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    With effect from 1st May 2018 the 'All the fun of the Fair' Site will be led by a new Team First of all we would like to thank Bill for creating this fantastic website over 20 years ago, without him none of us would be here, we wouldn’t have this fantastic resource filled with fantastic information, photographs, and more importantly fantastic people. Many of us here wouldn’t have met people we now consider really good friends without this forum and without Bill creating it. When we were told that Bill was stepping down from his role we were all devastated, but between the Moderators and the Forum Panel we’ve had a lot of discussion on how to go forward. If you haven't seen Bill's announcement, you can read it here http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/89093-forum-under-new-management/ The first thing the new Team would like to introduce is a new unified voice for making announcements, this ‘The Team’ Forum Member is accessible by all team members, and in future any forum announcements will come from this account. The team consists of the 5 Moderators and 5 Panel Members which can be seen on http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/staff/ All forum decisions, announcements and rules will be voted on by the Team and the majority vote will then be put into practice. At the moment the team are discussing future registrations, supporter packages and forum structure, and possible moderator or panel additions. We will announce these in due course. Thank you for your patience in this matter, and we hope this transition goes smoothly for all parties.
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    It is time that everyone accepts these new rules and at least gives them a chance. I for one would be absolutely devastated if this forum were to close and it would have a very detrimental influence on the hobby. I am sure that most people on here would feel the same. When all the other costs of this hobby are added up including subscriptions to Mercury, World's Fair etc, fuel travelling to fairs, money spent on the fair, photo printing, the list goes on, I don't begrudge paying a tenner per year for the opportunity to share my interests with like minded people and see their photos and read reports. The rides list alone is a brilliant asset and without that I would be lost. Please don't let strong views damage the morale of those who have taken what appears to be a thankless task in running this site. Bill spent twenty years doing something that a lot of us could either never have the time to commit to or the energy to keep it running. When it comes to money lets argue over why VAT is still at 20% or why certain councils are charging showmen top rate rents and not allowing them to put up billboards. To those now managing this forum I wish you every success and thank you for not allowing it to close down. To Bill, thank you for keeping patience throughout all the moans and groans when you only had best intentions at heart. As someone who also takes things to heart I would have caved into the negativity long ago. Time to move forward.
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    I've been a firm supporter of ATFOTF since the early days, 1998 to be precise. We've seen the site grow from its humble beginnings to the interactive, popular forum that it is now which still holds firm against the powers of social media. It was Bill who took the bold step to initiate and develop the site as it is today, it was Bill who allowed enthusiasts hobbies to develop, to inspire others to share their photos and to initially allow one another to communicate in such an interactive way like this forum in 2002 was inaugurated breaking away from the original standalone website. This was before the powers of Facebook etc., also I must add many others tried but couldn't emulate Bill's success. Therefore I would like to say thank you to Bill, thanks for all the hard work you to put in and happy retirement.
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    Way back in 1999 I used to have a quick glance of 'All The Fun Of The fair' website just before my lessons at Guildford College commenced. Taking in all the pics. Back then there was very little on the internet about Fun Fairs. i'm sure you made the first ever website devoted to this. The constant updates on the site made it a treat to visit. As time went on forums on various platforms came and go. Constantly growing with more discussions and pics. Still, this was way before facebook. The forum was gaining more and more members every day with huge amounts of traffic. You invited me to help with the forum in many capacities from Admin, moderator and panel member which I much appreciated. The many thousands of hours you put in to make the site enjoyable for all was a truly admired. Lots of good days and those annoying challenging days with forum software and disputes with forum members. The forum will live on. Many thanks.
  5. 13 points
    Thank you Bill for this marvellous informative tool for my hobby. Dare I say that today enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with the array of information available to them both on-line and the written word. I have personally benefitted greatly with your website and was happy, when I could, to contribute in a small way to it's contents. I wish you a happy 'retirement' from the pressures of running this site and hope you can now sit back and enjoy this hobby of all of ours. I wish 'The Team' all the best and look forward to many more years of fun information.
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    Bill - Being in and about the forum from its very very early days I know how long you have managed, maintained, personally financed & retained the standards & objectives established when the site was created. Well done Bill thank you for your outstanding contribution to our hobby and especially for your personal support on occasions when I needed it. Good luck in the future hopefully you will continue to be an effective & respected member of the ATFOTF community .
  7. 12 points
    Sorry to hear youre stepping down from owning and running the forum. I know youve put alot of time, effort and money into it. Ive spent many hours reading though content over the years, so thankyou for everything youve done.
