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  2. 57Smart

    Fairground Magazines - Now Sold

    Now sold, many thanks for looking
  3. Over 195 fairground mercury and platform magazines, buyer to collect £20.
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  5. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted Falgas Train

    Hi Marshall, Brett Turner has his Ital Resina train ride for sale if any good for you!!! Contact Brett on 07974 433951
  6. Roger England

    Corgi Gallopers

    Brand new and unopened Corgi Gallopers, £145 inc post and packing.
  7. Marshall Hill

    Wanted Falgas Train

    Wanted Falgas train or similar. Anything considered but must have paperwork. Marshall Hill 07720 636501
  8. Bill Edwards

    Forum Subscriptions

    If anyone is having difficulty in subscribing or is unsure of the process, please drop me a Personal Message indicating how you would like to pay and I will do it from my end. Payment choices are: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque. Your continued support is much appreciated! Regards Bill
  9. Kevin Smith

    • Kevin Smith
    • Charles Porter

    With Crash Zone being sold, are you still keeping the Set of Betazzon cars, when do you hope to get the new track.

  10. harry m

    Coming Events

    Just a polite reminder, Given the effect the various lockdowns have had on Showmen this year, if you see a poster for a fair, could you upload it please. Given the little/lack of financial support the Government have offered to the industry, anything we can do to advertise fairs is a must at the moment. I accept it's a quiet time of year for the business anyway ( in normal times), so anything the forum can do to help promote it is important. Thanks in advance harry m
  11. Craig Cooper

    • Craig Cooper
    • harry m


    The last post i put on the Fairground Art,Bert Stocks Ark Front,the photo's decided to be upside down.I checked on my conputer file & they were the right was up at the time.Any idea's what caused this.

    Craig Cooper.

    1. harry m

      harry m



      You have a private message


      harry m

  12. Peter Mackett

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Gone to a new home, thanks to those who got in touch.
  13. Ian Cant

    World’s Fairs

    Sorry Adam, only just seen your reply. Sorry no, I sold them last year.
  14. Marshall Hill

    Crazy Bus Type Ride Wanted

    Wanted crazy bus type of Miami ride. Anything considered thou preferablely Zamperla. Marshall Hill 07720 636501
  15. Peter Mackett

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but after months of wanting rid of these someone else came and collected them today, thanks for your interest anyway and please accept my apologies as i didn't know this would happen and he could collect straight away.
  16. Adam Russell

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Hi Peter, Brilliant I can look into organising a courier. Can you message me your postcode/address? Is there a day/time best for collection?
  17. Peter Mackett

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Hi, Adam, If you can arrange to have them collected at your own expense then you can have them for free, i just want them gone and was even considering dumping them so let me know if you want to go ahead and we can go from there, thanks for replying.
  18. Adam Russell

    World’s Fairs

    Hi Ian, are these still available?
  19. Adam Russell

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Hi Peter, I'd be interested in the newspapers if still available? Although unable to collect but could possibly arrange a courier or pay for postage if your able to send them through the post?
  20. Dear All We, The Team, would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those members who have supported the forum financially in the past year. We know that it has been a difficult year for many, but without YOUR support we could not finance the hosting and storage costs and the forum would close. That we've had sufficient donations to keep the forum running is very much appreciated, so THANK YOU! On 1st October 2019, we lowered the minimum donation to £2.00 per year - less than 4 PENCE a week - we gambled that the lower minimum donation would lead to more donations. A s
  21. Marshall Hill

    S & S Frog Hopper Sold!

  22. Marshall Hill

    Marshall Hill

    Now sold

  23. Marshall Hill

    S & S Frog Hopper Sold!

    For sale to make way for new attraction , S&S frog hopper with brand new ADIPS . Very cheap !! Marshall Hill 07720 636501
  24. Bill Edwards

    Coming Events

    Did you know that you can click the "Sort by" dropdown and sort the list of posters by different criteria? I found it useful to list alphabetically when looking for a specific event. Did you know that when uploading a poster you can single click any poster and add a caption? I use the place name as it's more useful than the default which uses the image name (and if it's come from Facebook is usually something unintelligible ) Did you know that all members can comment on a poster? Useful if you have additional information, want to ask a question etc. Please
  25. The Team

    Coming Events

    As the new 'Coming Events Posters' forum seems to be working quite well, can we ask you to use the 'Report' button if you see a Poster for an Event that's recently been cancelled please ? The Report feature is found by clicking on the 3 small dots ( top right corner) of each post. Likewise with the 'Coming events' forum as well please ?. We are trying to keep up to date with deleting any cancelled events and events that have already passed, but some will slip through the net unfortunately. If you have any difficulties, just pm a Team member. Thanks T
  26. For sale i have a large amount of surplus models, all brand new but buyers to collect, in Weymouth,Dorset. 1/ Whiteleggs box trailer x9 £8.50 each 2/ Harris Matador x3 £8.00 each 3/ Silcock Pioneer x3 £10.00 each 4/ Whitelegg Pioneer x3 £10.00 5/ Thurston Diamond T x1 £11.00 6/ Thurston flat bed trailer x2 £10.00 each 7/ A & R Scammell showtrac, blue, x4 £9.00 each 8/ A & R Scammell showtrac, red, x2 £9.00 each 9/ Whitelegg Showtrac x2 £9.00 each 10/ Hibble & Mellors Showtrac x1 £9.00 11/ Betram Mills box trailer x1 £8.5
  27. Chris Russell

    Coming Events

    Thanks Bill.
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