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  2. Mike Willis

    Happy Birthday Mike hope you had a good day yesterday
  3. Mike Willis

    Happy birthday Mike
  4. Mike Willis

    Happy Birthday Mike
  5. Mike Willis

    Happy Birthday Mike, have a good'un!
  6. Mike Willis

    Mike, HAPPY BIRTHDAY , hope you've had a good day.
  7. Mike Willis

    Happy Birthday Mike
  8. Mike Willis

    Best wishes Mike -enjoy your day !
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike.Have a great one Adie.
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    • Terry Hutton
    • Graham Wadley

    Hello Graham,

                             Hope this finds you well. I've just come back from Halstead where the Neals were open. They are pulling down today. They go there mainly to build up for testing. The place was a sea of mud but several people turned when they opened. Joe Neal has bought Jimmy Dean's Waltzer together with his run of places, he's still got the Round up and the half share of the Dodgems with his brother. From Halstead they are going to March and then to Waterbeach for Easter.


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    hi m8 just donated £3 to the site

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    • Gordon Wire

    happy birthday matey

  11. If you'd like to PM me some contact details I can pass them on to them if that's of any help. Might also be worth mentioning why you want to contact them more specifically so they know what is required.
  12. I'd love to hear from anyone who has the contact details for either Geoff Weedon or Richard Ward. They wrote a book called Fairground Art that was published in 1981. I need to get in touch with them regarding some photos that belong to them that are published in their book.
  13. Complete with swag Rifles & cork guns. Nice looking joint with blue Led tubes & front banners. easy 1 man build up. Ready now Phone or text 07881 525578 Cambridgeshire area Cheap for cash
  14. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    Update. The collection is now listed on Ebay via the link below. Please contact me on 07752905925 if you would like to come and see it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Complete-model-fairground/263533411229?hash=item3d5bd0bb9d:g:554AAOSwjT9anWDg
  15. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    Thank you all so much for your interest and kind comments. I will be sad to see it go and it needs to go eventually to somewhere who will treasure it as I have. My wife died seven years ago and I decided to collect fairground models in her memory as she loved visiting the real thing,. The room it is situated in was our bedroom and it is now a 60's themed room ( once again because she loved that era) complete with 60's bar, jukebox, mannequins dressed in 60's clothes and last but not least the fairground. I was hoping this forum would provide me with a new owner and it still might as to advertise it on auction sites I need to state a price. I really don't know what to ask, in a way the money is not as important as the memories. Thanks to you all again , I really appreciate your input.
  16. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    I have no idea of value either; maybe a few K? I suppose a sensible offer has to be relative to the value of the many years of work & dedication Geoff has put in to making such an impressive collection; not to mention of all the money he has spent on materials I personally don't think Geoff sees the money spent as important as his dedication & skill I expect Mrs Ash welcomes Geoff selling his collection; that way she can go out & see the world with her husband Geoff lol
  17. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    its an impressive Large collection not sure how you value a collection of this nature. its a life time of collecting and understand why you would not want to break it up, i think who ever wants to make an offer will have to dig deep into there pockets i wish you well with the sale
  18. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    A lot of the models look like the series World Fair collection it must have cost a pretty penny to collect it does look impressive though wish I had the room to take but sadly not
  19. Complete Model Fairground For Sale

    That is totally amazing Geoff; I have no ideas how you made it; except to say. you are brilliant at modelling I just wish I had room here in my flat, to make room for it; then I would be straight in there with an offer Thanks Geoff Nick
  20. Due to ill health I am putting my entire model fairground up for sale and invite sensible offers. I do not want to split the collection and am unable to post any items so the buyer would need to be able to dismantle everything. If you live in travelling distance of Whittlesey near Peterborough please contact me to arrange viewing. Most rides are connected to timers to produce the random effect of stopping to let new riders on and then continuing. In addition there are a multitude of sound effects. Hopefully you will be able to identify most of the model rides from this video I made and there have been some additions since. https://www.facebook.com/GEHOFS/videos/865475286920662/ It has taken me years to collect and sadly I am having to find it a new home. I can be contacted on 07752905925. My name is Geoff.
  21. Wanted To Buy: Noahs Ark

    Ours was for sale but things changed and we need to keep it as we have work for it in 2018. Thanks for the link Ian Woodall much appreciated though.
  22. Dear All Some time ago we split each forum that holds photos into two separate forums:- Compact Photo Topics - To contain photo sets with captions, without duplication and "arty" type photos Full Photo Topics - Where there was no restriction on the quantity/quality of photos This was introduced to enable those members who preferred more compact photo sets to easily identify which photos they wished to view. Following suggestions and discussion by the Forum Panel we are slightly changing this system, to make it simpler for photo posters and for Moderators. From now all photos will go into a single forum. That is, the Photo Forum will be the Photo Forum and not split into two. Posters will need to tag their photo topic to indicate that it is a Full Photo Topic enabling those who prefer the Compact Photo Sets to easily identify them. If you post photos on the forum, please post them in the relevant photo forum (Photo, Transport, AP etc) AND if it's a full topic please use the tag "Full Photo Topic) All the best Bill
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  23. Dear All We announced late last year that to enable the Forum to be financially self supporting we were restricting access to the Rides List to Forum Supporters - those that contribute financially to our considerable hosting and storage bills. The policy was announced at This policy was voted in by your forum panel, who also felt that it could be seen as unfair if a member who had contributed to the Rides List couldn't access it and a number of exceptions were put in - those who contributed to the Rides List and those who had posted funfair reports. The idea behind this was that the majority of members would make a donation and the number who genuinely felt it unfair and asked for access would be small. Unfortunately this hasn't worked as intended - perhaps we were naive, perhaps it wasn't worded properly, but the "free access" was not intended to be "free access", but a way to placate those who genuinely felt the policy was unfair. Consequently the panel feel that the free access clause has brought the current system into disrepute. We have extensively discussed the free access and voted on it. As of 21st April 2018 free access to the Rides List will be removed. If you wish to access the Rides List you will need to make a donation towards our considerable hosting and storage costs. Members who don't wish to pay will still have free access to the rest of the forum - many, many gigabytes of photos, fair reports, discussions etc - a unique online resource. Those who wish to access the Rides List will have to make a minimum donation of £5 a year. This is far, far lower than a magazine subscription or membership of a club and, in my view and the view of the majority of the Forum Panel represents excellent value for money. It works out at 9.6 PENCE per week and will ensure the forum is available for the foreseeable future. We fully appreciate that the situation isn't ideal - we would love to keep the forum totally free, but I cannot finance the forum myself and voluntary donations were at a level that losing the entire forum was a real and imminent possibility. I personally wish to thank all those members who have donated - you are keeping the forum available - THANK YOU! All the best Bill
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