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  3. Wishing you Good Luck,with this adventure
  4. New website up and running, history of the little roundabout also included.. www.yorkshireamusements.co.uk Looking forward to seeing new and old faces this season!
  5. Chris Russell

    Fair Reports Query

    Yes thanks for your replies.
  6. Andy H

    Fair Reports Query

    As Mike has stated above when members reported the above 2 machines at fairs they put (loan) on the report as the machines where still owned by their original buyers, same with the Starflyer it's on a season loan with view to purchase.
  7. Mike Willis

    Fair Reports Query

    Same scenario occurred last year when Jan de Koning's Afterburner was travelled by Teddy Morley & William Roberts' Afterburner was travelled by Jason Waddington. This may well happen again this season.
  8. Chris Russell

    Fair Reports Query

    Just a query about ride ownership and reporting. I noticed the recent post about the Star Flyer that Charles Farrell Jnr will travel this coming season. I also see that this has been confirmed by Daniel Cole as his machine out on loan to Charles for 2020 'to see if it suits him'. My query is if I report a fair with the said machine in attendance, who's name should I include alongside? My thinking is that it should be Charles Farrell Jnr as he is presenting it, but I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
  9. GeorginaBailliesNumber1Fan

    Social Media Posts

    I must admit that its nice for all the info to be in one place here. I tried facebook but its not for me. There is a lot of negative energy circulates on social media sites which has a lot to answer for in modern day society. I think this site is very friendly and it is good that the team keeps it happy and safe on here. I too like the team made mistakes in the past. me with some of my early posts.I was a member here from 2006 not the later year like my profile says.(just for the record) Its best to ignore any negative energy and do not respond to it then it does not escalate.
  10. Gareth Goss

    Showmans Wagon For Sale

    Showmans wagon for sale
  11. Paul Needham

    Social Media Posts

    yeah there is that side but the content is spread all over the place and I lack the skill to find it, whereas here it just comes up, don't even have to click unread, as long as ive been on here ive been told there is better sites out there but never found one, and now its you need to be on facebook as its all on there now, long live this site and thanks to everyones hard work in keeping it going
  12. Simon Deery

    Social Media Posts

    My sentiments exactly. Antisocial media, the conduit for fake news, childish insults and general insecurity. I have often said (and been shouted down for it) that one day people will come to regret leaving an open book and open personal data log of themselves in plain view of the universe. Anyway, rant over. People making unfounded and inaccurate slurs about this forum should try putting their efforts into the hobby instead.
  13. Paul Needham

    Social Media Posts

    here here to what is said, don't get me started on what I think of so called social media as it might make their bitching seem small and me also🙄
  14. Paul McHaddan

    Social Media Posts

    If anyone is not happy how "All The Fun Of The Fair" Forum & how the Team manage it's simple leave the forum!!!! This forum is No1 for its information of fairs credit to the members for there in put & to the Team 😀
  15. harry m

    Social Media Posts

    Facebook Groups/Pages and the Forum Something I’d like to clarify about Facebook and this Forum. You may be a Facebook user who looks through fairground related pages/groups and noticed how many people seem to slate the forum once one person starts it off. There’s a recent example where this happened and suddenly many others joined in with having a go about the forum and the Admin team. What I’d like you to be aware of, is that approx 80% of those who commented on that subject are members who have been banned from here in the past ! Banned due to various reasons, including; · Not wanting to follow the site rules at the time · Throwing their dummy out of the cot when told they were in the wrong. · Not happy with the way the forum was ran · Resorting to being abusive They now resort to making nasty comments about the forum. Ironically they all jump on the bandwagon, but invariably still ask others questions about this forum as though they miss it. If they’d behaved in the first place, they’d still be on here to see for themselves. Sadly they never reveal the TRUE reason as to WHY they was banned on here though, just claim things like ‘it was Admin that didn’t like them” I’d just like you all to be aware of this, so if you happen to see any examples of it, you know they’ve been made by banned members who hold a grudge. Final point, a few members of this Forum are guilty of knocking us on Facebook as well, but never actually say anything in here though ! ….how strange is that? Harry M
  16. The Team

