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Wanted: Waltzer - Reasonable Condition


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Hi folks,

I'm trying to source a waltzer for a seaside amusement park. Ideally it'd be in reasonable condition and look somewhat vintage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,


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Good morning Neil , my son my have a waltzer to sell he is not on this site but I sure you can contact him through his email or to his mobile on 07841023791 


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Hi Alan,

Sorry I've been so slow in replying. I've just got back from a holiday. Thank you so much for your help. I'll send you a message.

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I've seen today that Darren Church is selling his superb Thunderdome.

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Paul Needham

I was surprised to read that in the WF

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Hi neil

Have you been successful in your search yet.

We are currently selling a 10 car waltzer, unfortunately this isn't a vintage model. Please let me know if you would be interested


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Eric Holtkamp



There is also a Lakin Waltzer for sale, see here


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Hi folks, thank you so much for all the suggestions people have made. We've ended up with a decent list. I've passed on all the information I've got from here to the park's head of engineering, who is exploring the options with Rundles. The idea would be to purchase a Waltzer, and then Rundles would overhaul it. Assuming the management still decide that a Waltzer is what they want, hopefully one of these options will find a new home soon.

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Hi Tom,

Sorry I haven’t been able to post more specific information sooner in the main forum. Until the park’s marketing team made an official announcement I’ve had to be careful about what I say. It’s the usual thing with commercial sensitivity and not wanting to disappoint people if a project falls through.


It was for Dreamland in Margate. We’ve ended up buying the 10 car Lakin Waltzer from Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

It will open this Saturday for our Frosted Fairground, along with Littleboy’s Austin Cars which we’re hiring for the event. We hired the Austin Cars for the summer 2015, and are lucky to be having them back as they’re a beautiful ride.

The Waltzer’s a long term investment for the park, and they will go where the Jumping Pirate Boats has been for the last couple of seasons. I gather that the long term vision is to gradually move into being a fuller heritage park.


If any of you get the chance to come down and visit us, there’s quite a lot going on. A Coastal Communities fund is currently being used for a £1.8 million restoration to the cinema at the front of the park.

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Is the Waltzer owned by Sands Leisure, Thanet District Council or a third party?

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Hi Mike,

The Waltzer's owned by Sands. I don't know the full ins and outs of the financial situation as my role in the park's a mixture of ride manager/safety officer/historian, so the finances aren't something I have much involvement with. Certainly not on that level, although I guess like in any workplace we have budgets. My understanding is that the administrators are putting money into the business through some kind of a loan, as part of a plan to turn the business around and package it up for a sale. I know originally they said they weren't looking to find a buyer straight away, but that we probably would have a new owner before it re-opens for the 2017 season (late march/early April).

The Austin Cars are owned by Littleboy's Restorations and are on hire. Littleboy's are restoring several other vintage rides for us. At least the majority of these are funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and are either owned entirely by the council or jointly between TDC and the Dreamland Trust (not completely sure which, but I have a feeling it might be the latter).

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