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    The Team has been made aware that a forum member has recently taken to Social Media making false allegations about this site and we felt it only fair that you hear "The Team's" side of things. The Team was recently asked anonymously through one Team Member to take down a member's photos from the Rides List. The member wished to remain anonymous, which put The Team at a disadvantage. We were told that the member wished to settle the matter amicably, but was "willing to go down the route of complaining to the web host about breach of copyright and issuing a take down notice". Our host has made it clear that any such complaint would lead to an "immediate termination of service". Given the potential to see the forum closed down The Team felt the safest course of action was to remove ALL of the member's photos. We were accused of profiteering - There will be NO PROFIT made WHATSOEVER from asking for donations to access the Rides List. We believe that given the possible number of donations we've pitched the donation at the correct level of £5 per year. This income will be used solely to cover hosting and storage costs. If there is any surplus at the end of the year we will either extend access for longer for those who have donated or will lower the donation amount for the following year. Whichever way we do it there will be NO PROFIT. All of The Team members have access to the accounts and can assure you that no profit will be made. It has also been said that someone new is at the helm following Bill's departure. This is NOT the case. There are ELEVEN EQUAL members of the Team. No one person is in overall charge. ALL decisions are discussed by the Team and voted on. NO ONE has a veto or more of a say. We have made each Team Member a Site Administrator so everyone is EQUAL and are determined that it WILL ALWAYS be a Team decision on every decision we make. When a member posts photos on All The Fun Of The Fair, the member retains copyright, but we reserve the right to use those photos posted on ANY part of the site. When you ask for photos to be deleted from one part of the site, but not others it clearly goes against our policy. In fairness to the member all his photos were deleted to remain within this policy. And frankly to ask for removal and at the same time continue posting photos is bizarre. It is also bizarre that another member who has slated our Rides List in response has recently asked how to access it. We are trying our level best to ensure that the forum is the best it can be for the maximum number of members. We accept we won't please everyone, but we've put a lot of effort into trying! Membership of the forum is purely voluntary. We welcome everyone who wants to be a member, whether they contribute financially or with content or not at all. However, we also don't feel it's fair for anyone to rubbish the forum on other sites with false allegations and still expect to be made welcome here. These comments are the latest in a line of negative posts the Team have had to put up with in the 28 days since we started running the Forum. Most of these negative comments and reactions (likes) to them all come from a very small minority of our Members. Sadly it's the same few Members who posted negative comments and reactions when Bill was running the Forum. We have tried to involve Members more during the short time we have been running things. We have looked at the Rules after complaints about the old set of Rules and have now produced a more slimline set. We have reduced the number of Forums by merging some in the hope that the Forum is easier to navigate. We know that we won't be able to change things overnight but we hope we are going in the right direction. It is now becoming apparent that these few Members posting these negative comments are not happy with whoever is running the Forum. What we can't understand is why are they still Members ? If we disliked something as much as they appear to dislike this Forum we wouldn't waste our time being a Member.
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    That may well be what these few Members want to happen but why should we let this small minority ruin it for everyone else. The Team are determined to make this work.
  3. 19 points
    I feel it's a shame for this to happen.i for 1 think this is a great forum and think the TEAM are doing a good job.thanks Adie
  4. 16 points
    The forum is a fantastic resource and the team is doing a great job. Personally I would make June an armistice month. If you don't like it terminate your membership, if you want to have your pictures taken off request it. If you want your subscription back you get it. Keep the resources in here for those that want it and take it for what it is. If people don't like it don't go on. It's the best resource for this type of interest there is and nobody is being forced to look at it and I would hate to lose it just because a minority do not like how it's run.
  5. 16 points
    Very sad to hear that this has happened. I would like to say that "The Team" have been doing a brilliant job of taking over what is a huge task and taking forward all the hard work Bill had put in over twenty years. At the risk of upsetting certain individuals my advice would be this, either enjoy and participate with the fantastic resource we are fortunate to have here or go away and spare us all the negative whining! "The Team" are working hard to refresh this site and welcome more content and higher member traffic. From what I can tell they have actively tried to consult and invite all members to have their say on recent decisions. I feel that there will always be a very small minority that can never be pleased and will always look to pick apart anything that they see fit. On a plus note I have noticed a recent increase in posts and comment from members who either haven't been very active or are possibly new. Proof that new life is being injected into the site!
  6. 15 points
    I for one who has been with the forum from near the start woud not like to see all the effort Bill has put into the forum go to waste. This is a great sorce of information and I have personaly made some close friends from here. To the Team please keep going with this great forum.
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    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time” (Poet John Lydgate as made famous by Abraham Lincoln). Press on regardless, guys. You should be praised for taking on this thankless task.
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    To echo what others have said, if you are not happy with the way the site is run then leave and go elsewhere FB is awash with sites, the vast majority of which are inferior to ATFOTF. I for one shall continue to support the forum, keep up the good work.
