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  2. Google Maps Embed

    You may be aware that the forum software "embeds" internal links. For example, if I link to a Coming Event, although I've copied/pasted the link, you see far more than just a link: This also works for some external links, such as Facebook & Twitter. I've just discovered that it also works for Google Maps. Using the above example of the Coming Event, if I type the Post Code into Google Maps and copy/paste the link you get And the map is fully usable. Could be useful for Coming Events etc?? As an example please see
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  4. Octopus For Sale On ebay

  5. Octopus For Sale On ebay

    Cheers I couldn’t workout how to do that 😉
  6. Octopus For Sale On ebay

  7. Octopus For Sale On ebay

    See this advertised on eBay if anyone’s got some spare time and money !
  8. Mick Claffey

    terrible news, wish him all the best
  9. Mick Claffey

    So sorry to hear this very sad news. Known Mick for years dating back to our days on Lincoln south common for the april fair pull on. Best wishes and thoughts go to him.
  10. Mick Claffey

    My thoughts are with the family at this difficult time, Mick is a true gent, always a pleasure to see him on the grounds i wish him well
  11. Mick Claffey

    This is very sad news indeed- like at so many pull offs where his jovialty was present he will be sorely missed at Hull fair this weekend; my thoughts are with his family.
  12. Mick Claffey

    My heart goes out to Mick & his family i wish Mick a full recovery true gentleman.
  13. Mick Claffey

    Really sorry to hear that, Ian. Have known Mick for very many years, a real gentleman.
  14. My thoughts are with a true friend Mick and all of his family. An open message from Mick’s Daughter Ang via Facebook. This is a message for the friends and family of Michael Claffey. You will be aware that Mick has had some ill health in recent weeks. At a meeting today at Lincoln County Hospital, Mick was diagnosed with cancer. Devastatingly, it is in numerous sites around his body and the prognosis is very poor. Mick is struggling with confusion at present, but the hospital staff are doing their best to make him comfortable. As a family, we will know more after further clinical meetings on Monday. We know that Mick has many friends and family members who wish him well. Please do feel free to contact us via Messenger.... Many thanks for reading this; we will do our best to keep people updated via Facebook. Ang xx
  15. 40ft trailer mounted shooter/can joint Complete with cork guns rifles cans balls and swag Van be seen built up Ready now Phone 07881525578
  16. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    I've started work on this - at the moment it just says what benefits there are to being a supporter, but I will add to it as time allows. Please see http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/supporter-benefits/ The software ISN'T intuitive when it comes to donations and that is a problem that I am constantly trying to solve. I recently found a plugin that would simplify things, but unfortunately I can't get it to work properly. The plugin author is working on it, but I don't know when (or if) it will be available. However, if ANYONE wants to donate and is having difficulty please send me a Private Message - I can make it very simple on an individual basis. It can be as easy as putting cash/cheque in the post and I will do everything else or I can send a direct link to my PayPal donate page. Many thanks to those who have persevered!
  17. Need A Carousel

    Who's your son?
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  19. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    1/ how about a page briefly saying what one gets from accessing the forum and what the minimum supporter package costs per day or so compared with say, some other popular spends, a page that you have to scroll down to the bottom and say click continue in order to then view the rest of whatever you came here to look at, then at least one is reminded of all this 2/ a reminder that comes up, or there is something on ones own page to tell you when it (supporter) runs out, as I havnt a clue for mine personally, and FAGB, FSOC, insurances etc all remind you, 3/ make it easier to do it, now some long time ago I mentioned that I spent about 15 mins trying to find out how to, and I'm minded to do so, yet I felt like not bothering to keep looking, imagine if you just think oooh I'm gonna sign up, and then its a York minster job, are you going to press on? now I realise someone rather sarcastically ( but humourously) said that "they just click the big red button to join", well either its not displayed on my brousers version of ATFOTF or what but, if it topped every page perhaps more would do it (please don't tell me it already does top the page because if it did on my version I would hardly be suggesting it) just my 10p worth
  20. Need A Carousel

