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The method of compiling and presenting our Coming Events list is changing for Events in 2017.

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    Dear All The Forum Panel have recently been discussing the use of Display Names for members of the forum. Those of you who have been members for a while will remember that for some considerable time we insisted that members joining the forum used their real, full names and we insisted that new members proved that were who they said they were before being allowed to join. The reasons we used this policy were:- We found that when 'hiding' behind display names members were effectively posting anonymously. In a small percentage of members this allowed them to post things that they wouldn't post if they were known. It's nice to know who you are talking to. Many members meet at various fairs and events and using your name helps this process. The panel discussed and voted on two key issues: Should new joining members be compelled to use their real, full name and should they be required to prove their identity before joining Should this policy be applied retrospectively to all existing members The majority of the panel felt that new members should use their real, full names and prove that they are who they say they are before joining, and this policy has now been implemented. There was some support for applying this policy retrospectively, however this will not be applied to existing members. Whilst it was felt it was desirable, it was felt impractical and potentially damaging to ask long standing members to comply with the policy. It was also felt unnecessary for members who, although using display names, had been members for a long time, were generally well known and had never used their display name to hide behind. If an existing member member using a display name posts badly or appears to be using a display name to hide behind, the forum panel reserve the right to insist that member uses their real full name. I stress at this point, that this policy will not be used to keep genuine new members out of the forum - we will, as far as is possible, work with joining members to allow them access to the forum, but we will be making some basic checks to ensure they are who they say they are. As part of this policy, YOU may be asked to vouch for someone trying to join the forum. One of the ways we can check is asking members if they know an existing member. I may ask "Do you know Joe Bloggs who is trying to join the forum"? We are not asking you "Is he a good person", or "Will he be a good member", we are simply asking if you know them to be a real person, using their real name. You will NOT be responsible for that member or anything that they post. However, if you say someone is real and using their real name and that turns out to be wrong, it will affect your credibility! The facility for members to arbitrarily change their display name has been removed. If you wish to change your display name, please contact me. If any existing members wants to change their display name to their real name, this can be accommodated and would be welcomed by the panel. I again stress, that this policy is not about making life difficult for genuine people to join our community, but trying to make things difficult for the small percentage of people who wish to use anonymity to cause the forum and it's members problems. Regards Bill
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    Dear All We have a superb resource with our Forum Topic based Rides List - Over 3500 are listed with details and the majority have photos attached. YOU, our members have been extremely diligent in ensuring the list is as comprehensive as we can make it - THANK YOU! Historically the Rides List Topic ONLY had the most recent, up-to-date photo displayed in it. As a newer photo became available it replaced the older photo which was lost from the forum for good. Recently we changed this policy and allowed the 'older' photo to stay on as a reply. We also actively encouraged historic photos to be added and again this has been hugely successful due to the enthusiasm of our members - THANK YOU! However, we are seeing more and more photos being added to the Rides List Topic's where the only 'change' is to the Location or Date - some Rides are becoming clogged up with photos all essentially showing the same view and this will only get worse as time goes on. In an effort to ensure that photos on Rides List Topics show something unique, all Rides List Topic replies will need to be approved by a Moderator before they are available to our members. If your photo shows the ride significantly different or your photo is a vast improvement over the one we have, your reply will be approved and the photo put onto the top topic post. If it shows the same thing it will be deleted. I hope that you will support this policy - we want to ensure that all our Rides List photos are unique and useful rather than pages of duplicate photos. PLEASE NOTE - This does NOT mean we don't want to see your photos - WE DO! But please consider where you are posting them - perhaps a topic in the Photo Forum would be more appropriate? The following guide was previously posted: If you have a photo that shows the ride DIFFERENT/UPDATED, please reply to the relevant topic. As discussed in a previous topic, my thoughts on useful photos would be: Day/Night shot Different decor Build up photos Full flash/minimal flash Load with a different prime mover In action/still Winter or Xmas/Normal theme Anything exceptional/interesting (e.g. built up outside Buckingham Palace, has a celebrity on it - bad examples, but hopefully you get my thinking ) A historic photo that shows the same decor/state could be interesting showing that a ride hasn't changed in 20 years. This will be difficult to quantify as 20 photos, one from each year showing the same state will defeat the object of the rides list. Again, many thanks for your support in this matter. All the best Bill
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    Some other facts I've gleaned from the spreadsheet:- The oldest ride shown as "New" is The oldest travelling rides are and 43 Showmen took delivery of new rides in 2016 - The same as 2015 159 Showmen got rides new to them in 2016 The possibilities for searching, sorting and filtering make this a useful resource
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    I have continued to reconcile the spreadsheet against the forum rides list. It's almost complete, just 306 rides left to do. All 1991 Travelling Rides have been done and the statistics are (in my opinion) quite interesting Of the 1991 travelling rides, we have photos of 1838 - 93% - Just 153 travelling rides don't have a photo. I think that's a massive achievement and I am hugely grateful to all those that have helped out with photos - THANK YOU! Over the coming weeks I will reconcile the rest of the list (some scrapped, park, exported rides etc). I will also create a topic in the Photo Sought forum to see if I can persuade anyone to help with photos of the rides where we don't have a photo.
