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Southsea common May Day bank holiday funfair 26th April-6 may🎠
👩‍🏭Portsmouth D-Day celebration 18th-19th May 👩‍🏭
💂‍♀️Portsmouth Southsea armed forces 8th-June💂‍♀️
🌈Portsmouth pride 6th-July 🌈
🍱Portsmouth food festival 20th-21st July🍱
🪁 Southsea international kite festival 27th-28th July 🪁
🌴Isle of white run 🌴
🏝️Isle of white Chale show 3rd-4th august🏝️
🌊Sandown regatta 10th-11th august🌊
🧄 the garlic festival 17th-18th august 🧄
🧬Sandown bank holiday 23rd-31st august 🧬
🏏St hellens carnival 23rd-26th august 🏏
🐉Ryde carnival 30th-1st September🐉
🌴Yarmouth the green 7th-15th September🌴
🦎Newport sea close 21st-29th September🦎
Please contact. Carnival funfairs
John snr 07872019769
John jnr 07542 358836
For more details
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