    Social Media Posts

    To All Members This Forum, YOUR Forum is NOT PERFECT! We, The Team, fully admit that it isn't perfect and have NEVER claimed it is. We strive (and work dam hard behind the scenes) to make it the best we can for most members we can. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please all of the people all of the time, but we do try. We regularly ask for feedback and ALWAYS welcome constructive criticism. Where we can, and where we feel change will benefit the MAJORITY we will and have always made changes. We are NOT afraid to admit that we do sometimes get things wrong and we've put into place various procedures to ensure that the inevitable mistakes are put right as soon as possible with the least trouble. We are aware that from time to time there is anti-forum posting on other sites, particularly Facebook and some of this is nasty. ALL of it is inaccurate! You are free to believe what you want, but we would ASK you to consider the following points BEFORE believing what you read: The comments are generally made by ex-members - some have left, some have been banned from this forum Banning is ALWAYS a last resort, never taken lightly and always after we have tried and failed other methods. NO ONE has EVER been banned for one incident - it is always continued, repeated bad posting. A member who has been banned from the forum WON'T tell you the real reason, because that would mean admitting they have some responsibility for the decision Personality plays NO PART in our decisions - Moderators can and do hide posts that they feel contravene rules. HOWEVER, they are hidden, not deleted, and then discussed by the Team. If the MAJORITY of the Team feel the decision was wrong, the post is REPLACED and the poster gets an apology. To blame "Moderator A" or "Moderator B" for a decision is simply not accurate Since The Team took over, a lot has changed and a lot of the comments directed at the forum refer to things that happened BEFORE the change and in some cases YEARS ago Some of the comments are from people who have NEVER been members, so anything they are posting is second hand at best We DO NOT and NEVER HAVE operated any sort of "strike" system (two strikes and your banned). Forum knocking seems to have become a "sport" - members who were happy with the forum suddenly go all out to see it closed when they don't like a decision taken by The Team We have put a great deal of effort into slimming down the rules. Hiding a post is a decision that ISN'T taken lightly and the Moderator logs show that hidden posts are a tiny percentage of total posts. Please bear in mind that ALL Moderators are volunteers, giving their time freely to ensure the forum runs as smoothly as possible. Often we are checking posts on our phones whilst at work, out shopping etc and it isn't always possible to be as verbose as we want with communications and it won't always be possible to give an instantaneous reply. We are ALL balancing running the forum with our lives! A little patience would go a long way. If you are unhappy with a Moderating decision, then you can simply ask ANY Team member to review it. It is often the case where the written word doesn't correctly represent what you meant to say, and we can (and do!) read things wrongly. If that is the case, a simple message will get things put right! We've always said this is YOUR forum. If something is wrong you can: Keep quiet and nothing will change Slag us off on Facebook - nothing will change and you run the risk of losing your membership TELL US and we will, if it benefits the majority, change it. Help us make the forum great or work for it's demise - your choice! The Team
  17. the long awaited book will be released 20th January 2020 priced £10.99 plus p&p 178 pages, per order here :- http://www.joylandbooks.com/books_new/battersea-fun-fair.htm i
  18. Paul McHaddan

    24 Hour Free Trial for Member Class

    What a great idea...But with it being the new year a lot of members might be away celebrating the new year with family so a lot might miss the opportunity... Can i suggest this gets repeated say the following weekend for 24 hours? Best wishes to the team for 2020 all the best...
  19. In an effort to encourage members to contribute to our considerable hosting and storage costs. some time ago we restricted access to the Rides List to those members who financially contributed. We are also aware that a large number of members have never seen the Rides List. won't know how good it is or what it offers and may be reluctant to contribute without a free trial. Consequently we have arranged for FREE access to all members for a 24 hour "taster" period. Access to the Rides List will be unrestricted between Midnight, New Years Eve till Midnight on News Years day. If you wish to subscribe after your free trial, you can do so by clicking the link below https://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/subscriptions/ Any problems with subscribing, you can leave a message below for us as well. Regards The Team
  20. Alan Russell

    For Sale: Hoopla

    For sale Hoopla 14ft bottom 16ft top Counter boards New duck tank Bottom shutters reskined No table Good hoopla Inbox for details
  21. must be in Cornwall Devon Somerset! 15 seater chairs
  22. Ryan Lowe

    Wanted: Coulson Chairs

    Contact me by PM or this Topic If interested.
  23. Dear Members It has been suggested that we can improve our Funfair Reports by allowing added text. The Team have listened, discussed and think that the suggestion has advantages - improved readability and more use when archived. We would like the basic concept to stay the same - that is a list of Rides with their Owners, but if you wish to add some text before or after the list then we think this will enhance our reports. This is NOT compulsory. The following is given as suggestions - Background, the weather, new rides, history, level of business etc We would also like to take this opportunity to remind Members who post Funfair Reports that using the template supplied and sticking to the format used has massive advantages for US ALL. We have reports going back twenty years and if we all stick to the same format, we have a much greater chance of finding what we seek when using the "Search" facility on the site. Please try to keep an eye on spelling in particular. If you have any suggestions for further improvements to the Funfair Reports, or indeed any part of the forum, please let a member of the Team know. Lastly, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those members who supply Funfair Reports and content for the site! The Team
  24. Kevin Smith

    • Kevin Smith
    • Andy H

    The wheel at the Christmas event in Edinburgh belongs to Thurston & Mannings. M & Ds have a wheel at Paisley.

  25. Gary Witcomb

    Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre 2020 Calendar

    Please note all the stock i had has now gone they are still available on the Dingles on line shop should anyone want them
  26. Ryan Lowe

    Wanted: Coulson Chairs

    I’m selling a half galloper including 15 chairs
  27. Ross A Jones

    Rides List - Forum Supporter ONLY

    Bill Thank you for your reply access now ok
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