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    To the Membership Please be advised that with immediate effect I’m stepping down from the Forum Management Team I’m not deserting the Forum altogether I will be staying on as a Forum Supporter Something I consider to be very important, we need to keep this Forum up and running and this can only be done if the Membership supports it, not only Financially but by contributing content (Coming Events / Ride Owner Changes / Your Fantastic photos / Fair Reports) "A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Supports the Forum" I feel this is a good time for me to step down as the Forum is going in the right direction and is on the right path to being great again, with old members returning / contributing and its also nice to see an increase in posting from dormant members and the general membership in general “Thank You Keep it up” You might be wondering why I’m stepping down well I have not taken this decision lightly but its simply for Personal reasons being a member of the Management Team is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time, and with working full time I’m finding it harder to juggle my time I have enjoyed being part of the Team but want to spend more time with my Family, 2 Beautiful Granddaughters and get back to my hobby which I have neglected for a good while, I miss the grounds I leave you in the capable hands of the remaining Team members and wish them well for the future Best Regards Gary Witcomb
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    Since taking over the forum in May, we, as a Team, have had a lot of learning to do with running a forum. We’ve managed fairly well in most areas, however, there’s one area where we have struggled , and that’s the Technical admin and aspect side of things. Rather than struggle to get this aspect right, we approached Bill Edwards to ask if he could possibly help us, and he has kindly offered to assist. Bill is the obvious candidate for the job, as he set it all up originally and understands it better than anyone else. We announce this, as Bill will show as an ‘Admin’ in the forum.