  8. 12 points
    Bill Edwards thank you for 20 years of "ATFOTF" Good luck in your new adventure's 😉
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    Thank you Bill for everything you have done and good luck in the future and I hope you enjoy your retirement from Forum duties. 😉
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    It's less than 20p a week and more than worth it I think. I find the resource really useful and as long as people still contribute it will be worth it. Bill has done a great job and I am sure the new team will carry on the good work. 👍
  11. 11 points
    I personally think £10 is more than justified. I'm 27, and working on minimum wage, but I'm more than happy to put aside a tenner for a year's subscription to this amazing resource. The 'idea' that there are dedicated enthusiasts on here trying to con people out of money slightly boils my blood. Fortunately that isn't happening, and books simply need balancing to support the site. Rant over 😐
  12. 11 points
    You say that £5 is more than adequate yet we have had a £5 option for a while now and still many Members chose not to pay that yourself included. Maybe if more Members had taken up the £5 option when it was available we might not be doing what we are doing now. If it wasn't for what Bill and the Forum Supporters have done over the years to fund this Forum we wouldn't be having this discussion today as the Forum would of closed a long time ago. This is my point of view as a long time Member & Supporter .
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    I am sincerely sorry to see you step down Bill, you have contributed imeasurable good will between enthusiasts and showmen and brought an insight into a previously very private world which has been opened up to all of us to understand and collectivly share, for the benifit of every member on this forum. This is also my opportunity to thank you for making my own thread one of the most popular on the forum visited now nearly 50,000 times and counting thank you BILL. I liken this to a dream come true for you and you should be very proud of the legacy you are passing to every one on this forum to enjoy. Long into the future. All the best for the future Bill. Regards John Fahy
  14. 11 points
    Very sad news Bill and I am really shocked to read this. You have provided many, many hours of enjoyment with this site since I first discovered it twenty years ago. I don't think any small amount of words here can justify my thanks to you and the team. Please don't let this be the beginning of the end of this great site. Some of us do not have the Facebook obsession and enjoy what this great forum has to offer. I welcome the new team of management sincerely, but don't try to fix anything that isn't broken. Thank you Bill for the priceless time and effort you have put into this place. Enjoy your hobbies and much deserved rest.
  15. 11 points
    Thank you Bill for providing a first rate site for us 'enthusiasts ' for all of those informative twenty years that have provided us all with a fantastic service- all the best with your retirement .
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    Your new ‘Team’ have discussed in depth the current membership and three tier Forum Supporter packages and advise the following changes with immediate effect. All new members will be required to register using their own real name and pay an annual subscription of £10. There will be a 48 hour cancellation period where a full refund will be offered. The package will include admittance to all forums and an allowance of 20 Personal Messages per day with a storage capacity of 100 Messages. The current three tier Supporter renewal packages will, in future, be replaced by the single package as detailed above. In addition the user name must be the users real name. With effect from 1st May 2019 all current members who have not yet bought a Supporter package will be denied access to all forums unless they upgrade to the package detailed above. The new package can be purchased at any time and will include access to the Rides Lists. Members currently not using their own real name can voluntarily update at any time by sending an e-mail to admin@fun-fairs.co.uk. E&OE
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    But I'm not in charge anymore and am as entitled as any other member to my opinion. I have no problem at all with members expressing an opinion, it's the repeating of it that I personally object to. Peter has made a point, the team have said they are looking into the matter, yet he keeps repeating it. The team have only had control of the forum for 72 hours - it feels like they are not being given the chance to sort things out and I don't think repeating the same concern is going to help. I personally know all the members of the team, they are a great bunch and only have the best interests of the forum at heart, as did I. The team also know the back story: Towards the end of last year forum donations were dropping below costs each month and I express my view that perhaps it was time to call it a day an close the forum. The team and I agreed that we'd restrict a small part of the forum to supporters in an attempt to keep the forum self supporting. As it was only a fiver a year and gave access to a unique resource we hoped that the majority of our regulars would get behind the forum. The backlash made me feel that that perhaps my first thought - closure - was the right decision. Again, when we removed the free access clause I wasn't prepared for the backlash over a fiver. You say that I am 100% honest, I will go out of my way to ensure that everything is fair and the vast majority of members - those that know me, know that when I say we don't make a profit then WE DON'T. When people say that they want to see accounts before donating, I see an inference (rightly or wrongly) that I'm not being believed and that was a kick in the teeth for me. On 24th April I announced to the forum panel (now the team) that I WAS CLOSING THE FORUM. My plan was The Forum Panel battled against my wishes and begged for a chance to keep the forum available for YOU, the members. I wasn't convinced, but thought that it was worth one last try. The conditions I put on handing over control were (1) No current supporter would be financially disadvantaged by the change and they were to get all they'd paid for for the duration of their current donation and (2) Whilst I would help with technical matters during the hand over, I was to play no further part in Moderating, Policy decisions etc. The forum panel were extremely keen to make the forum a better place, to ensure that it was self supporting and available for everyone. The current plan to make the forum totally subscriber was an excellent idea (in my opinion), but I had no input in the discussion or decision. I was aware of the final plan and the reasons behind it and it made sense. Given the flack the Panel have had over the past couple of days, the obstacles that are being put in their way - seemingly just for the sake of an argument, hindsight kicked in again and I wish I'd refused their take over and just closed the forum. The panel are an excellent bunch of people who just want the best for the forum and it's members, yet the stick they've taken this week has made me feel guilty that I've put them in that position. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if, given their entirely honorable intentions and the unnecessary backlash they've received they don't decide to call it a day.
