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    The Team does not have to decide what to do the Members do its everyone Forum, at the start of this thread the membership were asked for Suggestions on how we could deal with an issue but sadly very few can be bothered to participate / Contribute I don't want any photos to be deleted or archived and nor do i want them hosted off site I don't really want adverts This leave option 2 for me, Well if there was a poll to the membership i would vote for this in a heart beat and let me tell you why i have been a member of this Forum for over 10 year and have supported financially from the start because i believe this is a very important resource, there is info on this site you will not find else ware "FACT" , you state the Forum would die in 5 years, i don't believe that for 1 min, yes membership numbers would drop and frankly would that be a bad thing, i believe with say a backbone of genuine Enthusiasts who all financially support the Forum they would not allow it to just Die, in fact the Forum might even thrive as we would all be like minded members with one goal to make this forum work and without all the BULL sh*t i'm sick to the back teeth of all the moaners / dissenters / Free loaders who just take and never give anything back in return, others take pleasure in knocking the Forum at every chance they get, despite this they continue to be members you have to ask why !! Far to many believe this forum should be totally free just like Facebook, well it cant so get over it, if you can find what you are looking for else ware FREE your free to leave but shut the door on your way out Just for the record i would allow all showmen who we rely on for our hobby, totally free access after any change to a paid up membership as i also believe they play a big part in the Forum & our Hobby and i would be happy to pay more to allow this service to Showmen only Finally As for the Team there dammed if they do and Dammed if they don't, its about time the Membership got behind the Team who are trying there very best to keep this Forum afloat
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    Let me just get this right you think that we should set up either a FLICKR account or a secret Facebook page to store our photos on ? Do you know just how much work would be involved in moving photos from our storage server to FLICKR or Facebook who is going to do this work let me guess the Team who at present all pay to be Supporters for the privilege of running this Forum in our spare time because you might not realise this but we all have full time jobs. Have you tried finding certain photos on Facebook two hours after they have been posted because you can't do a photo search on Facebook so how would anybody find anything they were looking for. FLICKR is free upto a certain point I think it's 1TB after that you have to pay if Members don't use small file sizes when posting photos that 1TB will be used up in no time. I take it that when you say Members only you mean Members who are happy to Support this Forum. Backward step or not a few adverts isn't going to bring in the income some people think it will this Forum is "All The Fun of The Fair" the only people who have heard of it are people who are involved in or interested in Fairgrounds so the volume of people who visit this Forum is not something that would be on Saatchi & Saatchi's radar. The person who first brought up about adverts on the Forum now says they wouldn't "want pop ups or adverts that scream out at you" well if we have to sell out to get adverts then it's anything that pays the bills. Thank you to the Members who have said that they are willing to increase their subscriptions to help with the costs at least there are people who can see the value of keeping this Forum, it's just a pity that there are others who will do anything rather than pay £5 to support the Forum. The sad face button is below.
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    the problem is Harry the want to keep all there photo but don't want to pay !!
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    By trying to manage photo storage you mean to cap posting of photo or deletion of photos to keep within Budget, which is a backward step for me, as it will put members off posting !! I'm not a fan of advertisements but would accept them if there was no other option !! This is not going to be popular with the general Membership,but its has to be said, most off you thinks the whole Forum should be free, like other sites, but the Forum has bills that have to be paid or its bye bye Forum & its time EVERYONE faced up to that FACT (Unless you are one of a few who would love the Forum to fail !!) I would be happy to pay £10 per Year for what I get, in fact i will pay the £10 from my next renewal Frankly the people who moan about the £5, spends more on Costa Coffee& macdonuts a week, than it cost here for a whole year & if more members paid the £5 we would not be in this situation In Hindsight dropping the supporters packages to £5 was a mistake in my opinion and has lead to this issue with income over out goings Having given this some more thought, i think the Forum is to important to lose, i will pledge to pay a donation of £25 at my next renewal in Oct 2018
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    With all due respect I don't think you have any idea about the British fairground enthusiast movement we have two fully paid up organisation the fairground society and the fairground association of great Britain both have many 100's of members all paying £15 per year and unless you join you cant see what your getting until after you pay We also have a national fairground newspaper which cost £60 a year many houndreds subscribe and pay in advance without knowing what you get Some of us pay our money to be better informed and I just don't think you get that and never will You are correct you can see photos all over the internet (but would say alot get lifted from this site) you can have any number of discussions on Facebook but have to wade thought more bull sh*t than on this site but one thing they can't offer is the historical data that this site contains
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    T P Holland & Sons Barking Park, Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex 21st to 30th September
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    I love the photo sections.so as Gary has said I would up my membership cost to keep all photos .as I think it helps keep this a great forum.
