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  2. GeorginaBailliesNumber1Fan

    Social Media Posts

    I must admit that its nice for all the info to be in one place here. I tried facebook but its not for me. There is a lot of negative energy circulates on social media sites which has a lot to answer for in modern day society. I think this site is very friendly and it is good that the team keeps it happy and safe on here. I too like the team made mistakes in the past. me with some of my early posts.I was a member here from 2006 not the later year like my profile says.(just for the record) Its best to ignore any negative energy and do not respond to it then it does not escalate.
  3. Gareth Goss

    Showmans Wagon For Sale

    Showmans wagon for sale
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  5. the long awaited book will be released 20th January 2020 priced £10.99 plus p&p 178 pages, per order here :- http://www.joylandbooks.com/books_new/battersea-fun-fair.htm i
  6. Paul McHaddan

    24 Hour Free Trial for Member Class

    What a great idea...But with it being the new year a lot of members might be away celebrating the new year with family so a lot might miss the opportunity... Can i suggest this gets repeated say the following weekend for 24 hours? Best wishes to the team for 2020 all the best...
  7. Alan Russell

    For Sale: Hoopla

    For sale Hoopla 14ft bottom 16ft top Counter boards New duck tank Bottom shutters reskined No table Good hoopla Inbox for details
  8. must be in Cornwall Devon Somerset! 15 seater chairs
  9. Ryan Lowe

    Wanted: Coulson Chairs

    Contact me by PM or this Topic If interested.
  10. Dear Members It has been suggested that we can improve our Funfair Reports by allowing added text. The Team have listened, discussed and think that the suggestion has advantages - improved readability and more use when archived. We would like the basic concept to stay the same - that is a list of Rides with their Owners, but if you wish to add some text before or after the list then we think this will enhance our reports. This is NOT compulsory. The following is given as suggestions - Background, the weather, new rides, history, level of business etc We would also like to take this opportunity to remind Members who post Funfair Reports that using the template supplied and sticking to the format used has massive advantages for US ALL. We have reports going back twenty years and if we all stick to the same format, we have a much greater chance of finding what we seek when using the "Search" facility on the site. Please try to keep an eye on spelling in particular. If you have any suggestions for further improvements to the Funfair Reports, or indeed any part of the forum, please let a member of the Team know. Lastly, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those members who supply Funfair Reports and content for the site! The Team
  11. Kevin Smith

    • Kevin Smith
    • Andy H

    The wheel at the Christmas event in Edinburgh belongs to Thurston & Mannings. M & Ds have a wheel at Paisley.

  12. Gary Witcomb

    Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre 2020 Calendar

    Please note all the stock i had has now gone they are still available on the Dingles on line shop should anyone want them
  13. Ross A Jones

    Rides List - Forum Supporter ONLY

    Bill Thank you for your reply access now ok
  14. Trevor Spir

    • Trevor Spir
    • Bill Edwards

    Hi Bill ive been seeing photos off here being posted on face book 

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      Can you give me any more info please? Posted where? Link? By who? Group? Page? Individual?

  15. Roy Hudson

    'Crazy Beach' - Mark Connelly - For Sale?

    Mark Connolly 0035387 9967687
  16. George Cobley

    How To Change A Cover Photo On My Profile?

    Thank you again George
  17. harry m

    Having Issues Logging On

    Update I just cleared the cache in support, as this was the only suggestion i could find for this error code in Google , but it doesn't make any difference, so I'm happy its members browser settings that's the problem.
  18. Maurice Jones

    Maurice Jones

    See The Fair From The Air 

  19. Paul McHaddan

    Grounds Wanted For Waltzer

    I asked the question because a showman was looking for a guild member with a waltzer to travel with them thats all.
  20. For Kirkcaldy Links Market the Scottish Section of the guild are asking fairground enthusiasts to contact them through their web page and facebook page to let them know that you are going to take photos, they will give you a letter saying it will be ok to do so. They are trying to stop fairground enthusiasts having problems with security and police. Phone 0141 613 3131 or e-mail: office@scottishshowmensguild.org
  21. Ian Cant

    Kirmes Magazines (English) x 10

    These are still for sale and open to offers. I will be visiting Loughborough on Saturday if it helps for delivery.
  22. David Rutherford

    • David Rutherford
    • Davey_C

    Hi davey whose it that waltzer shown in stockton? It states Dane crow? I never knew Dane owned a waltzer

  23. Owen Ralph

    Coming Events

    Might it be a good idea to encourage people to add the fairground lessee (where known) when uploading posters for events? I would certainly find this useful when deciding which events to visit, and I'm sure others would too.
  24. Dear All We have listened to feedback and reviewed the photo storage policy. The idea behind the policy was intended to allow the Team to deal with the very small percentage of photo topics that were over the top - the photo topics where members simply uploaded their entire SD card, unfocused, duplicated and uninteresting shots with no regard to view-ability. The policy has caused confusion with some members and in an attempt to remedy this we have withdrawn the policy. We welcome general shots, "arty shots" as well as square on photos which show the whole attraction. We would however like you to consider what you upload for other members to see. Please take care not to duplicate photos. Ensure your shots are properly framed and in focus and are of general interest. We reserve the right to edit or remove the tiny percentage that have clearly been uploaded without thought. Regards ATFOTF Team
  25. The Team have decided that for a trial period, a "Feedback Forum" will be made available to Forum Members who will be able to feedback directly or anonymously simply by logging out. Non members can also use this facility. We appreciate and will look at ALL feedback given and will, where appropriate, look at ways we can improve things. We would however appreciate it if you could note the following before posting! ALL posts are on a Mod Queue - that is they won't appear immediately but will have to be approved by a Moderator. This is simply so we can weed out adverts, spam and abusive messages which could happen once we remove the need to login before using the forum It should not be used to ask for help. If you are having difficulty either post in the Forum Help forum or email admin@fun-fairs.co.uk Whilst we appreciate ANY feedback, please keep it polite If you are complaining about a specific behaviour, please link to posts that include examples The more specific you can be about issues/suggestions, the easier it makes it for the Team to discuss and improve things It would greatly assist the Team if, when discussing an issue, you suggest possible solutions This facility will be withdrawn if it is seriously misused. The Team
  26. harry m

    Photo Viewing Issue - RESOLVED

    It seems the problem has been resolved now...unless anyone tells us they still have the issue.
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