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In an effort to manage our photo storage we have introduced a new policy at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/91277-photo-storage-new-policy/



We hope that this will enable us to keep the maximum number of photos for the longest time at the smallest cost.


Please take a look - photo sets which don't comply will be deleted.


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    Since taking over the forum in May, we, as a Team, have had a lot of learning to do with running a forum. We’ve managed fairly well in most areas, however, there’s one area where we have struggled , and that’s the Technical admin and aspect side of things. Rather than struggle to get this aspect right, we approached Bill Edwards to ask if he could possibly help us, and he has kindly offered to assist. Bill is the obvious candidate for the job, as he set it all up originally and understands it better than anyone else. We announce this, as Bill will show as an ‘Admin’ in the forum.
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    I think it should be managed like this: Point 1 - A photo post for a fairground should only have one photo of each attraction (machines, juveniles, inflatables, stalls and kiosks) so if you have a small fair there may be about 10 photos but for a Goose or Hull there will be a lot more. This means that the poster will have to be selective and manage the photos he puts on. I took 600 photos in Neath over last week, only 250 or so made it to Flickr, but if I was restricted then I could condense it down further but I didn't need to. Here it's a different issue. Different for circus so it should be a lot smaller anyway as it's mostly transport. Point 2 - If there is something of interest that warrants miltiple photos such as new artwork, or build up etc then we should be made aware that they are available and can be viewed by request i.e 'here are my photos of Neath, Build up photos are available just send me a message or here is the link to my flickr/facebook page for photos of new waltzer artwork or whatever'. Or have it's own topic with limitations on ammount of photos. Arty photos can be treated this way too. This could lead to more engagement between members. Point 3 Transport photos should have the same management, we do not want all 20 angles of a white Volvo but it's made available if anyone wants it through PM's or external links. Point 4 - All photos to be labelled, again this is management and it would increase viewings of photos from the search function and it would be easily archived. Point 5 - Rides list to have one photo (current), one transport photo (current) and a maximum number of old photos, (only if showing different artwork, name etc). I think it's all about managment, I've seen an increase in photo's being posted but the sheer amount is unnecessary in some cases and if they're not labelled it gets deleted. It may ruffle a few feathers but the onus is on the poster rather than the 'Team' and it would tidy the place up at the same time. Be proud of your pictures don't just post blurry, dark, weird ones because you feel that quantity is better. Oh and just for reference I have 22,500 photos on flickr which is 66gb of storage to give you an idea of what you could get for your 1tb Just my 2p's worth Owain
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    We are extremely grateful for ALL of your photo contributions - they help to keep the forum alive. In an ideal world we would keep every photo posted forever. However, the reality is that storage has to be paid for and we have to manage our storage so that we can keep the maximum number of photos for the longest time at the smallest cost. When we canvassed forum members some time ago, there was considerable (but not universal) support for smaller, more compact photo sets. We've also asked members for their suggestions as to how we manage our storage. The Team has decided that, for an experimental period of six months all photo collections posted to the forum MUST comply with the following: Photos will mainly be rides, stalls, juveniles, lorries etc. These photos will be taken properly framed, square on with no special effects other than normal editing. They should be in focus, adequately lit and without duplication. Any photo not fitting the above will be deemed an "Extra" photo. "Extra" photos should be kept to a minimum (we don't intend to count the photos and work out percentages, but it has been suggested that "Extra" photos make up no more than 10% of your post). In exceptional circumstances the maximum number of "Extra" photos may be exceeded, but this must be truly exceptional. What constitutes "exceptional" will be at the discretion of the Team. Any photo sets that don't comply with the above policy will be deleted, the poster informed and invited to resubmit. We believe that this policy will go some way towards allowing us to make the best use of our storage and we will keep an eye on our storage usage and fully review the policy after six months. We thank you for your cooperation. The Team
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    This private group of individuals is not a publicly funded organisation, the Team doesn't have to be fair, democratic, open or transparent, I cannot understand why you have not simply got rid of the keyboard warriors months ago.
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    Welcome back Bill, and Thank you for your offer of help 👍
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    Personally, I don't mind paying, as I just have, to help support the forum. I'm not here very often but I'd be lost if I logged on one day to find that the site had gone. Maybe make the photo category available to paying members only too? Afterall, Not much thats worth having in life is free. Keep up the awesome work. 😁