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    Let me make a point regarding this matter. If we could make this a totally free forum, we wouldn't hesitate to do so. If we could have unlimited storage, we'd fill it up and some more. The reality is, we have a fantastic set of pictures that other , younger, enthusiasts may want to see in years to come and indeed current members as well. We DONT want to lose any of those pictures, but the reality is it costs money and if we don't do something about it now, we wont be in the same situation later in the year.
  9. 5 points
    Hosted by David Guyatt High Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire
  10. 5 points
    It's not that long since we were told that a change had been made whereby we could post as many photos as we liked. At the same time we had to stop posting photos hosted on Flickr and the like. It seemed like wishful thinking to me at the time and, sadly, it looks as if that was the case. I thought that, at the same time, we adopted a policy of deleting photo posts after a certain length of time which would contain the problem. Am I wrong about that? Speakiing for myself, some topics have too many photos, often repetitive, and I simply don't have time to look at them all. I'm well aware, however, that I'm not a typical member.
  11. 5 points
    Hi Dan, the accounts that will be automatically deleted are all accounts that haven't been used (No posts, and no logins) for almost 3 years, these accounts have been disabled for a few months, just to make sure they aren't used, and now that we can safely say they aren't, we can delete them.
  12. 4 points
    Where do I stand then? I go to the fairs, take photos/videos, ride the rides on occasion, chat at length with showmen about all sorts of things including the history of the fair machines ownership etc, always happy to help be it working on a ride or running to the local shop to get something. BUT ask anyone and they will tell you i hate building up/pulling down and then take the p*** out of me because i'm useless at it. I also have no interest in seeing a ride as a load whatsoever but am always happy if i catch a glimpse of a showman on the road as it's not a common sight around here. Some of us who run round with the camera as you probably see it also have a genuine interest in the history and I wouldn't want to see either the photos section or rides list removed.
  13. 4 points
    Carters this weekend Hammersmith Sat/ Sun22nd/ 23rd
  14. 4 points
    Amazing words Gary & every word is 100% true thank you Gary just wish members would be like you & support this fantastic forum 🙂🙂🙂
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    South common - closed sunday and monday. Cheap nights 18th and 19th.
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    The way I see this forum is that everyone who uploads a picture, is using storage space. If you than keep storing all pictures, you are slowly getting a problem. You don't want to have people post their pictures using links, because of the fact that posts can lose the pictures. The question one has to ask is this one: are all the pictures stored in here so important that they have to be saved? Or are some more important than others? I would suggest to have a large group of members go through the pictures posted lets say ten years ago to this date and make a selection of what picture has to stay in storage and which should be destroyed. Make a couple of rules for them (such as: vintage fair pictures are never to be deleted and the picture in the ride list and the transport list are not to be deleted. Non funfair pictures are always deleted etc. etc. ). Of the rest, the group of members decide whether or not to delete that particular picture. The majority rules. Now, you are now thinking that this is a lot of work. That depends. If one can use the forum for this, one has only about 10 topics a day at most to check. And if the group of members is large enough not everyone has to vote on that particular day. But I don't know how you all react to this and if such a thing is technically possible to build...
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