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  2. James Barber

    Ex Charles Farrell Big Wheel Panel For Sale

    This used to attend my local Nottinghamshire fair in the 1980s.
  3. As featured, with many detailed feedbacks, in my post in the Vintage Projects forum last year this panel is now for sale. Fully restored and rewired complete with bulbs. Available for collection only from an address in Hampshire. £300. I also have numerous gagboards and assorted panels for sale, both restored and unrestored. Andy 07870 390066
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  5. harry m

    Coming Events

    A BIG 'Thank You' to everyone whose uploaded coming events posters. It's fantastic to see so many events listed now we seem to be 'easing?' Out of lockdown. Keep up the good work as it can only help Showmen who've had a very difficult 12-14 months. Regards harry m
  6. All eight of our popular fairground modelling pamphlets. Delivered to your door . Save (over 10%) over buying them individually. £22.50 plus postage. https://www.dinglesfhc.co.uk/product/fairground-modelling-volume-1-8-set/ But if you do want them individually, they are all available individually in the shop.
  7. Published in 2021 this is the first of three editions that focus on Fairground Models based on modelling systems. This edition (16 pages) focuses on models built from Lego and features articles on four contemporary modellers who have taken LEGO and built prototypes using the LEGO system and some have gone onto supply plans and share their creations with other modellers A MUST FOR ANY FAIRGROUND MODELLING ENTHUSIAST! £3.15 plus postage. https://www.dinglesfhc.co.uk/product/fairground-modelling-volume-8/
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  9. Martyn Lancaster

    • Martyn Lancaster
    • Lee Harwood

    Hi Lee what location are James harris mate?

  10. Andrew Turner

    7.5 Ton

    7.5 ton daf 45/160 20 box 1 ton tail lift 159900 miles 2012 white £6000 Tel 07736625657
  11. Marshall Hill

    Wanted: Carousel

    Hi and thanks for details, unfortunately I need something a bit bigger .
  12. Paul Leggett

    Wanted: Carousel

    For sale available now
  13. Marshall Hill

    Wanted: Carousel

    Wanted modern type carousel must be in good condition and available now. Marshall Hill 07720 636501
  14. Chris Russell

    • Chris Russell
    • Paul McHaddan

    Hope you're having a great day Paul. All the best from the Westcountry!

  15. Adam Brown

    New Book

    New book offer from the FHT. 'The Great Days of the Pleasure Fair', together with 5 postcards of the newly erected Edwards Brooklands Speedway available to preorder as a supporters back for the price of £10 inc delivery. Please support the FHT all funds raised will go directly to conservation and restoration work. https://www.dinglesfhc.co.uk/product/2021-supporter-pack-1/
  16. Hopefully sorted now, thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.
  17. Shaun Martin

    Website Set Up By The Late Dave Belton

    Just sent you another pm
  18. You need to speak to whoever hosts the website. The showman will be paying them to host it, so it should be easy enough to find out who the site host is. Explain to the website host that Dave Belton has passed, and ask them if they can reset the username and password so the Showman can access and administer it himself. Once he has the details, he can give them to whoever he wants to administer it for him. You can also search on a domain name to see who hosts it.
  19. A showman i know has a website that was set up by the late Dave Belton. He is now trying to update his page but it is locked by Dave Belton. Does anyone know how this can be over come?
  20. 57Smart

    Oxford Showtime For Sale

    All sold, many thanks
  21. Paul Leggett

    For Sale: Toyset

    Continental toyset. Year 2016. Tri axel. & pay box. very good condition. Only for sale as loss of position has forced this. Full walling cover for when not in use. all paperwork in place and can be Adips tested. For new owners no time wasters please Ring Paul 07796678788
  22. 57Smart

    Oxford Showtime For Sale

    Just a few left, if interested please feel free to get in touch, callers only I’m afraid.
  23. Simon Deery

    Wanted: Various World's Fair Reports

    Hi Chris I am guessing you would want to sell them all as a complete lot as opposed to splitting them? Hi Chris I am guessing you would rather sell these as a lot as opposed to splitting them? Many thanks
  24. Chris Partridge

    Wanted: Various World's Fair Reports

    i have for sale worlds fairs from about 1988
  25. This is a bit of a big ask but hopefully somebody may be able to help. I am trying to finalise some notes and research on the summer fairs that attended King's Park, Bournemouth in the years 1995, 96, 98 and 99. I have notes detailing all the large rides that were present but I am trying to find out if there were any World's Fair reports for those years as these would provide more detail and possibly answer a couple of queries I have. I cannot be sure if there were any reports for the years mentioned but I do have a report from 1997 so hopefully there were. The reports would ha
  26. Ryan K Spencer

    Need Help With My Subscription

    Hi bill. Can you message me how to pay bank transfer/cash please..
  27. Stephen Harris

    • Stephen Harris
    • Zed Lawrence

    Sending best wishes on your birthday Zed. I still remember our first meeting at Hertford all those years ago when you were operating the Yachts and Jets and you were driving the Foden S21.   

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