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For Sale : Generator Running With Vegetable Oil/Low Cost Diesel Generator

Margot Cadoudal

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Margot Cadoudal

Hello everyone

I am Margot Cadoudal I sale Diesel generators in France for the Showman  Industry, where as you know live like in UK one of the largest forain community.Please know that we are since one year open for business all over UK, our office is in London and I would be very happy  to meet with you and see if you have any need for diesel genset - our range goes from 9kVa upto 2000kVa.

As references we supplyed generator for the fun fair of the Champs Elysées, BOUGLIONNE Circus, and various small medium and larger application.
If you want to know our price,  just for having an idea of our price range please contact me
For your information I am 30% cheaper than Cummins SDMO Perkins Caterpillar etc.... Also 1 year or 1000 hours warranty for any machines. Only brand new machines
We have also Bio Oil generators so you can recycled your used cooking oil and run your generator with it, same warranty than for the diesel generator!
Do not hesitate : 07443 875 976 
Thank you and best regards





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