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Bill Edwards

Non-Contributory Replies "Thanks"

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Bill Edwards    12,182
Bill Edwards

Dear All


I understand that we all like to be appreciated and it's nice if we contribute to the forum with information or photos and we get positive feedback.


It is also frustrating to revisit a topic to view a new post only to find that it doesn't actually add to the topic and just says "thanks" or "good pics".


The "Like/Thanks" button is perfectly adequate to show your appreciation, it also adds to the reputation of the poster and when a topic is liked sufficiently it shows as "Popular".


Forum rules state: 14 ) The posting of 'non-contributory' replies is discouraged. This is any post that does not further or help the topic. Please click "Like/Thanks" if you just want to say "Thank you" - it increases the like count of the member without clogging up the thread with short, meaningless replies.


What is particularly frustrating from my point of view is when a member replies with "Thanks" but DOESN'T click "Like / Thanks" button :(


It would be appreciated if you could bear the above in mind when replying.


Many thanks





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