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  2. Jonathan Williamson

    Viewing Forum Pictures On Phone

    Thankyou. Working fine for me aswell
  3. Earlier
  4. Roger Peatman

    Restricting Access To The Rides List

    PM sent.
  5. Shaunt

    Juvenile Rides List Submissions

    Owner, Neil Pont, Ride Train, Place, Queens Park St Helens, Manufactured by, Warren Taylor.
  6. Shaunt

    Juvenile Rides List

  7. Rob Brown

    Links Directory

    I understand the situation, thanks for your prompt response. Kind regards.
  8. Graham Vaughan

    Members Ideas & Suggestions

    What about a computer designed ATFOTF logo of the type which could be bought and ironed onto members own polo shirts.
  9. Ex-Coggers

    Juvenile Ride For Hire

    Hello stranger!!
  10. Paul McHaddan

    Criticism Of ATFOTF

    Ex Hary Gray.. Thank you for all you have said about the forum (i hope your chest is better) Your comments mean so much it makes me feel worth while being on the Team thank you
  11. harry monk

    Your Thoughts On Forums Required

    @lego skid Peter did say 'In his opinion' as he doesn't look at those forums. We did ask for everyone's views and thoughts after all.
  12. Jonathan Oakman


    £5 a lot better
  13. The Team

    Forums & Layout

    One of our projects on taking over the forum was to simplify the forum layout making it easier to post in the right place. We have consulted with the members and discussed among The Team and made the following changes: The Photo Club hasn't been used and has been deleted The "Supporters Only" forum hasn't been used and has been deleted The Circus section, which has been declining for some time is now incorporated into "Off Topic" Living Vans (an important section, but under used) has been incorporated into Fairground Transport Showland in the News has been incorporated into the General Message Forum Personal Announcements/Contact Requests has been incorporated into the General Message Forum The Transport List is now a sub forum of Fairground Transport Vintage Fairground and Projects have been merged and are now in the main category The New Rides/Changes and the Rides List Admin Forum (mainly duplication) have been merged We believe that these changes make the forum index page more compact and easier to navigate Many thanks to those that suggested changes
  14. The Team

    Forum Rules

    To follow on from our request, and after heavy discussion within the Team, the revised rule list is in place. 'Thank You' to everyone who responded with suggestions and views/opinions to our request in this topic .
  15. The Team

    Forum Rules Changes

    Forum Rules "We have listened, reviewed, discussed and rewritten the rule list. We think the rules are just common sense and are designed to keep the forum on track so we can discuss our interest. We also believe that more important than the rules is our new ethos behind moderating. We, The Team, are determined that moderation will be kept to a minimum and we will only intervene when absolutely necessary. If ANY member feels that a post of theirs has been moderated excessively, or unnecessarily, PLEASE bring it to the attention of another member of the team so we can review, as a Team, the decision." Forum rules are on the link at the top of the page.
  16. Eddie Kelly

    Side Menu

    Excellent service thank you
  17. Steve Barton

    Site Staff News

    If you click on the top of the page where it say's STAFF you can view a list of Team Members.
  18. The Team

    Photo Rule Changed

    With immediate effect the confusing rule about ‘Full’ and ‘Compact’ photo albums has been withdrawn. Members may post photo topics in the relevant forum without having to worry about tags, type or quality of photos or using separate forums. At present the other restrictions still apply - The photos must be a maximum of 800x600 and hosted on site. We would like to remind members that captions on photo topics are not compulsory, but have been shown to be more popular with members than those without. They’re also more useful in that the photos can be found using the sites search facility. We hope this makes it easier and simpler for members to post photos. Regards The Team
  19. Jambo Acrobats Kenyan acrobat troop looking for work in British Circus .We are a fully trained african acrobat troop worked in circus cruise ships etc .See our video available on jamboacrobats@ hotmail.com.For further information contact Shoetu Dave on jamboacrobats@outlook.com .or africanentertainment@outlook.com.
  20. Paul McHaddan

    Counties Clarification

    I use local knowledge as like Whitley bay = North Tyneside but sometimes it got changed to Northumberland & it is in North Tyneside... Ryton = Tyne & Wear but got changed to Co Durham & its in Tyne & Wear.. So i think best kept to the reporter who posts as they know that area reported on..
  21. Sid Durden

    Child’s Ride

    Hi there ah that’s a shame, yes please if you could. Let me know
  22. Jonathan Williamson

    Showman's Living Van ebay

    Ive never seen anybody write POA on Ebay before.
  23. Susan Wild

    For Sale- NOW SOLD

    Now SOLD Hobby prestige caravan 2005 Alloy wheels, fixed bed. Shower, cassette flush toilet. Bathroom sink with vanity unit. Fridge, 3 ring gas hob, microwave oven. Plenty of storage, on board water tank. Price includes, porch awning, TV, wheel and hitch lock. Well looked after, non smokers, no pets. Tel, 07850 544433. Must collect. Market Harborough Price £4995
  24. Paul Needham


    good news for Mr T horse🙂
  25. Trojanhorse11

    Search Facility Not Working

    Got it! Working now. The Team seem to have sorted whatever it was.
  26. The Team

    Important Information For ALL Members

    To add, News Just In for you 😊
  27. The Team

    New Members & Forum Subscriptions

    You MIGHT all want to read this NEW Announcement 😊
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