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  3. Does anyone on this site remember 'The Circus Society' was was set up during the mid 1980's in an attempt to help fight the anti circus campaigns. I am looking to purchase any of the early magazines from the Society to fill the gaps in my magazine collection. IF anyone has any magazines they wish to get rid of, please send me a message with your prices etc.
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  5. 57Smart

    For Sale

    For sale VHS NOT DVD video's buyer to collect Weymouth Dorset £25 1/Classic trucks 95 2/The Iron Maiden film 3/GDSF narated by Gerry Burr 4/Salisbury road run 93, 5/Dorset Spring Fair held at Chappeldown farm, Sixpenny Handley, 6/Fair at the GDSF 2002. 7/ Great Steam Fair at Shottesbrooke Park,2 copies. 8/Transport of Delight vol 11. 9/ Boston May Fair 94. 10/Vintage Fairground Fun on show. 12/Fairground Magic Goose fair 95. 13/ World of fairground modelling vol1. 14/Old Glory 93 inc Hollycombe steam collection. 15/ Hull fair 97. 16/ GDSF 93. 17/ Cavalcade of transport 92-93. 18/ Carters Pinkneys Green 92. 19/ First GDSF. 20/ Stamford Mid Lent 96. 21/Scammell Showtracs on parade. 22/ Fairgrounds on film 1915-1970. 23/ A fairground heritage film History of Boston May fair 94. 24/ Bridgewater fair date unknown.25/ ATFOTF Goose fair 90. 26/ 100 years of fun the Showman's Guild.
  6. Gary Witcomb

    • Gary Witcomb
    • Ryan K Spencer

    hi Ryan i have just recieved this photo from the current owner here is a copy for you 

    all the best Gary 95612682_3481235138559571_6953726552450269184_n.jpg.56bf0b6e515334ed9577ca57c2718c65.jpg

  7. Ricki Oakes

    Wanted: Juvenile Ride

    Yeah got information, photos, price ? Cheers
  8. Keith Owens

    Wanted: Juvenile Ride

    set of chairs any good to01642467136 all
  9. Keith Owens

    Wanted: Juvenile Ride

  10. Kirsty Macdonald

    Kirsty Macdonald

    I always looked at phil as a showman and that's how it staying ......

  11. Shaun Martin

    Butlin, Billy Joe - "Vortex" (NFASV1)

    Seaburn April 2007
  12. Alan Russell

    Wanted: Juvenile Ride

    Messaged you
  13. Ricki Oakes

    Wanted: Juvenile Ride

    Juvenile ride wanted not to bothered about condition as looking for a project, consider any thin please get in touch cash waiting for the right ride cheers, Ricki
  14. Darren Ward

    • Darren Ward
    • Paul Needham

    Hi Paul, I guess you’ve been asked this a thousand times, but could you post a picture of the drive mechanism from a model Miami please.

    many thanks

  15. Perhaps we could get them interested in doing the Brooklands Speedway at Dingles!! LOL
  16. If you would like the Repair Shop team to take a look at your damaged heirloom, prized antique or loved one’s possession, please get in touch by visiting: www.bbc.co.uk/takepart Email: repair@ricochet.co.uk
  17. Swingboat

    Carters Models For Sale

    4 Carters models for sale. All are Boxed never been unpacked, in excellent condition. 3 Corgi Fairgound Attracktions1/50 CC10203 ERF/swingboat CC10804 Foden Yatch lorry &trailer CC10706 Scammell with box truck/roof load. 1 Corgi Classics 16501 Scammell with trailer and living wagon Offers for all or willing to sell separate. Can post or collect from Hertford.
  18. Desmond FitzGerald

    • Desmond FitzGerald
    • Bill Edwards

    Hi Bill, Just sent you an Admin message with a release from the Guild re Red Diesel... Desmond.

  19. Bill Warren

    Wanted: Coulson Chairs

    Darren Jones has a set on trailer for sale on fairground equipment for sale and wanted group on FACEBOOK
  20. Wishing you Good Luck,with this adventure
  21. New website up and running, history of the little roundabout also included.. www.yorkshireamusements.co.uk Looking forward to seeing new and old faces this season!
  22. Chris Russell

    Fair Reports Query

    Yes thanks for your replies.
  23. Andy H

    Fair Reports Query

    As Mike has stated above when members reported the above 2 machines at fairs they put (loan) on the report as the machines where still owned by their original buyers, same with the Starflyer it's on a season loan with view to purchase.
  24. Mike Willis

    Fair Reports Query

    Same scenario occurred last year when Jan de Koning's Afterburner was travelled by Teddy Morley & William Roberts' Afterburner was travelled by Jason Waddington. This may well happen again this season.
  25. Chris Russell

    Fair Reports Query

    Just a query about ride ownership and reporting. I noticed the recent post about the Star Flyer that Charles Farrell Jnr will travel this coming season. I also see that this has been confirmed by Daniel Cole as his machine out on loan to Charles for 2020 'to see if it suits him'. My query is if I report a fair with the said machine in attendance, who's name should I include alongside? My thinking is that it should be Charles Farrell Jnr as he is presenting it, but I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
  26. GeorginaBailliesNumber1Fan

    Social Media Posts

    I must admit that its nice for all the info to be in one place here. I tried facebook but its not for me. There is a lot of negative energy circulates on social media sites which has a lot to answer for in modern day society. I think this site is very friendly and it is good that the team keeps it happy and safe on here. I too like the team made mistakes in the past. me with some of my early posts.I was a member here from 2006 not the later year like my profile says.(just for the record) Its best to ignore any negative energy and do not respond to it then it does not escalate.
  27. Gareth Goss

    Showmans Wagon For Sale

    Showmans wagon for sale
  28. Paul Needham

    Social Media Posts

    yeah there is that side but the content is spread all over the place and I lack the skill to find it, whereas here it just comes up, don't even have to click unread, as long as ive been on here ive been told there is better sites out there but never found one, and now its you need to be on facebook as its all on there now, long live this site and thanks to everyones hard work in keeping it going
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