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  1. Yesterday
  2. John-William Day

    • John-William Day
    • Craig Cooper

    Hi Graig,

    It's good that you saved these patterns from being burned as it is a shame that so many had been destroyed. 

    May I use parts of these patterns in my own please.

  3. Earlier
  4. John Burnside

    • John Burnside
    • lego skid

    i mate

  5. KevinR

    • KevinR
    • Terry Baker

    Hi Terry,


    Please could I book a table for the show next year.


    Many thanks,



  6. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Bill Edwards

    hi bill I did a fairground report on Nantwich and andy h has put it on their as his infact its mine I went on Saturday evening

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      Andy posted his on Saturday, yours was posted yesterday, First reporter gets it I'm afraid.

  7. John Burnside

    • John Burnside
    • lego skid

    i am back ou ok


    • Nathan Hart

    How you doing Nathan long time no see mate 


  9. Paul McHaddan

    • Paul McHaddan
    • Bill Warren

    Hi Bill,


    I have added a couple of photos of a train ride you may be interested in i hope its what your looking for.


    Sorry Bill i will have to delete your other wanted advert as it is in the wrong section


    Kind regards 



  10. Paul Bernard Dunstan

    • Paul Bernard Dunstan
    • Rod Sherwood

    Happy Birthday

  11. robertchamberlain

    • robertchamberlain
    • Andy H

    hi andy h are you going sharlands pull on Wednesday winsford its on dean drive car park huge fair

  12. Paul Burns

    • Paul Burns
    • Bill Edwards

    alright bill, id like to make a donation so i can access the rides list.. how do i go about please. thanks paul b.

    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      Hi Paul. I'm no longer involved in the running of the forum, but if you take a look at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum-supporters/ it will answer your questions. All the best. Bill

    2. Paul Burns

      Paul Burns

      thank u


    • Chris Cash Jnr

    Happy Birthday Chris have a Gudun mate 

  14. J.Buchwald

    • J.Buchwald
    • Richard Parmenter

    All the best for your birthday mate.wish you well.ADIE

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