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    Dear All My deep and sincere apologies, but the recent changes to the way we display photo topics (moving from forum Topics to Gallery Albums) has been poorly handled - I will accept some of the blame, but I cannot accept full responsibility. I tried to edit a photo topic that had a lot of photos in it. The software hung and after a long interval gave me an error. I reported this to Technical Support and was told in no uncertain terms that forum Topics were not meant to hold large numbers of photos and that photo topics should be hosted in the Gallery. The Gallery was sold to me as the answer to all our problems and that we would continue to experience issues with forum based photo topics. On the basis of this information I instigated the change from forum photo topics to Gallery Albums. There was initial reluctance from some members, but we persevered with it. I have had a constant and on-going struggle with the Gallery - features I considered basic were missing and I've had to buy plugins to get them (even having custom plugins made). I have been in dispute with Technical Support since day one and STILL have outstanding support tickets. Due to my vocal disappointment in the quality of the Gallery module Tech Support did a u-turn and changed their initial advice and are now saying it was "advice" and could have been handled by better management of forum photo topics. Had I been in possession of this information before the change to Gallery Albums, I would not have made the change. Nevertheless, having come this far I decided to persevere. However, over the past 48 hours my position has changed. Firstly there was a new round of bugs discovered. Secondly I was made aware of the way that the Gallery stores images and it is this one fact that makes the Gallery very unattractive as a storage method. Although you upload one photo, the Gallery environment uses the photo in four different sizes in different places (Thumbnail, Small, Medium and Large). I reasonably assumed that the one photo was displayed at different sizes in different places. I now know that your one photo is resized and stored FOUR TIMES. Our recent change in photo hosting policy was made to address two issues: (1) The types of photos members wanted to see and (2) To manage our hosting/storage bills. This latest news on Gallery images totally wipes out any saving in storage cost achieved by the policy change. As I see it, we have four choices: Persevere with what we have set up - However our storage bill will become an issue far quicker than it would do if photo topics were forum based. This will need to be managed and archived older photo albums will have to be deleted at a very early stage Raise more money - supporter numbers have been dropping and despite pleas we have been unable to encourage more donations and this doesn't appear to be a viable option Do nothing and wait till we go bust and the forum ceases to be - Not what I personally want Revert back to forum based photo topics Whilst I appreciate it is a complete u-turn, I have decided to revert back to forum based photo topics, slightly changed to take account of the result of the recent poll at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/86667-forum-photo-collections-your-views-please/. All I can do is apologise profusely and assure you that all the way through this process I've had the best interests of the forum and it's members foremost in my mind. From now, the forum Gallery will NOT be used. ALL photo posts should be made on site, in the relevant forum. The only slight change is that there are now two photo forums for each category (Fairground Transport, Non UK Funfairs, Theme / Amusements Parks, Photos Forum and Circus). One of these forums is for any and all photos that you wish to post and will appeal to the 30% of members who voted to see them. The other forum is for more compact photo albums, one shot of each piece of equipment, correctly framed with captions that was voted for by the other 70% of members. The full policy is explained at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/86764-posting-photo-albums-new-policy/ but will be re-written to take account of the fact that no photo topics will now be deleted (as non-complying albums are) - they will simply be moved to the correct forum and no photo collections will need to be hosted off site in the supplementary gallery. The only change that we will need to make is that each photo topic will HAVE to be limited in the number of photos it holds so we avoid the technical issues that started this whole episode off. Unfortunately there is no software setting where I can limit the amount of photos per post. I can only limit the total KB size of posts and I will investigate a setting that works for us. In the meantime, you should not post more than 100 photos per post. If that means making multiple posts to post the entire collection, then so be it. I again apologise for this situation, but I hope we've now found a solution. I thank you for your continued support. All the best Bill
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    I'm open to suggestions! Leave and go where? If there's another site on the Internet with a similar level of information, photos, knowledge and information, I'd like to know about it This site is a massive resource, much of which isn't available elsewhere. It's hosted in professional web space and storage. It isn't cheap and has to be paid for. I simply cannot afford to finance it myself. I personally don't believe a compulsory subscription is the way to go, but I also don't understand why so many members are happy to take the information we provide and yet won't contribute either financially OR with content!
