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  2. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    I'm not making any promises at the moment, but I am working towards a solution that: Keeps Gallery Albums compact Allows more economic use of our storage Allows members to post the "extra" photos Keeps the "extra" photos away from those who don't wish to view them I'm at an early stage with this, but early signs are promising
  3. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    We have tried that Richard but with most of these free sites you only get a certain amount of storage space as a result Members were posting photo topics of links on ATFOTF but when they exceeded their free storage on FLICKR etc they were deleting photos on these sites to free up space but not deleting their photo topics on ATFOTF so we were left with topics with dead links. Another thing we found was that some of these sites offered 28 days free trial at the end of the 28 days some people didn't join so their posts on the hosting site were deleted so again we were left with topics with dead links, and the same thing happened if people moved from one hosting site to another they moved their photos from one hosting site to another and we were left with dead links again. I agree that off Forum hosting would be the best solution I still have and use my Flickr account from when we had to host off Forum but it only works if people update their topics on ATFOTF after they have made changes on these photo hosting sites otherwise we are left with a number of pointless photoless topics.
  4. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    When GOV.UK was set up one of its guiding principles was to use other vehicles where possible and not re-invent the wheel or create needless cost. So photos and videos etc are not stored on GOV.UK they are on Flickr or YouTube with appropriate links on the GOV.Uk pages. Although it appears that Government departments or agencies have their own websites in reality they don't - they only have pages within GOV.UK . Basically what I am suggesting is that members could post their photos/videos in free places and link to them on the forum.
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  6. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    The problem with that is that only a small fraction of our members are forum supporters - by drastically reducing the numbers who can provide reports, rides list updates and rides list photos, the information in these sections would suffer drastically and I'm sure we don't want to go down that route. I don't think our income/outgoing balance is sufficient to qualify for outside assistance. Being honest, we are just about even at the moment - some months I'm up, some month's I'm down, but over the course of the year we just about break even. But this assumes our hosting/storage costs don't rise (hence looking at the images we do store) and that our supporter numbers don't fall any further. There are no plans to drastically reduce photo albums. Quite apart from the financial aspect, the poll indicates (and I appreciate it's got a few days to run yet) that the majority of our members actually prefer to see smaller, more compact photo albums. We cannot please all the members all the time, so will always try to do the best for the majority. What I am going to suggest, if the poll comes out in favour of smaller, more compact albums is that members post there albums here and post a link to the other photos hosted off site - we manage our storage costs, members who don't want to see the other photos don't click the link, those that do visit the external album (Flickr etc) Many thanks for taking the time to feedback - much appreciated!
  7. Hi All Not sure if this is the correct thread but I am in need of a few children's rides/Stalls ages range between 4 and 9 for a school Christmas event 02/12/2017 11AM-4PM.We have a medium playground and largish field to fill.If you are in the area of SG17 5LT SHEFFORD,BEDFORSHIRE then please contact me through our PTA email M.A.P.T.A@OUTLOOK.COM . Thank you Rob
  8. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    Bill. Would it be possible to get some finance for this website from the National Lottery or the National Fair and Circus Archive. The photo forums are my favourite part of the website and I enjoy looking at the photos people have posted over the Months and Years, it would be a shame if this part of the forum is drastically reduced. Failing that perhaps only permit access to the Rides Index and Fairground Reports to Forum Supporter's? Simon.
  9. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    Yes thanks Bill; voted yesterday
  10. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    Have you voted @Nick Attwell ??
  11. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    I should read more carefully, shouldn't I? I have voted, however, in line with what the majority of members appear to favour.
  12. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    I've included these types of photos under "extras" Hopefully the poll will show what members do want to see
  13. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    As far as I'm concerned, there's a category of photos not described above. Fairs are by and for people and I want to see them. That means build-up photos with gaff lads, rides with punters on them and general scenes showing the full spectacle of an open fair. Am I alone in this?
  14. Forum Photo Collections - Your Views Please

    <<<Full frontal photos of equipment, one photo (possibly two if the shots are different) suitably framed, without any effect other than normal editing>>> I believe would be most cost effective option Bill
  15. Forum Panel - New Members

