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  2. W H Clark Twist

  3. W. Crow's New Ride

  4. W. Crow's New Ride

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  10. W119SNN Tom Smith

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  14. W173CVY David Rogers

  15. W188GSE Greg Wallis

  16. W201ABD JG Leisure

  17. W244JBU James Cook

  18. W264PRM Ryan McCole

  19. W265PRM Abie Danter Snr.

  20. W282PRM Anderton & Rowland (George DeVey Jnr.)

  21. W2SWM John Searle Jnr.

  22. W301FUG Robert Wheatley

  23. W304RNN Billy Peel

  24. W351RWP Henry Studt