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Bill Edwards

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Gary Witcomb    15,818
Gary Witcomb

No good me volunteering Gaz, I haven't got a clue what's on or where.......like I said,that's the reason I joined this site to find out any info.

The issue is a simple one - it is just to time consuming to do and no one has come forward to take it on in its current format

That's the reason I suggested a simple weeky list is it would be simple to do as it would contain less info, thus being less time consuming and it will be right up to date so no further maintenance would be required the current format is done so far in advance dates / locations Change so entries require maintenance and you would be surprised at the amount of Maintenance is required adding further work / time and the membership could simply add any event not listed

You may or may not have the Weekly industry newspaper called The Worlds Fair they also post a weekly list

I Appreciate Members have to plan ahead for visits etc, but due to the time I spent on running coming events this year I did a fraction of the fairs I normally do

You can also use the Fixed Fair Date info on the forum and the Archive Fair Reports to give you an idea for planning ahead for some of the Large events

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Bill Edwards    1,514
Bill Edwards

To be perfectly honest, although this is a feature that members want, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of support for ANY of the methods we've suggested.

In the absence of further input, we will go with the forum based solution on a TRIAL BASIS

If this is under supported, we publish a plain list.

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Dan Thomas    869
Dan Thomas

I think Garys suggestion is great and it gives everyone a great basis to find out more information about the fairs.

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