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    All Park Rides have now been reconciled. There are 517 Rides Listed, 441 have photos displayed on the forum - 85%, lower than the Travelling Rides, but still a massive achievement. Again, thanks to all those who have helped with photos!! Hollycombe has the oldest ride available in a Park 46 new rides went into Parks in 2016, up on the 32 in 2015 I have 172 rides left to reconcile - all exported, stored, scrapped etc. These will be done over the coming week or so.
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    I actually agree with this move and welcome it fully. Will definitely drop a message now actually to add the rest of my surname to my profile name, too.
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    The Online rides list is now reconciled against the forum list - all rides in the list should now mirror the forum. There is still a lot of tidying to do, and extra info such as links will be an on-going project which, like the Forth Bridge, will probably never be complete needing to be redone every so often. However, the list is reasonable accurate (with the amount of info therein I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy) and certainly usable. It will enable members to sort, search and filter with ease and being downloadable is available to members should they wish to customise it - for example to list only travelling or park rides or add/delete fields.
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    Ground wanted in the somerset/south west area for the following- Candy floss, Popcorn, Sweets and toffee apple stall (photos can be found in this forums 'Project section' 3x3 meter Ball in the bucket game, on prize every-time operation. Photos on request. Also 3x3 meter Glows trolley (can also do roaming candy floss/ popcorn sales) All types of events considered- set rent, percentage, paid do's Please note- I am an off guild showman, Email me at Call me- 07553 012154 Or private message me on here
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    Yet another great contribution to the Forum, Bill.
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    Dear All You may remember my previous attempt at making a Rides List Database available to forum members - It wasn't successful and was withdrawn. However, I kept the data and now have it available in an Excel Spreadsheet. It has taken me a couple of weeks to reconcile it against the Forum Rides list, and whilst it isn't perfect, I think it is now at a stage where I can share it. Why do we need two list? The Forum Rides List is important as it allows the storage of photos and allows members to reply to update and correct information. However, the searching, sorting and filtering of rides is very limited due to the constraints of the Forum Software. The Excel Spreadsheet allows advanced searching, sorting and filtering so allows members to find the information they want much more easily. The instructions for using the Coming Events file will give you an idea of how to use the Rides List. (Please see (YouTube also has some excellent tutorials on using Excel) For example: Suppose you wanted to find out the year of manufacture of the earliest travelling Galloper's? Using the forum would require you to open every Galloper topic to check the date. Using the Excel Spreadsheet simple Filter "Ride" to Gallopers, "Status" to Travelling and then sort by "Year" (The answer is 1880!) Want to know all new rides for 2016? Simply filter "Year" to 2016 The possibilities are endless. You can also download the file if you wish to keep it offline or to use your own software (Many programs and apps available) Before accessing the file, please note the following: There will be errors. Although I have been as diligent as I can the spreadsheet is very large (16 columns, 3215 rows - over 51 thousand individual cells with info in!) I still have a lot of tidying/checking to do - this will be an on-going process There is a lot of information on the screen, a desktop computer with a large monitor is highly recommended. Although the spreadsheet should be accessible on mobile devices, I don't recommend it and unfortunately cannot offer support for mobile devices Although I have tested the spreadsheet, no one else has. There may well be teething problems - let me know and I will do my best to sort the issues By accessing the file you agree: Not to share the data or the link To inform me if you find any errors or omissions The file is available on the "More" menu at the top of the forum. The file is READ ONLY - You will be unable to alter the contents of any cell. If anything requires correcting/updating, please let me know by Personal Message or Email. As the file is READ ONLY, you CANNOT damage it - feel free to play. If you are unable to get the spreadsheet back to it's original state, simply close the tab it is open in and reopen it. All the best Bill
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    The funeral of the late Thomas O'brien (son) for those attending the funeral of our very own North East Legend Thomas O'brien on Friday 17th March at 1-15pm at Houghton church then to Durham crematorium for 2-30. Followed by refreshments at Ramside Hall Durham Hotel in the ballroom, Donna & Family have requested that everybody wears something brightly coloured as the family are marking this as a celebration to Thomas's Life...
