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Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

Dear All


Due to the success of our message forum it has to be hosted in professional space and due to the large number of photos we store, we require additional storage. Whilst we do all we can to manage storage, the fact remains that what we use, we must pay for. None of the forum Team is in a position to finance the forum totally, but we all donate towards it's running costs.


At one point we were in imminent danger of losing the forum due to a lack of voluntary donations. The Team decided that we would keep as much as possible of the forum "free" and restrict the Rides List to those who contributed financially. This has been successful to the point that we have been able to lower the minimum donation to just £2 per year.


If you wish to access the Rides List you will need to make a minimum donation of £2.00 per year. Members who don't wish to donate will still have free access to the rest of the forum - many, many gigabytes of photos, fair reports, discussions etc - a unique online resource. Those who wish to access the Rides List will have to make a minimum donation of £2 a year. This is far, far lower than a magazine subscription or membership of a club and, in my view and the view of the majority of the Forum Team represents excellent value for money. It works out at just under 4 PENCE per week and will ensure the forum is available for the foreseeable future.


We fully appreciate that the situation isn't ideal - we would love to keep the forum totally free, but we cannot finance the forum ourselves and voluntary donations were at a level that losing the entire forum was a real and imminent possibility.


We wish to thank all those members who have donated - you are keeping the forum available - THANK YOU!


All the best





NB: Now just £2.00 PER YEAR - Less than 4 pence a week!


If you wish to access the Rides List and donate towards our costs, please click the Subscriber Link (https://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/subscriptions/) or contact any member of the Team (https://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/staff/) for further help/information

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Martin Burridge

Hi Bill My subscription was due to run out early February so Sent you a cheque by post for £5 on 16.1.21. I included acopy of pounds extra to help with the running cost. Up until this weekend I was able to use the rides list. Yesterday I got a new computer which is now up and running, I have been on A.T.F.O.T.F this morning and everything is working apart from the rides list which comes up as do not have permission to acess. Did you receive my cheque No 304175 or is it the new computer which won't allow me acess to the rides list. Hope you can be of help, 


Best Wishes Martin Burridge.

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harry m



You have a PM.



harry m

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