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  2. Restricting Access To The Rides List

    thanks for that, the last time I looked they were just lists and not all the pictures, so, even more reason for wanting to pay to see them given they aren't elsewhere?
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  4. Have a great day Keith, hopefully see you at Churchdown.
  5. Unidentified Donation

    Many thanks. I've now upgraded your account.
  6. Last week
    • Mark D. B. Jones
    • Bill Edwards

    Hi @Bill Edwards, many years ago I accidentally ran up HUGE bills on several credit cards. These have been all cut up for a number of years and I hope to pay them off in a few years time. I hope you understand that until I have paid them off I don't wish to become a paid subscriber. I have though contributed with content on many occasions and have provided reliable information as to when rides change hands. Please therefore could you grant me access to the rides list. Regards, Mark.

  7. Hi trying to contact mark hadfield if anybody knows him or got contact number etc or ask him to ring me on 07736625657 requarding restoration work
    • Colin Saxton
    • Bill Edwards

    hi bill ive written things in and commented on things a fair few times dont know if this entitles me to see the rides list i do hope so as i check that out a lot thought you might of popped over hornchurch last year both brian and i thought you would of come over hope you are well best regards colin 

  8. Wanted To Buy: Noahs Ark

    Try Keeling's funfair http://www.keelingsfunfair.com
    • Steve Smith
    • Bill Edwards

    It says that access to rides lists should be available to those who contributed. As someone who was responsible for writing the Ark/Waltzer/Skid/Autodrome, etc lists is it possible to be given access please?

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    2. Steve Smith

      Steve Smith

      So even though I supplied most of the original information Bill, you're saying you don't want me to see the lists? That's a bit petty isn't it?


    3. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      It's a fiver a year towards our considerable hosting and storage costs. From my point of view it's a bit petty to quibble over a fiver. But if you're that adamant you won't help, I'll add access and just hope we don't lose the entire forum through lack of support. 

    4. Steve Smith

      Steve Smith

      I'm more than happy to contribute and I'll help towards costs to keep it going as well. Will you be at Churchdown, if so I'll catch you then?

  9. Rides List

  10. Earlier
  11. Sad to hear that George Cullen has passed away.People remember him working with Vernon Studt and in Barry Island in the Token Booth.And also with Henry and James Danter also back in Barry and down in Brean Theme park .Such a nice man. R.I.P.George you will be missed.
  12. Rides List Access

    It won't work - have you actually read the topic I posted? It does explain everything and how to access the rides list!
  13. happy 2018
    • Clive Briggs
    • Jamie Peters

    Hi Jamie I'm Clive Briggs I have in the past sent in reports on Historical Fair Reports I wonder if I could have access to rides List Please ?

    • Andy Lovell
    • Terry Baker

    Hi Terry. How do I go about exhibiting at the 2018 Stamford model show.Thanks. Andy Lovell




    • John Magnus
    • Jamie Peters

    Hi Jamie

    I have been resricted access to the ride lists, and I do put up Fair Reports from time to time, admittedly not for a while, but some times they have already been done by someone else,  my last one was March Cambridgeshire 16th-20th March 2017, dose that count to get access to the rides list.

  14. I have been asked by a fellow collector to advertise these 2 fully restored Anderson Juvenile horses on his behalf. I do not wish to be party to any discussions re these horses as I am just posting the ad for the vendor in case anyone maybe interested. All enquires must be made directly to John Barker (Beaconsfield) on 01494 675986. They are both by Anderson of Bristol, 1890 - 1900, and both measure 41 inches hoof to hoof and 30 inches hoof to top of ear. I understand they both come with photos showing their restoration and are priced at £2,000 each, cash on collection. The photos below highlight their condition which I can vouch for, having recently seen them. Once again, all enquiries direct to John Barker please on 01494 675986 as I am in no way involved in any transaction.
  15. Switchback Book

    thanks Eddie, looked on ebay nothing there, never used Amazon before but order placed now thanks
    • Mike Lowe
    • Bill Edwards

    Re continued full forum access I have submitted fair reports including for Bispham in July. Mike

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards


  16. Flying clown

    For sale flying clown SBF/ VISA ride is on drawbar trailer 1 transport no paybox, stairs, fences can be seen open untill 1st week of january for more info please call or whatsapp 0031683844444 the ride is in Holland
  17. Child’s Ride

    Wanted. juvinile ride to restore. If possible the flying chairs. Or a coconut sheet. Sid
    • Stefan Mlynek
    • Bill Edwards

    Bill, my Forum status is Member. Will that enable me to continue to access the Rides List? The reason I ask is that I do not qualify as a contributor. Best wishes, Stef.

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards


      Unless you have submitted photos for the Rides List, submitted funfair reports or support the forum financially then you will be unable to access the Rides List from the 1st January.



    2. Tom Pritchard

      Tom Pritchard


  18. Same to you Aidan and same every one on the forum hope you all have a good one. Also thanks to every one of you who makes the forum what it is. most importantly thanks to Bill and the team. Ben
  19. Volvo For Sale

    Price please and location
  20. David Guyatt Snr.

    that's great news, thanks for posting kevin.
  21. Traditional Coconut Shy

    Traditional Coconut Shy 18ft x 18ft aprox Tilt and sides all in very good condition (all canvas) Paintwork in good condition however back sections have some damage due to ball strikes! Old Style bulbs including large bulbs (box of spares) in the ceiling (comes with fuse board) Comes with Duds, Pegs and lots of balls Also painted price sign, knock santas nuts off sign and little santa hats for the coconuts. Collection from TS6 (Middlesbrough, North East) Contact Steve 07515745681 if you have any questions
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