Will hopefully get to pop in and say hello at GDSF.
  8. Earlier
  9. Renie Phillips

    Artwork For Sale

    Artwork for sale off music express 9 all together about 9 or 10 feet long each (no lights) open to offers 07812 040 392
  10. Ormester101

    Members Ideas & Suggestions

    brought to my attention on franks post that were labeling all rides like a loopfight a streetfighter 360 as a inversion personally its highly confusing and needs to change like the problem we had with a shake off and take off
  11. Paul Jackson

    !Wanted! Mini Coaster

    Hi all, I’m looking for a small powered coaster along the lines of a minor mike ect any condition, park or trailer model. Even tatty would do as this is for next year but looking buy purchase this year even backend. thanks
  12. Swingboat

    Round Stall For Sale

    For Sale..........14ft Round Stall (hoopla). Comes with center table ,table cover and metal duck ring. We were open with this stall last weekend therefore its ready to open. There are NO lights in this hoopla and NO night shutters. Can be viewed in Hertford. Cash on collection. £650.00 ono
  13. Small childrens ride or swing boats wanted for a hitherto very successful Xmas Fair in medium size East Northants Village, population 1600, on December 1st from 1 to 4pm for small rent or donation. More details by reply.
  14. lego skid

    Forum Rules Changes

    ookk coolioo thanks for your help again mate
  15. Sven

    Coulson Minor Mobile Wanted

    *** Still looking *** I have now contacted all of the known working examples but no joy. Any information or leads appreciated!
  16. Jonathan Williamson

    Viewing Forum Pictures On Phone

    Thankyou. Working fine for me aswell
  17. Roger Peatman

    Restricting Access To The Rides List

    PM sent.
  18. Shaunt

    Juvenile Rides List Submissions

    Owner, Neil Pont, Ride Train, Place, Queens Park St Helens, Manufactured by, Warren Taylor.
  19. Shaunt

    Juvenile Rides List

  20. Rob Brown

    Links Directory

    I understand the situation, thanks for your prompt response. Kind regards.
  21. Ex-Coggers

    Juvenile Ride For Hire

    Hello stranger!!
  22. harry monk

    Your Thoughts On Forums Required

    @lego skid Peter did say 'In his opinion' as he doesn't look at those forums. We did ask for everyone's views and thoughts after all.
  23. Jonathan Oakman


    £5 a lot better
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