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    With immediate effect the confusing rule about ‘Full’ and ‘Compact’ photo albums has been withdrawn. Members may post photo topics in the relevant forum without having to worry about tags, type or quality of photos or using separate forums. At present the other restrictions still apply - The photos must be a maximum of 800x600 and hosted on site. We would like to remind members that captions on photo topics are not compulsory, but have been shown to be more popular with members than those without. They’re also more useful in that the photos can be found using the sites search facility. We hope this makes it easier and simpler for members to post photos. Regards The Team
  10. 12 points
    If you feel this way, why do you continue to post on this forum? If you don't like it, leave and let the people who are content with how things are going get on with this forum. Yes, there are things here which I don't like too. But hey: that's life, isn't it. You can't have everything you want...
  11. 12 points
    One of our projects on taking over the forum was to simplify the forum layout making it easier to post in the right place. We have consulted with the members and discussed among The Team and made the following changes: The Photo Club hasn't been used and has been deleted The "Supporters Only" forum hasn't been used and has been deleted The Circus section, which has been declining for some time is now incorporated into "Off Topic" Living Vans (an important section, but under used) has been incorporated into Fairground Transport Showland in the News has been incorporated into the General Message Forum Personal Announcements/Contact Requests has been incorporated into the General Message Forum The Transport List is now a sub forum of Fairground Transport Vintage Fairground and Projects have been merged and are now in the main category The New Rides/Changes and the Rides List Admin Forum (mainly duplication) have been merged We believe that these changes make the forum index page more compact and easier to navigate Many thanks to those that suggested changes
  12. 11 points
    I find it surprising that the two members who slated this Forum on Social Media are still using ATFOTF ! So what does that tell you if the people who are slagging it off are still using it .I'm at a loss if I had such a problem as they appear to have with ATFOTF I wouldn't be a Member I'd ask to be removed from the Membership. I mean still using and being a Member of something I'd publicly slagged off on Social Media doesn't add a lot to their credibility does it. Of course they could be hoping that The Team ban them so they can take to Social Media to slag us off for banning them for them slagging us off in the first place.
  13. 11 points
    I love this site, i've been a member for years....£5 a year, cheap as chips works out less that 10 pence a week just over 1p a day.....that's a good deal why people are people so upset about this is beyond me, you'd pay that for a burger which would last about 5 mins. Carry on the good work guys you have my vote :-)
  14. 11 points
    I forget how I found AtFotF; must have been a link someone posted somewhere on the internet Since then this forum has gone 'strength to strength' A big thankyou to Bill & now to the team
  15. 9 points
    Can't win can we . Members in the past have stated that the Forum had too many rules and, it wasn't a very friendly place and was run like a dictatorship. We have tried to involve Members in things a lot more since the Team took over and started to change a few things. I for one thought that we were on the right track, I've noticed that photo posts are on the increase which is pleasing. However it appears that whatever we do there is a small number of people who we will never please.
  16. 8 points
    scott mate if your had enough of this forum then please leave i have been a memeber since 2007 and why should some members ruin this forum for the rest this problem needs sorting out i for one do not want to see this forum closed down also said members of this forum should have not gone on facebook and slated the atfotf forum can these members have a gagging order on them for a limited time untilll they realise what they have done if gagging orders do not work them ban said members
  17. 8 points
    Oh close the forum down if you have had enough Scott leave the forum personally i don't want you to leave have you ever thought why Bill gave up after 20 years? Bill Edwards ran this forum for 20 years put his time in ran it at his own expense but now things have changed the forum is run by "The Team" who are doing what they can to do there best they can't please everyone.. Scott please help the forum with any suggestions you have to help with the day to day running of the forum we need to listen to the members what they want & how to run it.. "The Team" do listen a lot of changes have been made.
  18. 7 points
    atfotf is the best site for funfair. nothing else anywhere near. been a member for over 8 years..he,s hopeing for another 8 years atleast. keep up the good work.thanks
  19. 7 points
    yeah ive had enough too, and so did bill, so what do we just give up then? and then what? empty screen and DESPITE what a lot will no doubt tell me different, no funfair stuff on the net, what did you do at school? work? most places really. when confronted by a small minority ( always a tiny minority really isn't it?) of kxxxs, give up, knuckle under, pull the sheets up? no, that's not the brittish way at all is it, no what you do is as follows, 1/ ignore, 2/ shoot down, and if that fails, 3/ make the point more literally🙂
  20. 7 points
    If you click on the top of the page where it say's STAFF you can view a list of Team Members.
  21. 6 points
    The number of forums seems fine to me, but the order of those in the ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR section doesn't seem very logical. For instance, the order suggests that Fairground Transport is more important than Rides. I can see other anomalies too - if Fairground Transport and Transport List are together, then Ride/Show/etc and Ride List should be too. I've got used to the order, but I wonder how new members react.
  22. 6 points
    The intention is to transform ATFOTF into a much friendlier and happier place to be, for all our members, so consequently, these "endless announcements" are inevitable I'm afraid.
  23. 5 points
    I would agree with BigTopManiac I preferred the site when there was a Circus Forum site. There seemed to be more posts relating to the Circus. Well done Team to keep the site running.
  24. 5 points
    I have not said I am not happy with the forum, I said I am fed up with the moaning, bitching, attitude of some members.
  25. 4 points
    On the main page, I have always felt like the Current Fair Reports should be underneath Coming Events. This is because the two are closely linked: One tells you what fairs will be coming soon, the other tells you what fairs are actually on now. I'm going to sound really lazy now, but I always feel as though I have to scroll too far down the page to get to Current Fair Reports
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