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The Team are pleased to announce an added Security measure for the Site

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    Site security and what it means to you Due to a recent concern regarding SSL certificate and security, We, the Team, wanted to ensure all visitors that the site is as safe as can be. We can confirm to everyone that the site has FULL SSL security The Team felt that ALL members and visitors should feel safe when browsing our forum. As we DON'T collect any personal data or collect money via this site, there was never an issue anyway, however, to give confidence to everyone, we purchased an SSL certificate and can guarantee the sites security. The Team felt this was an important thing to do for the benefit of the members and visitors. As long as you can see a 'padlock' in or around the address bar of your browser, you know the site has an SSL certificate. You'll also see the website address now starts with https instead of http , the 's' stands for secure. Different browsers will show the padlock in different areas of a page. The following example is using the Firefox browser. More reading about SSL and security is available HERE We can now give you peace of mind that your in a Safe AND Friendly environment. The Team
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    East Of England Showground/Arena, Oundle Road, Peterborough (just off the A1) Events & Attractions Ltd present Bah Humbug Fest over 40 rides and attractions. www.bahhumbugfest.com
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    Cardiff New Years Funfair 29-31 December King Edward Avenue next to Winterwonderland Lessee Sayers Amusements.Nothing for New Years Day.only Winter wonderland will be open
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    The connection between your computer and the forum host isn't a secure connection, but the host has advised that this "will not cause you any problems, your site will still work". As the forum doesn't hold, transfer or ask for any sensitive input (such as bank details etc), it isn't a problem.
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    To the team Thank you so much for the update that is great news Best wishes Maurice
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    Please see Site Security and You Announcement 😉
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    East Of England Showground/Arena, Oundle Road, Peterborough (just off the A1) Events & Attractions Ltd present Bah Humbug Fest over 40 rides and attractions. www.bahhumbugfest.com
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    Its a welcome improvement thank you
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    yeah just noticed that padlock thingy, (well now you told me where to look ) to be fair never really doubted site anyway
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    thanks again team for doing this piece of mind springs to mind
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    Great news I have also signed in and the Not Secure is no longer shower now I have the padlock showing Secure Many thanks Maurice
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    Thanks Bill for that and it is great to know that all is well Best wishes to you Maurice
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    Posting By Guests The Team have been discussing posting in the forum by Guests. Up till now there has been no Guest posting at all, ALL posts had to be made by registered, logged in members. We have slightly altered the permissions on three Forums to allow Guest posting as we believe it will be advantageous to the forum, the services we provide and also to our members. This will be run for a trial period of 3 months. ( end of October as of posting this) Advert Forum - Guests can now post For Sale/Wanted adverts Coming Events - Guests can now share details of Coming Events that they know about Forum Help / Administration Forum - Non members can ask questions about joining etc before registering. Members who wish to ask for help anonymously can log out and ask. Members who wish to offer feedback and/or suggestions anonymously can log out and post Guest posting can only be used for the purposes described above. To make a normal post, members MUST log in and non members MUST register. Notes ALL Guest posts will be subject to "Moderation Queue" - that is they will NOT appear instantly as they would if you were logged in. ALL Guest posts will have to be approved by a Moderator before they appear The Team reserve the right to decline any post that doesn't follow the allowed purposes or is unsuitable in any other way If there is a serious misuse of the facility we will take steps to identify the culprit and take further action We will review the usefulness of the facility in three months.
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    I heard somewhere a Visi or G-Chatroom is $199 to open (An unlimited capacity chatroom as opposed to, say, a fifty user capacity chatroom) & after the purchase price, it is $15 (around £10.50 at current exchange rates) monthly rental The rates might be different now but when a friend ran a chatroom those were the costs There are cheaper types of chatroom such as a Pro Boards hosted chatroom And then there are the IRL chatrooms which are free; but they are basic, not having cam & mike feature