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Please check the Help / Announcements Forum regularly for YOUR input on new rules, suggestions, news, where you, The Members can give us input especially while we are going through change to make your experience of the site better!


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    With immediate effect the confusing rule about ‘Full’ and ‘Compact’ photo albums has been withdrawn. Members may post photo topics in the relevant forum without having to worry about tags, type or quality of photos or using separate forums. At present the other restrictions still apply - The photos must be a maximum of 800x600 and hosted on site. We would like to remind members that captions on photo topics are not compulsory, but have been shown to be more popular with members than those without. They’re also more useful in that the photos can be found using the sites search facility. We hope this makes it easier and simpler for members to post photos. Regards The Team
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    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time” (Poet John Lydgate as made famous by Abraham Lincoln). Press on regardless, guys. You should be praised for taking on this thankless task.
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    Can't win can we . Members in the past have stated that the Forum had too many rules and, it wasn't a very friendly place and was run like a dictatorship. We have tried to involve Members in things a lot more since the Team took over and started to change a few things. I for one thought that we were on the right track, I've noticed that photo posts are on the increase which is pleasing. However it appears that whatever we do there is a small number of people who we will never please.
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    One of our projects on taking over the forum was to simplify the forum layout making it easier to post in the right place. We have consulted with the members and discussed among The Team and made the following changes: The Photo Club hasn't been used and has been deleted The "Supporters Only" forum hasn't been used and has been deleted The Circus section, which has been declining for some time is now incorporated into "Off Topic" Living Vans (an important section, but under used) has been incorporated into Fairground Transport Showland in the News has been incorporated into the General Message Forum Personal Announcements/Contact Requests has been incorporated into the General Message Forum The Transport List is now a sub forum of Fairground Transport Vintage Fairground and Projects have been merged and are now in the main category The New Rides/Changes and the Rides List Admin Forum (mainly duplication) have been merged We believe that these changes make the forum index page more compact and easier to navigate Many thanks to those that suggested changes
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    The number of forums seems fine to me, but the order of those in the ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR section doesn't seem very logical. For instance, the order suggests that Fairground Transport is more important than Rides. I can see other anomalies too - if Fairground Transport and Transport List are together, then Ride/Show/etc and Ride List should be too. I've got used to the order, but I wonder how new members react.
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    If you click on the top of the page where it say's STAFF you can view a list of Team Members.
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    The intention is to transform ATFOTF into a much friendlier and happier place to be, for all our members, so consequently, these "endless announcements" are inevitable I'm afraid.
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    Regarding the rules ,I am sure they have got a lot stricter over the last 2 years over what I consider very petty things. The main rules regarding Accidents and naming showmen are all sensible and protect the site from legal action, my issue is with what I consider to be rules for the sake of rules, and feel the amount of rules on here are just crazy for the sake of rules. I have posted many comments on here previously all innocent never saying any thing bad about a showmen only to find a moderator has removed it ,when that happens a lot it is really annoying.One item that really sticks out and annoys me and I think highlights how petty these rules are ,2 years ago their was a report I think of a showmen's waltzer on the car park opposite Fantasy island ,that year their was a reverse Bungee ride next to it ,and I asked whose ride was it as I had never seen such a ride take so much money .I don't think their was any thing wrong with that but the moderators did. I have had several instances like that only over the last 2 years ,so now their is no point in contributing anything as it will be removed ! I would like to know how thick the rule book is ,I imagine at least the size of a phone book ,whilst you need some rules ,the amount of rules on this site are way to excessive.Bill did a brilliant job on setting up this site ,but the rules now need bringing back to a sensible level that most can understand. If their is a question about something on a fair report why can you not ask it after the fair report not have to start a new thread .