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    Yes, I couldn't agree more. I don't understand why we indulge members who can't keep to a simple set of rules about posting photos. It's a fact that this topic will be repeated some time in the future and those people are just helping to make that happen sooner. I regard it as a privilege to display photos here and see no reason why their posts can't be pruned. If they can't be bothered to do it themselves, they have no grounds for complaint if someone does it for them.
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    I personally think you don’t need to post more than one photo per ride in the phot section. A good clean photo with the whole ride in. If you require more photos of a certain ride, the rides listing can/should provide the info you need. In my eyes any more than 2 photos of the same ride can make the photo album boring and you tend to scroll passed other stuff.
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    We are NOT going to publish our accounts and that matter is now closed.
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    or has my mother told me when i was a child if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all
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    Thank you Owain, you have hit the nail bang on for me, it's about managing your photo sets and thinking do I really need post all of my memory card and using captions goes along way to making a set more informative, I understand some members may not know all the attractions but leave a question mark and someone will help.
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    Welcome back Bill and great to know that your wealth of knowledge will still provide support to the forum. Great news!
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    Recently a Member made comments that he thought the Team had something to hide by not publishing the Forum accounts for Members to view. The Member was asked to either elaborate further on his comments and provide evidence to back up his comments, which were borderline libel, or remove the comments and apologise for making these comments. After 72 hours the Member had still not responded to our request yet had been online and made posts during this time. We, the Team, took the decision to remove this Member from ATFOTF. If the Member had apologised then the outcome could of been different.
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    Cardiff City Winter Wonderland City Hall Lawns 15 November - 6 January.Lessee Sayers Amusements.
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    Town Centre Lessee: Bob Wilson's Funfairs
  17. 4 points
    Lessee: Marshall Nichols The second street fair in the town centre
  18. 4 points
    Halloween, Bonfire & Firework Spectacular Last Drop Village Bromley Cross Bolton BL7 9PZ Sunday October 28th North West Funfairs
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    Bonfire & Firework Display Haslingden Cricket Club Private Lane Haslingden BB4 6LX Saturday November 3rd Cubbins Funfairs
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    Bonfire & Firework Spectacular Walmer Bridge Village Hall Gill Lane Walmer Bridge nr. Preston PR4 5GN Saturday October 27th
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    Blackburn Bonfire & Firework Display Witton Country Park Preston Old Road Blackburn BB2 2TP Saturday November 3rd Lessee Michael Mulhearn
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    Leyland Bonfire & Firework Display Worden Park Leyland PR25 2DJ Monday November 5th SJ Cubbins Funfairs
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    Great news thank you 👍
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    OK we are getting no ware fast here, so can we please get back to the topic in hand , it is a fact that the Forum has limited funds so 1 of 3 things is going to happen, as stated doing nothing is not an option, so please if you have any sensible workable suggestions please speak up, it will be no good you moaning after the event 1 we need to raise funds to allow the ever increasing amount of photos we store HOW ?? Encourage more supporters (Difficult) ?? Increase Supporters Contributions (unfair) ?? Have paid adverts, i don't believe we have enough traffic to make this pay ?? Lets assume we cant raise more funds, that mean storage of photo will have to suffer 2 we will have to restrict the amount of photos we can hold on the forum we cant just keep adding photos as it cost more and more each month !! We Could By reducing the number of photos we allow members to post - do we allow supporters to post more than non supporters ?? Do we cap the total photos to each post ?? / Do we Stop Arti Farti / Angled photos and go back to the strict days Do we shut down photo forums Like off topic / Circus / International ?? Do we cut back on duplicate photos in the ride listing, we have duplicates in the ride listing so they can have likes attached ?? Do we have to have multiple shots of Art work attached to ride listings ?? when its clearly on show in the full ride shot ?? Do we go back to the smaller photos on the forum to save money (was it 600 x 400) cant remember ?? 3 We Don,t raise more funds, we Don't control photo storage then we Cant pay the bills, then you go to log on and it will be GONE
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    I'm glad you've said that Adam - hopefully a few more members will echo your thoughts. We look forward to receiving your subscription http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/subscriptions/
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