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    Thanks Bill, without this site i proberley would have taken up fishing, it has enhanced my hobby and i have meet some good friends along the way
  19. 10 points
    Echo what Steve & Paul have said, thank you Bill for 20 years of ATFOTF, look back and remember what a great resource you built for like minded enthusiasts and enjoy the next chapter in life.
  20. 9 points
    Bill, thank you very much for all the hard work you have put into this site over the years. Not many people realise what goes into running a forum, its a bit like the swan, everything calm on the surface, but paddling like mad under the water. I hope you enjoy your well deserved rest, and I wish the team luck for the future. All the very best. Rob
  21. 9 points
    Thank you Bill for everything you done without you there might not be a great funfair website.Hope this website be here for many years.Thank you and have a great retirement good luck in the future.Best Regards Huw.
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    Dear All With immediate effect I am stepping down as Owner/Administrator of All The Fun Of The Fair. The reasons are many and varied, but come down to the fact that work, family and other interests are competing for my time. I am unable to give sufficient time to the forum which has removed all the enjoyment that I used get from running it. I have discussed where we go from here with the Admins, Moderators and the Forum Panel. Obviously one option was to close the forum once all the current donations have expired. The Admin/Moderators/Forum Panel (which I shall refer to as “The Team”) have decided that they will, as a collective, keep the forum open and running, but changes to the Forum will be inevitable. For the time being, I will still be shown as an Administrator. I will be assisting whilst “The Team” take control of the forum, however I will not be involved in any day to day Admin work or Moderating. I will have no further input to the Forum Panel. Once “The Team” are fully operational and confident, I will drop My Administrator and Moderator status and become an ordinary “Member”. I will be a member, with the same member access and rights as every other member. I will have no further say on rules, policy, membership etc. Those that have supported the forum financially, I wish to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and assure you that you will NOT lose out financially by these changes. I have no further input on forum policy, but I have made it very plain that however “The Team” run the forum NO MEMBER WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED WILL BE FINANCIALLY DISADVANTAGED. You will continue to receive the benefits you’ve paid for till the end of your current subscription. I thank every member who has supported the forum over the years - whether financially or with content - those that have supported me both personally when the forum has been a thorn in my side and those that have, mostly silently and unthanked, assisted with Admin, Moderating, Policy & Ideas. A great BIG THANK YOU ALL! All the best Bill NB: With immediate effect I am not in a position to help with technical inquiries, access problems, changes of email address, donations etc. Please post all such inquiries in the Forum Help / Announcements forum
  23. 8 points
    As a part of the changes, will you be publishing annual accounts? If the membership fee is doubling and free entry is to be restricted, I would like to see an account of where the money goes or is intended to go. No insinuation of anything untoward is intended, but all other groups requesting money for membership that I am part of provide this information.
  24. 8 points
    A very big Thank You Bill for all the hard work you've put into making the forum the big success it has become.I am sure those that are taking over the day to day running of the site will find the task of keeping everyone happy just as challenging but will do do a great job.All the best for the future Bill
  25. 8 points
    Thanks Bill for creating the site and forum all those years ago, then keeping it going, even when you had to use your own money at times to ensure it's survival. I hope you make good use of your extra time away from the helm. All the Best
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