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  2. Long shot I know. im looking for any modern products catalog or brochure, my ones have disappeared. looking for info on there juvenile fish ride and acrobat. many thanks
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  4. robertchamberlain

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    1. Bill Edwards

      Bill Edwards

      The details were in the email you were sent. PayPal, Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer

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  6. Gary Witcomb

    Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre 2020 Calendar

    i will be at the St Giles Pull on this coming Sunday, if anyone wants a Dingles calendar for £5 (Saving on the p&p) just let me know via PM so i know how many to bring cash only please
  7. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    Hi Swingboat, No we are still looking for them as we did have someone that has got boxes of them but the showman who wants them lost his contact details & have lost contact!!! Can you help?
  8. Swingboat

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    Did you get sorted on the bulb holders ?
  9. Roger England

    Cast Iron Coconut Pegs

    Cast Iron coconut pegs, 8 in all, any offers call 01295 250749 Banbury.
  10. Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre Calendar 2020 We have commissioned a special 2020 Calendar which is dedicated to the Late Roger Alford Memory For his dedication and commitment to the Fairground Heritage Trust We believe that without his commitment & efforts over the past 25+ years the Trust & the Centre in Devon would probably not be in such a good place, which we are so grateful for, All profits form this Calendar will go to help complete the Redevelopment of the Centre in Devon, A project Roger will not see completed but will be very much a part of, the redevelopment should be completed for the 2021 season This is a limited print run of just 300 A special thank you to Laura Garrett (FHT) and our Main Photo Contributor Phil Hudson The Calendar would make a Fantastic Christmas Gift Calendars are Priced £5 + £1.99 p&p I will accept Payment via PayPal / Bank Transfer Please PM me with your requirements and how you wish to pay Something for everyone Transport/Rides/Juveniles/Side Stuff
  11. Now £25 for the lot, and happy to sell separately.
  12. I have the following for sale Fairground Mercury volume 20 (1998) numbers 2,3 and 4 Fairground Mercury volumes 21 to 29 complete 1999 to 2006 Fairground Mercury volume 30 (2007) numbers 1,2 and 3 also Platform issues 73 to 90 plus issues 62,63,65,67,68, 70 and 71 from 2000 to 2007 all in perfect condition £30 the lot, would prefer buyer to collect from Cardiff as postage would be expensive.
  13. Roger England

    Lighting For Sale

    For Sale. Lighting bulbs, caps fittings, conduit some prewired, flasher boxes, 110 and 230, strips of 5ft strobe tubes with controller, 16amp cable and 110 cable, pre programmed running lights and other oddments. Best offer secures. Please ring 01295 250749 after six, junction 11 on the m40.
  14. 194 copies of the fairground Mercury and Platform magazines, all in vgc plus three binders, £50, buyer to collect Weymouth, Dorset
  15. 1. Vintage Funfairs - Amusement Rides, Carousels and Fairground Art by Brian Steptoe - Hardback. £26 when new. 2. The English Fair by David Kerr Cameron - Hardback. £25 when new. 3. Roundabout People - Artists & Artisans by Brian Steptoe - £19.95 when new. 4. Showman of the Past Hancocks of the West by Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith - £15 when new. 5. Jump on Jump On by Brian Steptoe - £19.95 when new. 6. Pull On - Today’s Showmen’s Transport by Dan Grantham - £7.50 when new. Collection from Marlborough. May also be going to Great Dorset Steam Fair on the Friday so could possibly deliver if you are too.
  16. Eddie Kelly

    Wanted - World's Fairs From 2000

    I have the full year which I am prepared to sell but only as the complete year. All issues are in mint condition, complete & include all the supplements issued in the year and also the 5000th issue of the paper. Please send me a message with your offer. Regards Eddie
  17. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted - World's Fairs From 2000

    Contact Dr Lynne whatmore at worlds fair on 0161 6838000 am sure they will be able to help you.
  18. Looking for a set of World's Fair papers from April to October 2000. Will pay a sensible price along with postage. Many thanks
  19. Martin Ambrose

    • Martin Ambrose
    • Martin Burridge

    Happy Birthday Martin 

    Have lovely day 

  20. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    Thank you Ian.
  21. Ian Woodall

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    Give essential supplies a ring, they custom make them up. https://www.essentialsupplies.co.uk/lights/festoon-and-fairy/festoon-lighting.html?amp%3Bproduct_list_limit=30
  22. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    We are still looking for these lamps holders & bulbs as a contact has been lost who was going to supply us with these. Edited just now by Paul McHaddan
  23. Kevin Smith

    • Kevin Smith
    • Steve Barton

    John Holland has Micheal Prices CBK Track believe Micheal is having a new one built he’s having a couple of changes made to his new one.

  24. Marshall Hill

    Wanted To Hire: Skyline Slide

    Wanted to hire for Manchester area for 2 weeks mid October as film prop , so no staff required. Slip prefer without Disney type flash !! Call 07720636501 ( Marshall Hill )
  25. Stanley Freeman8

    Wanted Ghost Train

    Wanted trailer mounted ghost train 07791453296
  26. Paul McHaddan

    Wanted - Lamp Holders

    We are still looking for these lamps holders & bulbs as a contact has been lost who was going to supply us with these.
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