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  2. Wanted front bogie wheels for Supercar train. Marshall Hill 07720636501
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  4. Badger Drew

    Fairground Books On Ebay - Sold

  5. Bill Edwards

    New Member

    New members sign up using the sign up link. They then need to verify they are genuine - this can be done by a forum member knowing them. As you know Gaynor, I have activated her forum account.
  6. Bill Edwards

    Need Help With My Subscription

    Log into your PayPal account and send £2 to bill@fun-fairs.co.uk and I will do the rest.
  7. BigtopManiac

    Forum Subscriptions

    Have renewed my subscription.
  8. Erdogan Tongelci

    Erdogan Tongelci

    for sale


  9. Erdogan Tongelci

    Amusement Rides For Sale

    Amusement Rides Dear We have one brucomela new, ready in the ware house. Also we have trailermodel loop fighter (used 3 years) in our park
  10. Marshall Hill

    Wanted Falgas Train

    Now bourght a train, thanks for several people getting in contact. We are turning an old arcade into a dark ride and a train with carriages is perfect for the job.
  11. all the booklets are good
  12. 57Smart

    Fairground Magazines - Now Sold

    Now sold, many thanks for looking
  13. Roger England

    Corgi Gallopers

    Brand new and unopened Corgi Gallopers, £145 inc post and packing.
  14. Kevin Smith

    • Kevin Smith
    • Charles Porter

    With Crash Zone being sold, are you still keeping the Set of Betazzon cars, when do you hope to get the new track.

  15. harry m

    Coming Events

    Just a polite reminder, Given the effect the various lockdowns have had on Showmen this year, if you see a poster for a fair, could you upload it please. Given the little/lack of financial support the Government have offered to the industry, anything we can do to advertise fairs is a must at the moment. I accept it's a quiet time of year for the business anyway ( in normal times), so anything the forum can do to help promote it is important. Thanks in advance harry m
  16. Craig Cooper

    • Craig Cooper
    • harry m


    The last post i put on the Fairground Art,Bert Stocks Ark Front,the photo's decided to be upside down.I checked on my conputer file & they were the right was up at the time.Any idea's what caused this.

    Craig Cooper.

    1. harry m

      harry m



      You have a private message


      harry m

  17. Peter Mackett

    World's Fair Newspapers 2004 - 2019

    Gone to a new home, thanks to those who got in touch.
  18. Ian Cant

    World’s Fairs

    Sorry Adam, only just seen your reply. Sorry no, I sold them last year.
  19. Marshall Hill

    Crazy Bus Type Ride Wanted

    Wanted crazy bus type of Miami ride. Anything considered thou preferablely Zamperla. Marshall Hill 07720 636501
  20. Marshall Hill

    S & S Frog Hopper Sold!

  21. Marshall Hill

    Marshall Hill

    Now sold

  22. For sale i have a large amount of surplus models, all brand new but buyers to collect, in Weymouth,Dorset. 1/ Whiteleggs box trailer x9 £8.50 each 2/ Harris Matador x3 £8.00 each 3/ Silcock Pioneer x3 £10.00 each 4/ Whitelegg Pioneer x3 £10.00 5/ Thurston Diamond T x1 £11.00 6/ Thurston flat bed trailer x2 £10.00 each 7/ A & R Scammell showtrac, blue, x4 £9.00 each 8/ A & R Scammell showtrac, red, x2 £9.00 each 9/ Whitelegg Showtrac x2 £9.00 each 10/ Hibble & Mellors Showtrac x1 £9.00 11/ Betram Mills box trailer x1 £8.5
  23. Neil Fogg

    Rides list.

    All sorted now thanks, subs paid. Same email address. Message storage was full. Cheers all.
  24. harry m

    Test entry DO NOT remove

    DO NOT remove. test entry for admin purposes harry m
  25. Dizzy Gosnell

    Software Upgrade

    Must be working Bill, I can see them all the way the smokey West Coast of the USA.
  26. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Andy H

    Hi Andy do you know who is the lease is for the indoor fun fair co in liverpool

    1. robertchamberlain


      Could it be John collins

  27. NOW SOLD, Thanks for looking.
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