    The poll has been added. Please read the nominees resume and vote. The top two in the poll will be welcomed onto the Forum Panel. If you've volunteered to assist, please do not vote for yourself. (My apologies for opening the poll late - it's been one of those weeks!)
  16. Dear All Please READ this topic BEFORE voting in the poll. I believe that photos are vital for our forum. I am extremely grateful to all our members who post photos for us to enjoy. We get to see equipment and funfairs that we couldn't hope to see normally. I'm sure we all have different expectations from photo collections and I would like to know what members think about the photographs posted in the forum, in particular with regards to storage, the quantity, quality and type of photos that you want to see posted. We have, in theory at least, unlimited storage space, but in reality our storage bill is increasing. I pay for each photo stored and again each time it is viewed. True, the cost per photo is small, but overall the bill is significant and when coupled with hosting and software costs, the bill is substantial. I cannot afford to pay the bill personally, I rely on "Forum Supporters" making donations. If I continue to accept photo topics and store them for ever whilst the number of donations falls at some point in the near future outgoings will be larger than our income (at present I am about even). At that point I will either have to close the forum or make drastic changes to ensure it's future. In short, I HAVE to do something to manage our storage and I don't know weather members would prefer to see smaller, more compact photo albums stored for longer or bigger albums stored for a shorter period. We simply don't have enough income to store every photo published forever. Doing nothing ISN'T AN OPTION - We MUST DO SOMETHING. When the cost of our storage and hosting is greater than forum donations THE FORUM WILL CLOSE. (At present we are just about breaking even most months) Whilst I appreciate there may be some cross over between the two types, I am going to ask your views on two types of photo: Full frontal photos of equipment, one photo (possibly two if the shots are different) suitably framed, without any effect other than normal editing Extra photos - photos with special effects added, multiple shots of equipment from various angles, close ups of art, lighting, signage, swag, punters etc Many thanks for your input. All the best Bill
  17. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    That for me, just about sums up the problem with some photo collections. We've always maintained that captions are "desirable", but in no way compulsory. I'd far rather see uncaptioned photos than no photos at all!
  18. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    Hi, I occasionally post large sets of photos, but with my limited travels, it is occasionally and where a large number are posted I try and make sure that what you are seeing are different shots of different equipment, whether it is transport, rides or small stuff. I agree with some of the comments made that when I am able to view other members posts I see a succession of shots that are very similar and wonder if the person has truely gone through and sorted their collection to post. If I am guilty of anything is my lack of time to post captions, but I do try to give a report when one hasn't been submitted.
  19. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    I wonder if members, who go in for this kind of sloppy posting, are reading this topic. Are you able to find out, Bill? If so, and they're not reading it, then a bit of redirection might help.
  20. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    No, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion - everyone is free to express their views (within forum rules of course) My views on this are going to be split into two parts - Bill, Forum member and Bill, Forum Administrator Bill, Forum Member - I love to see photos of fairground equipment. Over the years it has allowed me to see machines and equipment I would never had got to see. I've "virtually" visited loads of fairs I could never physically get to. I believe that photos are essential to this forum. Photo sets always get excellent feedback and I don't want to see anyone put off posting. I try, time and other commitments permitting to view every photo post and add a "Like". However time IS limited and sometimes I have to decide what I am going to view and what I am going to skip. I like to see straight forward photos of the equipment, I am not at all into "arty" type shots on the slant, black and white etc. I also want to see just one or possibly two of each subject, but only if the shots are different. I also like to see the subject correctly framed and in focus. I don't want to see photo after photo all essentially the same. What I started doing a while ago was: I start scrolling through, but as soon as I start seeing duplicates, jaunty angles or blurred photos, I click out of the topic having never reached the "Like" button. It's a pity, because I'm sure some of the photos are good - but for me the set is ruined by the above issues and, as my time is limited, I do have to decide what I am going to view. I fully expect that some members will disagree - I am stating my OWN PERSONAL preference and I'm sure that if I asked 10 members what they want to see, I'd get many different answers. I did, at one point, think I was alone in my views, but it's clear from the above comments that I am not. Bill, Forum Administrator - All our photos are stored on an Amazon server and we have, in theory at least, unlimited storage space. So what's the issue? Well, firstly I pay for every photo that is stored and I pay again every time the page on which that photo is displayed is loaded. The cost per photo is very small, but we have massive amounts of photos and the bill IS rising. Coupled with our hosting costs the monthly payment is significant. Some members assist with the cost by donating as "Forum Supporters". Sadly the number of Supporters is falling at the same time that our hosting and storage costs are going up. When (and that is WHEN not IF) our costs exceed our income the forum WILL CLOSE. Secondly large photo sets impact on forum performance - We've been told by Technical Support that large photo sets cannot be posted in forum topics and it's the reason we now have to use the Gallery. In short we must do something - I've already started archiving older forum based photo sets to ensure our storage bill remains manageable and the remaining photo sets are useful (please see http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/85493-long-term-storage-of-photo-forum-topics/ for full details of archiving). I've also been looking at formulating a policy that allows members to post their photos, doesn't put anyone off yet keeps photo topics manageable but it is proving difficult to say the least! If anyone has any input or suggestions myself and the Forum Panel would like to hear them! All the best Bill
  21. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    Well i went through a members photos yesterday & i thought two much duplication on here & i agree with what Andy has said & the same photos are over & over again i got sick in the end so came off!!!!!
  22. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    Photographic diarrhoea
  23. New Forum Feature - Gallery

    I'll probably get shot down for this, but is there a limit we can place on the amount of pics posted in the gallery, as i feel members are just dumping all of their pics and not even bothering with thinking of how to present them, i.e that pic is a duplicate or that is blured etc, and no captions.
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  25. Forum Panel - New Members

    Hi Bill I would gladly Put myself forward to help manage the page I can offer support 24/7 if it's needed as I don't sleep much and I'm always available to offer assistance and help anyone if it's needed thanks
  26. Forum Panel - New Members

    Hi Bill I would happily put myself up for the role of being a panel member. I thoroughly enjoy speeding time on the forum, and must say I use it daily getting lost amongst peoples photos, topics and discussions. I think I could bring a fresh pair of eyes to the role, who thinks I can put my view / opinion across diplomatically. I enjoy working with others and helping to solve things as well as giving input in how things can improve / change. I also think I can be quite an approachable person, who is always willing to listen and offer advice / help where I can. Also my enjoyment of fairs, and the community in both showman and enthusiasts goes without saying, and those who know me personally know of my commitment and enthusiasm I have, as well as my Facebook page which continues to go from strength to strength. Many Thanks
  27. Replying to topics in Ride Lists

    Thanks, I'll give it a try Bill.
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