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    Excellent service thank you
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    @Wood1 Thanks for your response. The whole reason for us asking for the members views is to re-do the rules 😊 Don't forget, the only reason the existing rules are so in-depth is due to problems that have been encountered over the years. Hence our request to you all to tell us what needs changing, altering, re-wording, deleting, editing . This is already under discussion by The Team 😉
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    Please see https://www.out-law.com/page-9742 (The sub judice rule and contempt of court) It's a mine field, newspapers with their unlimited budgets and armies of lawyers get it wrong occasionally. What hope has an enthusiast web site got? Also, in all my years on Fairgrounds, I've NEVER spoken to a Showman who supports an enthusiast forum discussing accidents. I think the forum and individual members would lose a lot of support from Showmen if this rule were dropped. On a general note, I don't know how things work in Holland, but in the UK enthusiasts usually visit fairs in their local area and will often, over time, develop an on-going relationship with local Showmen. As a result of this process I have several Showmen I consider to be friends and will, from time to time, get a phone call asking if I can help out. If the forum were to report accidents, be critical, encourage detrimental posts I'm sure my relationship with those Showmen would be strained or even break down. That is something I personally don't want to happen.
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    Thanks for the speedy response; very impressive. While this is being fixed can the irritating scrolling message at the top of the screen also be removed. I know it can be halted but restarts every time a new forum is selected. I usually understand an instruction when I have read it once or twice but to be constantly reminded is something I and I suspect everyone else can manage without.
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    Hi Eddie It's not you, it disappeared with the latest software update. We are looking into it. Please bear with us for a day or two.
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    A better division between Modern & Vintage would be nice. A vintage transport section, and moving the Living wagon page into the main bit. The circus forum does have a walking dead feel to it as well.
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    Your New 'All the Fun Of The Fair' Team have been re-organised to help make administration of the site run better. As a Member, you can contact anyone of them with any issues or problems you may want resolving. Regards The Team
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    We still want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the site for you. We're getting close to finalising things, but it's not too late for you to participate.
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    I have no objections to the current rules. I don't personally see how reporting the very occasional mishap (as is life) is beneficial to Showmen, their staff, or us as fans of the industry.
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    In regards to accidents I think it would be unwise to discuss the actual accident but I don't think it's a bad thing that we discuss what happens afterwards. For example, with the accident in USA regarding the KMG Afterburners, I can't see what the problem is in discussing KMG's reaction, effect on rides currently travelling in the UK and which ones, progress and changes in safety aspects etc. But in terms of deaths/injuries, faults (mechanical or human) and investigations I think it would be best to leave that alone as it could cause a lot of unwanted tension and ill feeling. I don't want to walk onto a ground and be challenged by a showman due to a comment I made on here and I hope other enthusiasts feel the same. It may be different abroad, but I feel that the UK scene is alot closer and we tend to see members of the same showfamilies on numerous grounds during the season and they familiarise with some enthusiasts. The newspapers and other media are far too ready to place blame and to raise the same old rubbish about ride safety without enthusiasts stoking the very same flames. So if the rule about accidents is to be tweaked it would need to be closely monitored and carefully worded to eliminate any potential blurred lines between can say and cannot say
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    To be fair, much as I think there are some rules worth looking at, this isn't one of them. I've never noted a discussion on any form of social media, either by showmen or a enthusiasts on the subject and such things are usually fairly private. It is indeed legal to announce an accident has happened, and to give the facts. The problem is that it is very easy to stray from fact to opinion and then the trouble starts. Things can also not be discussed during a trial which would mean threads needing to be removed. A hornets nest is ever there was one. Thankfully there are very few serious accidents on the UK fairground scene. I seem to recall hearing David Wallis (then Senior Vice President of the Guild) discussing safety at the Eastern Section AGM, he said that statistically speaking fairs are the safest passenger carrying industry around.
