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  3. Swingboat

    Spinning Centre Table

    9 ft spinning table for hoopla. No tabletop. Collection form Hertford. Offers.
  4. Moonraker

    • Moonraker
    • Chris Russell

    Many happy returns. Thank you for continuing to publish your photos, they really do capture a bygone era.

  5. Swingboat

    Round Stall For Sale

    There are some pictures on a previous advert. That pricewas then !! If you want more info let me know. Swingboat, November 16, 2017 in Funfair/Circus Adverts
  6. Colin Rowe

    • Colin Rowe
    • Sven

    All the best Sven enjoy your day

  7. David stilgoe

    Round Stall For Sale

    Morning yes I may be interested in having a look at the stall if there is any chance David
  8. Swingboat

    Round Stall For Sale

    This one has been sold but I do know of a marklands for sale but need doing up.
  9. David stilgoe

    Round Stall For Sale

    Hi do you still have the hoopla stall for sale regards David
  10. James Cox

    Paid Event For Gallopers

    Paid event for gallopers May Day 07899797073
  11. *** ONE LAST PUSH BEFORE WE RESORT TO FABRICATION *** We are still looking relentlessly, more spec below.. 10ft diameter or just over, ideally 12 arms 12 sides, folding, robust (not a garden/domestic umbrella) Tilt and shaft size are not critical details again and can be worked around. Please spread the word, ask your showland friends, look in the corner of workshops and yards.. Things sometimes turn up in the least expected places. Cash waiting! All help massively appreciated.
  12. J.Buchwald

    • J.Buchwald
    • Tim Holmes

    Great coverage as usual Tim.Thanks

  13. Anthony Davidson

    • Anthony Davidson
    • Mark Hargreaves

    happy birthday mark! the big 50 eh eh

  14. Frank Church

    • Frank Church
    • J.Buchwald

    Happy birthday, hope you are having a great day

  15. Andy Andrews

    • Andy Andrews
    • Craig Cooper

    A massive thank you Craig for providing these pics, very much appreciated.


  16. Andy Andrews

    Sold! Swivelling Duck Roll Down Board Game

    This has now been sold to a fellow collector.
  17. Andy Andrews

    Sold! Swivelling Duck Roll Down Board Game

    I have now reduced my asking price to £785 Ono .
  18. As per my topic in the Projects section I have for sale one totally restored, and fully operational, swivelling duck roll down board game. This one is restored to the same standard as the one I have detailed previously. These boards have attracted so much attention from those who have seen them and are great for family entertainment, parties etc. I have left the red sash around the neck blank in order that , subject to receiving a satisfactory offer, I will paint any short name in the sash as requested at no extra cost. In addition, I will include, at no extra cost, a spare cabinet, roll down board and turntable. All that is required to assemble another game is another duck or clown etc. Strictly collection only from a Hampshire address although, subject to a satisfactory offer, I will deliver it to a location within an 80 mile radius of Romsey Hampshire. Given the work involved, and it's restored condition, I am asking £875 ono . For further information please feel free to contact me. Andy
  19. Hellenah Kirkland

    110V Bulbs

    How much are you looking for?
  20. I currently have the following items for sale on eBay. All lots finish next Sunday evening. Rare Orton & Spooner dragon chariot - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563846613 Orton & Spooner Horse "Galatea" from Corrigans/Bibbys Kentucky Derby Ark - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563771164 Lakin Horse (from Traylens Ben Hur) - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563747752 Original Maxwell Waltzer handrail, from A&R's Waltzer - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563867315 Ceiling panel from juvenile toyset, Fred Fowle decor - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563785071 Triang Major pedal tractor from juvenile toyset - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163563779541 For full descriptions and more photos click on the eBay links for each lot. More lots will be available in the coming weeks, so keep an eye open. Many thanks for looking.
  21. Kirmes Revue magazine - mint quality editions of the premier German fairground and amusement park magazine. The magazine was originally in German, and I have indicated where I have translation supplements. There are lots of detailed machine history articles in the early issues. 10 issues from 3/98 to 12/98 - German edition, no tran. Full year for 2001 - 10 issues as there are 2 double months - German with translation supplements. 2002 - single issue number 58 (with translation) 2003 - single issue number 68 (no translation) 2004 - 3 issues as follows - number 78 (no translation), 85, 86 (with translation) 2005 - single issue number 98 (no translation) 2008 - 7 issues all in English 2014 - single issue So that is 34 issues. Will accept £50. Too heavy to post, so buyer to collect, or I can possibly bring to Stamford mode show.
  22. Swingboat

    240v 25W Bulbs

    New mostly boxed bulbs 100 clear and 97 red. Sensible offers please. Collection from Hertford.
  23. Swingboat

    110V Bulbs

    I have around 500 110v 25 W bulbs , 320 110v bulb holders and 1 roll of flat cable for the holders. Sensible offers please. Collection form Hertford
  24. Swingboat

    Hand Turned Wheel

    Hand turned wheel for sale . Must go, sensible offers please
  25. Simon

    • Simon
    • Andy Lovell

    Andy, we met at Leed's Baby Valentines do, last week and we're discussing the LEDs on the front. In addition to the flashing led in series, we talked about your use of (what looked like) small 1/2p sized switches that were mounted behind panel and switched between one circuit and the other. What are they? Do you know if they are still available?


  26. Ian Cant

    World’s Fairs

    I’m selling my World’s Fairs. Currently I have a random selection between 1997-2002. Most are in good condition. Odd creases etc on a few. Been stored flat in a box since purchase. This is the first box I’ve found. There will probably be more! lol. Open to offers.
  27. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Kevin Smith

    hi are you going the valentines fun fair at the ajbell staduim in manchester its the largest fun fair


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