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    I know that whatever decisions have to be made, it is in the interests of this forum and its members. However, whilst I know you have always steered clear of making a subscription compulsory, I believe that if you bit the bullet and made this forum subscription only, yes you would lose people, but I believe that the vast majority would cough up a tenner a year. If I can find it as a part time semi-retired person, I'm sure somebody in full time employment could. If people think that Facebook and other similar on-line sites provide as good a service of information as this site then let them leave. Just my penny worth.
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    Dear All To ensure that our hosting and storage bills remain manageable and that our photo albums appeal to the greatest number of members we recently ran a poll to see what YOU, our members wanted. The majority vote was for photos in topics to be limited by both quantity, quality and type/composition of the photos. The minority vote was for full, uncensored photo sets. With the move back from Gallery Albums to forum based Photo Topics we are able to accomodate BOTH! In each forum where photos can be posted, there will be two forums: Compact Photo Topics - Photos here will mainly be rides, equipment, stalls, juveniles, lorries etc. These photos will be taken properly framed, square on with no special effects other than normal editing. They should be in focus, adequately lit, without duplication and captioned. "Extra" photos should be kept to a minimum (we don't intend to count the photos and work out percentages, but it has been suggested that "Extra" photos make up no more than 10% of your post). These topics will be archived after three months and stored on site for as long as we are able. Full Photo Topics - All and any photos that you wish to post, including extras and any photo set that isn't captioned. These photo sets will be available for three months before deletion. "Extra" photos are defined as: Any photo which doesn't fit the above description (under Compact Photo Topics) including: Close ups of art, lighting, signs, swag etc. Any photo with special effects - black & white, filters etc. Any photo taken at an angle or doesn't show the subject as described above. Duplicate photos - photos showing essentially the same thing. Photos in which the main subject isn't fairground equipment for example photos where riders/punters are the subject. No photo set will be deleted when posted, if it is posted in the wrong forum, then a Moderator will move it to the correct one and inform you. Due to technical issues with forum topics with large numbers of photos displayed you MUST NOT make any post with more than 75 photos. To do so could cause the forum to slow and/or crash. Th software is set to limit the number of attachments per post to 75. If you wish to display more than 75 photos, please split them across multiple posts. Many thanks for your support. All the best Bill
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    Hi Bill, I think what you have been doing for the Forum is wonderful: trying to cut costs and keep it running well, whilst at the same time keeping as much on it for the members as possible - a difficult balancing act! With regards to the photos, I actually much preferred viewing photos on the Forum rather than the Gallery to be honest. The Forum photos are easier to view, easier to scroll, the images look larger on screen and the whole process just seems so much nicer to use than the gallery. I'm sure there will be a lot of other members that agree (but simply haven't commented on it, like I just have), so I think this change back to Forum-based photos may be a "blessing in disguise" ! With regards to funding, I am amazed people won't give a measly tenner (or there abouts) for a whole year of this Forum! Come on people - you won't miss that tenner, but you would miss this Forum!
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    I have now had a custom plugin made and CAN NOW restrict the number of photos in any one post. Following advise from the plugin author the limit of photos per post has been set to 75. You CANNOT, MUST NOT post more than 75 photos per post. If you want to post more than 75 photos, please split them across multiple posts. This should enable us to avoid the technical issues we were experiencing.
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    I think what you personally Bill and the other mods do on a constant basis is borderline heroic. I wish there was a way to enable people to pony up the odd couple of quid here and there, gofundme, crowdfund etc, maybe collections at model shows for this forum. The price of a Macdonalds burger or Starbucks per year can't be much to ask. With you all the way Bill Diz
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    I read this and think, Bill has really good thinking how he can go on with the forum FOrum losing we all dont want it. I use it very much to post pictures and the Database/rides list. Running a forum is not a simple job. You're doing very well Bil!!!