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    dear Adam, no one has , to my knowledge said anything offensive or rude or asked anything unreasonable, or as you rightly say they would have been removed, that's the purpose of the rules and the reason we have them, and therefore the number we have, as was also brought up elswhere to the best of my knowledge ( and the way I intended it) the term " fag packet maths" merely means a rough calculation without empirically defined and proven data to arrive at something not possible to properly calculate but the answer would be pretty fair assessment , so the fag packet bit typifies this pencilled rough method, and no lack of courtesy should be inferred, the fact that bill amongst a lot of others who have voiced support for payment gave various approval marks at the post baseline surely backs this up, in fact, far from being a lack of courtesy it should be taken as the opposite since I made an effort to answer the question lots are asking and no one is answering, I have not said you are responsible, I do not believe you are responsible ,,but if you read bills reasons why he got to the point of shutting the forum no discussion bang that's it ive had enough style, after how many decades I cant see any other answer than that our dutch friend had a pretty large speaking part in it, lets just take a step back and consider, IF my fag packet scribbling was even near, then bill has carried this site for goodness knows how much, so to hear/read someone asking for all sorts of figures and what have you , I mean how else could one take it? whats important to consider, is, these are just bare words, no tone, facial expression, body language and millions of years of learned behaviour we don't even know we have, look, surely you've seen workmates really swearing in angry downright nasty tones to each other, and then it turns out one cracks a smile and then other does too and its all just like dogs play fighting, but if you typed it out and read it and didn't know them or see it,,,,,,,,? as it happens I HAVE COME TO COMPLETLY AGGREE WITH YOU AND PETER, not over £5 for the rides list which I confess i see as no problem but, the issue of the payment ( any amount ) to view and post, the forum has in the last few years suffered less and less content added and I think any payment other than solely rides list could/would make this worse, I agree it is a principle but rather I suggest the principle is one of go on net ,don't pay anything, ( isp excepted) I strongly believe we should have say 3 months or whatever of adverts or whatever is practical a time in order to keep the forum free on the vast majority of areas, I rarely see any adverts or at least intrusive ones anywhere outside of say online newspapers, Wikipedia is my go to wise friend for example and cannot say I ever see them, except once a flood they have a masthead whip round one, so I say, instead of a lot of us saying we don't mind paying and sort of prevailing by numbers and others unhappy ,why not at least try adverts, keep it free, help keep the numbers up, posts up, and surely not hanker after some perceived ( smaller more intimate ) "forum" that I can neither remember or would in any way cut off people who after all share our passions, sorry for the length of post😉
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    I really wont be suprised if this post or me gets deleted but im having my 2p worth of say I have been a member of atfotf since i first saw it back in the 90s when me and daniel traylen were at morden and went on the collage computors and that must have been around 94 but I dont come on here very often now as ive got to much going on but ive noticed that in the last few years this forum has gone downhill The people now running it use "the team" and not there own name and to me the forum is very clicky esp with a few of the mods And if a mod dont like a post they delete it and wont answer when you ask why it was deleted A certain mod member or the team or whatevet you want to be called is always going on about wanting members to subscribe and they do seem very very pushy which to be honest gets right on my wick I can see this forum closing down as you want new members to pay to look at it which to me is just stupid thats like saying if u want to go in asda to look around you have to pay to enter Why can someone have a banner on here for a poxy £20 a year why not make that per month as i bet they make a damn sight more than £20 a year off this forum People have moaned because they want to drive 1000s of miles per year to do reports or take pics and dont get many thumbs up or thanks but that up to you if you wanna drive miles A certain member who i have met once or twice years ago and who i do have a lot of respect for drives up and down the country taking pics and puts them on his own site and i have not once seen him moan once about the cost I dont know why bill has left and handed the forumhe built up from nothing but i do have my suspicions 1 simple question for "the team" how much does it cost to host the forum per month ???
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    A point which has popped into my head today is the sites mission statement that was implmented some time ago. Does this still exist? It was along the lines of "To promote the industry and foster good relations between enthusiasts and showmen". Is it a good time to revisit this and add in anything to set out a clear direction that we wish to take the forum going forwards? When I read a comment on one thread about getting the forum back to its heyday this was something I feel is a great ambition and I believe can be done. I feel the site just needs a clear strategy going forward on how we retain the great pool of members already here and indeed attract newcomers including the next generation of enthusiasts. As I have mentioned previously not all of us are into Facebook and I believe this site has a lot to offer which is unique. It would be great to get the traffic of contributors back to where it once was including of course those in the fairground business. Whilst people may wish to use Facebook we need to ensure that they don't put all their eggs in one basket.
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    I would imagine the vast majority understand and are happy to give you the time, ill leave it to everyone to ponder who if any, don't seem to consider your position at all😉
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    How about an end to endless announcements by the team
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