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    Two additional 'features' that I will be adding are: Where a Ride is in a park, the "Park" column will be a link to the parks web site Where a Showman has a web site, the name in the "Surname" column will be a link to that web site Please note, that these are long term projects
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    Happy birthday, hope you have a great day
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    Thanks guys.i can remember when I was a teenager being with B.Traylen at Hampton Court for Easter on my birthday.
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    Happy Birthday, Regards Wayne.
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    2 bedroom, with hydraulic pull out levelling jacks,full central heating, large battery bank, automatic inverter/ charging system. Rear couplings with air connections . fully furnished with washing machine, tumble dryer, TV, cooker. For more details or viewing please contact me 07901742254
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    Happy Birthday Gary. Have a good one. Best wishes, Chunks.
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    It is with deep sadness that the legend sarge from roses pleasure parks (70s & 80s ) has passed away R.i.p sarge
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    Happy Birthday Mike hope you have a good day.
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    Happy Birthday, Mike. Hope it's been a restful day. Best wishes, Chunks & Bonnie.
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    Happy Birthday Gary - Hope you've had a good day!!
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    Happy birthday Mike, Hope you've had a good one.
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    Don't bother to count the candles on the cake Mike, it's only a number. Stephen
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    Happy birthday Gary have a good one.
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    All the best Gary.Have a good one. Adie
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    Have a great day Mike.
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    Happy Birthday Mike...
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    Happy Birthday Mick, stay away from the cake tubby !!
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    Thank you Wayne, it's definitely not easy getting started but I feel that I'm finally getting somewhere.
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    Good luck Tom, Regards Wayne.
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    If you visit a members profile and look at their username, just to the right is a swirly symbol (poor description, but you'll see what I mean), click it and it gives the display name history.
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    Is it possible that if a person changes the display name, their original name is displayed in the profile?
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    Very sorry to hear of Henry's passing, he and his brother Alfie became good friend of mine when I started writing for the world's fair , and they were traveling the South Wale's valley's. If you know of the funeral arrangements please post them on here.
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    Today my very good friend Henry Scarrott of the South Wales section passed away,Henry suffered a massive heart attack but sadly died at the uhw hospital cardiff.Henry will be sorely missed by his wife Susan daughters Emma,Jane,and Lisa also his son Henry jnr.
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    How about a photo for the non Farcebook fans?
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    This is proving to be a little more difficult than I anticipated and I would appreciate some help Where I know a family, I can identify which members should be associated with a particular website, as an example, I can link Scott & Chaz Manning to Amusement World (I know Chaz is Scott's son) However, again as an example, Burnett's Family Fun Fair - In the rides list we have Peter, Billy Jnr, Peter & Claude and Chris (Pete) - Which of these can properly be linked to that web site? It's further complicated by the fact that some Showmen will show on their web site rides they don't own, but are within the extended family or they have access to. What I am trying to achieve is where a Showman has a web site, his rides are linked to that web site, not links to sites where that ride is available. The surname/website link should only be used for that Showman and his immediate family i.e. children, spouse (possibly brothers?) etc. To do this properly will require knowledge of the way families operate. If you can help, please let me know. If you are familiar with a family please send me a list of which names should be associated with which web site. Many thanks Bill
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