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    I entirely agree with you Chris. Being a Senior Citizen for the last 6yrs. it does't break the Bank [£10 a yr] A packet of Cigs or a couple of beers would cost you more every week, not once a yr. which is what is being asked. Come on you tight wads dig into your pockets before its to late.
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    If we don't cover costs we will all be leaving . That is why we NEED supporters.
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    Thank you for your honesty Bill and appology (although not required). You and the team do a tremendous job in running this site. If something doesn't work properly then it is pointless to continue with it and if I am being brutally honest I did not personally like the layout of the gallery and found myself actually viewing images far less than I ever did when they were forum based, easier to navigate and presented in a tidy format. As an engineer I always see things from the engineering world and we have to try things to see how they operate. Better to try something and admit that it isn't quite right than do nothing.
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    The problem is simple, there is no reason or incentive for you to pay anything towards the upkeep of the Forum, as everything is available to ALL for free so why pay !! I,m not a fan of the current 3 tier system at 3 different prices as you get no more for your money at each level,, it should be the more you pay the more you get, what is the incentive to pay the top price (if you are given a quote for what ever and they offer the exact same service why would you pay the higher amount, we have just hoped the membership would pay towards the upkeep as its the right thing to do, well the facts speak for themselves they don't do the right thing !! As long as the few pay and keep the Forum afloat the majority will just sit back and reap the benefit at others expense (you cant be a member of the FAGB or Fairground Society without paying) so they should pay here Just My Opinion Gary
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    Bill i go to Churchdown with the FHT (Dingles) every year i would only be to pleased to offer my services at churchdown i can collect donations from members who which to pay cash and i can simple forward members name and money onto you , all we would need is a simple form for said member to fill in so you know which member has paid) we can only give it a go
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    I have to admit that I let my supporter package slip since May, no excuses just never took the time to do it and lazyness on my part but I have rectified that this evening. If this forum were to be lost it would be nothing short of a disaster. If it means limiting sections of the site to supporters only it is certainly a better option than cutbacks to the site.
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    Speaking to people it seems to be about 50/50 for Gallery -v- Topic photos. I was on the fence, I can see advantages/disadvantages to both systems. A bit academic now though I hope that other's see it as you do and decide to help out with a little cash - it doesn't have to be a lot - "every little helps" - the next step is to limit parts of the site to supporters only - we're currently looking at the rides list, historic reports and a few other sections.
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    Seems you have no choice Bill. With only 80 or so paying members all this banter is a waste of time and you must be sick of carrying on about it. I ran a Greyhound racing tipping service for 3 years but had to shut it down due to costs. People were pleased to use the information with a healthy profit I may add but when I asked for subs then they disappeared so I couldn't keep it going even though it was successful. The bottom line is if you don't ask for subs the likelihood is that it will fold so what have you got to lose. Just charge a yearly fee for membership say £5 and if members don't want to fork out then it's there loss. There are some members who contribute a huge amount of content to the site but are still not paying a contribution. Better to get a few members keeping the site afloat rather than a few thousand non payers and it becomes untenable. No brainer. The site is brilliant and a great source of information and deserves to keep going. The site mirrors today's society, people want something for nothing all the time! This post will probably irk a few people but you can't keep banging your head against a brick wall! Good luck.
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    I'm curious as to what you see as a possible solution to this? Move the entire site to free hosting? That would mean going back to poor performance (our last server went down three times a week!) and severe restrictions on what we can store. Continue badgering members for contributions? It gets tedious and seems unfair on those who will pay a little allowing the majority a free, useful resource. I get a second job and provide everything free? Sponsorship? I can't find a sponsor, but if anyone can suggest anything. Adverts? I can look into plastering the site with Google (or another) adverts. Believe me, I rack my brains looking for a cheap and easy way to finance the forum and as I've said, I don't really want to go down the route of paid subscriptions or restricting major features to supporters only, BUT the bills HAVE to be paid. At present we survive (just), but that assumes the storage/hosting bills don't rise and the supporter numbers don't fall. We have members who visit almost daily, take information and NEVER post a thing, NEVER contribute a even fiver - is that really fair?
