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  2. Mike Willis

    Gloucester, 30th July - 8th August

    Due to operation restrictions Gloucester Park Fun fair will now open on Friday 30th July @ 2pm
  3. Last week
  4. James Culver

    Aldershot, Hampshire,6th - 8th August

    What rides will be there..?
  5. Scott Park Burnley Funfair Rides & Catering Burnley
  6. Turners Funfairs and Spanish City Funfairs is in Ingleby Barwick.
  7. Buile Hill Park Eccles Old Road Salford M6 8GL Bank Holiday Fun Fair 28th - 31st August North West Fun Fairs
  8. Graham Vaughan

    Exmouth, Devon, August 25th to 30th

    Summerlands Fun Fair August 25th to 30th Imperial Road Recreation Ground, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 1DG. Lesee : Rowland's
  9. Morrisons Car Park Irwell Place Eccles M30 OFH 6th - 7th August North West Fun Fairs
  10. Wanted,( posted on behalf of a Showman) Small pay box on wheels preferably 8x6 foot ish, Windows on 3 sides and ready to go. It's to go behind a 4x4 for towing. What have you got? Please send private message with pictures and phone number for anything you might have and I'll pass it on. Regards harry m
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    to ensure that they are supported in a positive way and to foster good relations between Enthusiasts and Showmen.

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