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Cannot Get ATFOTF On "3"

Brian McGinley

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Bill Edwards
8 hours ago, John Carter said:

If you can't get on the forum at all, you can't access those instructions. What about updating the Twitter feed? Also, for a day or two, you could have one of those irritating pop-up messages along the lines of "Do your mates know there's been a problem with site access? If you've not seen them on-line for a while, could you email them to make sure they know about it."

I've added one of those irritating messages to the top of the forum and posted on Twitter about the current problem.

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Bill Edwards
22 minutes ago, Tom Gorman said:

The info you requested from my school computer :)



ISP: South West Grid for Learning Trust

Error Message: Connection to failed.

The system returned: (110) Connection timed out

Tech Support have cleared that IP address - should now be OK

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Tom Gorman

Thank you so much, was wondering what was going on after the last few days!

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Mark Stopps

Have reset  router and am back online


Thank you

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I could not access the forum/site at all Wednesday and Thursday.All I got was a blank white screen.All my other sites were ok so I took it that it was a problem with this forum/site.

I tried today and here I am back on the forum/site.

I did not reset my router or do anything different to what I normally do.

I sure did miss my usual browse around the ATFOTF forums on Wednesday and Thursday.

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