    Call my Son on 07999952993
  21. Forum Gallery - Apologies, Another CHANGE

    I read this and think, Bill has really good thinking how he can go on with the forum FOrum losing we all dont want it. I use it very much to post pictures and the Database/rides list. Running a forum is not a simple job. You're doing very well Bil!!!
  22. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    Whilst I appreciate what you saying, the point of paying is to keep the forum available. If no one donated, there would be no forum. As you are aware, I know about this issue and am trying to solve it. I posted in this topic at 17.46 on Thursday: It is also being discussed by the Forum Panel. I'm not sure how or if this would work. My first concern is that we have a vast amount of information available on the site, provided in the main by non-supporting members. If we then charge those members to access the information they supplied, how will that go down? If members don't subscribe, but merely turn to Facebook etc, it will kill the forum very quickly. In any event we will not get 100% payment, so that would mean a loss of information/photos etc. What about new members? How many new members do you think we'll attract if they have to pay from day one to access the forum? I would not pay to access an internet forum unless I could check it out, see what was available and weather it was value for money. We could, of course, allow members a "free trial", but then members will use that, access what they want and leave, only to return for another free trial the next time they have a question. I also suspect shared logins would become a problem. I'm grateful for the suggestion, but in practice I just don't see it working at all.
  23. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    The problem is simple, there is no reason or incentive for you to pay anything towards the upkeep of the Forum, as everything is available to ALL for free so why pay !! I,m not a fan of the current 3 tier system at 3 different prices as you get no more for your money at each level,, it should be the more you pay the more you get, what is the incentive to pay the top price (if you are given a quote for what ever and they offer the exact same service why would you pay the higher amount, we have just hoped the membership would pay towards the upkeep as its the right thing to do, well the facts speak for themselves they don't do the right thing !! As long as the few pay and keep the Forum afloat the majority will just sit back and reap the benefit at others expense (you cant be a member of the FAGB or Fairground Society without paying) so they should pay here Just My Opinion Gary
  24. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    So true Steve. Especially if it's an "online" thing. Slightly off topic here, but I am proud that I have never illegally downloaded a film or music album for free. I have always paid for what I own. I only own physical DVDs and CD albums that I have paid for at a shop (or Amazon etc)! Back on topic...
  25. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    One brilliant feature Bill has is payment by cheque There are very few forums where you can do so So those of us who do not have internet payment accounts such as Pay Pal can donate/subscribe also
  26. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    Thankfully we are not at that stage yet. We are afloat, just. Providing we don't lose anymore supporters - and this debate has pricked a few consciences - and providing the storage and hosting doesn't go any higher, we'll be OK for the time being. If/When we do get to that stage, I will examine all our options, including paid membership.
  27. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    Seems you have no choice Bill. With only 80 or so paying members all this banter is a waste of time and you must be sick of carrying on about it. I ran a Greyhound racing tipping service for 3 years but had to shut it down due to costs. People were pleased to use the information with a healthy profit I may add but when I asked for subs then they disappeared so I couldn't keep it going even though it was successful. The bottom line is if you don't ask for subs the likelihood is that it will fold so what have you got to lose. Just charge a yearly fee for membership say £5 and if members don't want to fork out then it's there loss. There are some members who contribute a huge amount of content to the site but are still not paying a contribution. Better to get a few members keeping the site afloat rather than a few thousand non payers and it becomes untenable. No brainer. The site is brilliant and a great source of information and deserves to keep going. The site mirrors today's society, people want something for nothing all the time! This post will probably irk a few people but you can't keep banging your head against a brick wall! Good luck.
  28. Forum Supporters (Split From Gallery Change)

    That's right @Andy H. The difficulty with small run personalised merchandise is that it is already expensive, adding a reasonable profit makes it unattractive. I was making perhaps a pound on a t-shirt or a mug. The only other way is to buy in bulk and get a discount, but I don't have the initial outlay and can't afford to take the risk of it not selling.
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