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    Having looked at the Forum Supporters list I am gob smacked that only 87 members cough up. The Silver supporter is less than 10p a day! Maybe a compulsory £1 a year subscription would be the way forward given the amount of members this would solve any funding issues and everyone can afford a pound. The problem with a voluntary system is its all too easy to ignore it or think I'll do it tomorrow and we all know tomorrow never comes. So come on support the forum as I'm sure no one wants to lose it.
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    Bill I think you have proposed the best solution absolutely no point in changing for the worse with the scenarios you describe. Well done Eddie
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    As far as I'm concerned, there's a category of photos not described above. Fairs are by and for people and I want to see them. That means build-up photos with gaff lads, rides with punters on them and general scenes showing the full spectacle of an open fair. Am I alone in this?
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    Hi Bill I would gladly Put myself forward to help manage the page I can offer support 24/7 if it's needed as I don't sleep much and I'm always available to offer assistance and help anyone if it's needed thanks
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    Hi Bill I would happily put myself up for the role of being a panel member. I thoroughly enjoy speeding time on the forum, and must say I use it daily getting lost amongst peoples photos, topics and discussions. I think I could bring a fresh pair of eyes to the role, who thinks I can put my view / opinion across diplomatically. I enjoy working with others and helping to solve things as well as giving input in how things can improve / change. I also think I can be quite an approachable person, who is always willing to listen and offer advice / help where I can. Also my enjoyment of fairs, and the community in both showman and enthusiasts goes without saying, and those who know me personally know of my commitment and enthusiasm I have, as well as my Facebook page which continues to go from strength to strength. Many Thanks
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    I will gladly throw my hat into the ring I know I have been an infrequent contributor upto this point but I am a long time lurker. I only discovered this wonderful community a few years ago and most here are so much more knowledgeable than me about the subject matter, I just sit in the corner, listening and taking it all in with a huge smile on my face. I am 38 years old, and did author and maintain an Invision community upto recently and am very familiar with the backend software/admin panel and functions. I am online most of the day, most days. I work from home working in the evenings so most daytimes I can be found somewhere on the internet. I am from Nottingham so obviously, the Goose holds a special place in my heart. The other half does not "get it"... I have made sure my kids do though and also they understand the hard work it all is for the Showmen and they understand and respect the history of this glorious form of entertainment. I am a big pro wrestling fan and its roots can be traced back to the early carnivals. For any community to grow and thrive, I think it needs to be honest, disciplined, welcoming but most of all, fun
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    My thoughts are with a true friend Mick and all of his family. An open message from Mick’s Daughter Ang via Facebook. This is a message for the friends and family of Michael Claffey. You will be aware that Mick has had some ill health in recent weeks. At a meeting today at Lincoln County Hospital, Mick was diagnosed with cancer. Devastatingly, it is in numerous sites around his body and the prognosis is very poor. Mick is struggling with confusion at present, but the hospital staff are doing their best to make him comfortable. As a family, we will know more after further clinical meetings on Monday. We know that Mick has many friends and family members who wish him well. Please do feel free to contact us via Messenger.... Many thanks for reading this; we will do our best to keep people updated via Facebook. Ang xx
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    Bill you went off advise & run it past the mods & the panel we all agreed IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! We all want whats best for the forum so what ever it takes we will all stick together we do WE DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE " ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR" Forum Please don't give up the mods & panel members do try to help BUT its the members that need to work at it as well to support this forum by paying a little extra if it helps i will if need be!
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    Hi All Not sure if this is the correct thread but I am in need of a few children's rides/Stalls ages range between 4 and 9 for a school Christmas event 02/12/2017 11AM-4PM.We have a medium playground and largish field to fill.If you are in the area of SG17 5LT SHEFFORD,BEDFORSHIRE then please contact me through our PTA email M.A.P.T.A@OUTLOOK.COM . Thank you Rob
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    There is Please see http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/store/
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    I'm not making any promises at the moment, but I am working towards a solution that: Keeps Gallery Albums compact Allows more economic use of our storage Allows members to post the "extra" photos Keeps the "extra" photos away from those who don't wish to view them I'm at an early stage with this, but early signs are promising
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