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  1. 20 likes
    Will FAGB members please join me in saying a prayer for David Guyatt Snr who is presently in the John Radcliff Hospital following the serious accident on the M4 last week. Stephen Harris
  2. 6 likes
    Sorry Simon,my fault,need to go to Specsavers
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    The policy hasn't changed, probably a simple mistake by a Moderator. I've returned the topic to the Current Reports forum.
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    Dear All I have been compiling and publishing the Coming Events in it's current format for about 6 months now. I would appreciate your feedback. Do you use it? Is the current format usable? Useful? Could it be improved? Is it easily accessible? Maintaining it in it's current guise is a lot of work, which I am happy to continue with, but it would be nice to know that it is being used and is useful Regards Bill
  5. 3 likes
    I use it a lot, in particular to prepare weekend trips. Thanks for your hard work Bill.
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    These words are exactly the ones I would have used. Many thanks Bill.
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    Well i browse most of the forum most days & Bill does a fantastict job..Thank you Bill But its not just Bill who puts the effort into the forum its all the Moderators & Panel members!! But most of all its the Members that count thank you!
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    Bill you are doing a great job with the coming events list . I personally appreciate all that effort you are doing. I use the it most days. Thank you again Bill Regards Martin
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    One of my reasons why I never bother captioning. It isn't because I don't know the ride owner it's the fact I only use this forum on my smart phone. If I caption every photo I post it takes about 15/20minutes longer to caption as it only allows me to caption one photo at a time. I only tend to upload to the website when I get a spare 5/10 minutes when I'm having dinner or a quick toilet break.
  10. 2 likes
    Hi I know! Unfortunately an event company has promised out this ride but not sourced it. The guy is going with out a ride now. Thanks for the reply!
  11. 2 likes
    Without a doubt, it's an invaluable asset to the Forum and well worth the effort you put into it Bill. I often browse it just as a matter of interest, as well as for specific reference.
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    Is this what your after as i know it is for sale
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    I had an email from Gizmo last night to say that she is doing a London to Paris charity cycle run, next month, in aid of 'Hearing Dog's for the deaf'. London to Paris on a cycle.... It tires me out just thinking about it.... Although our Mags hasn't been on the Forum for quite a long time, I'm sure there are those out there who know her well. A really nice person with a heart of gold. If anyone does feel that they would like to support Gizmo and this very worthy cause, the link to her fund raising page, the link is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/M-E-ADAMS-ASTON?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=M-E-ADAMS-ASTON&utm_campaign=pfp-share
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    For sale 40ft shooter/cans Wheels come out. Blue Led tubes. New front banners complete with rifles and small cork guns Can be seen open With or without swag Good money taker Nicely decorated Phone 07881525578
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    Only just heard about this accident . Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Come as a complete shock. Hope they catch the cowards who failed to stop.
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    Too far thanks anyway but need staff local
  17. 1 like
    Hi staff wanted to help on children's amusements weekend work Derby /Ripley based ringe on 07736 625657
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    Do yo live Derby area
  19. 1 like
    Very nasty accident, my best wishes to him and pass on condolences from several others who had heard the news
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    Hello Stephen, I'm not a member of FAGB but will join you and other members in praying for his recovery. I haven't seen him for a number of years now but he certainly is a nice man.
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    All the best wishes to David .He is a really nice showman.Adie
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    I do hope it doesn't come down to that. I mean I have noticed a lot of photo topics recently with no slogans on, and I feel it does solidify the idea of making captions compulsory. Adam. Ps: I don't mean for this to come across as a dig at people who don't do captions, its just my opinion I guess.
  23. 1 like
    I agree with Adam's viewpoint above. I have to hold my hands up and admit on my Facebook page I tend to slack captioning my photos. I have reviewed my own procedure following some questions of "whose is this" in replies. However both on this forum and on my own main website I always endeavour to caption my photos as good practice. As Adam says it does take no more than an extra 2-3 minutes. I also voted for the middle choice as I feel it should be encouraged.
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    I think making captions compulsory would not be a good idea as it may put some people off posting photos at all, i must admit i don't add captions much now as it takes to long to do, most of the time a member has taken the time to list the ride owners in the reports so is there anyway these could be linked?
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    Could I please ask that all members who know about events check if they are listed in the Coming Events file and if they aren't listed please let me know. I'm putting a lot of effort into the list and it's disappointing when the first I know of an event is when a fair report appears! The minimum information I need is DATE, TOWN & COUNTY. The location, post code and lessee/organiser are useful, but not essential. Many thanks to all those who have supported the Coming Events - I think we've been successful so far
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    Dear All The Forum Panel is now active with the following members:- Gary Witcomb Lee Harwood Waltzerman Harry Monk Eddie Kelly Shaun Roger Peatman Martin Running the Forum and keeping it all things for all members is an impossible task. We are never going to agree on everything all the time. Having said that, I fully admit that I have made mistakes in the running of the Forum. I have always said that this is "our" Forum, and I am hoping that the Forum Panel will make any policy/rule/moderation decisions more representative of our members. Hopefully it will lessen mistakes in the future. In an effort to improve the forum and to try and sort out any issues, we have agreed that the Forum Panel will be able to discuss matters on behalf of members (including banned and inactive members) ANONYMOUSLY. If you have a concern about the forum, or a suggestion for improvement and don't want to raise it with me or the Moderator Team directly you can, if you wish, send a PM/Email to any of the Panel Members. They are happy to be contacted and will bring your issue/suggestion to the Forum Panel for discussion - you will NOT be identified - the Panel members have assured me that they will bring your concern for discussion to the Panel verbatim and NOT identify you. The member raising the concern will be informed of the result of the discussion by the Panel Member. Neither myself or The Moderator Team will ever know who raised the concern. All the best Bill
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