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Bill Edwards

Need Help? Need A Topic Altered?

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Bill Edwards    1,522
Bill Edwards

Dear All


Whilst I am always happy to help members with Posts that need deleting/altering/updating, my availability is limited by my other commitments. From a quickness/efficiency point of view it is better to use the forum for these tasks.


I've listed some common  requests below and the preferred method of dealing:


  • Rides List Update - Simply reply to the relevant entry with the updated information - a Moderator will deal when available.
  • Post Needs Amending/Deleting - Click the "Report" button on the relevant post and explain what needs doing and a Moderator will deal
  • A Post Is Unsuitable - Click the "Report" button on the relevant post and explain what needs doing and a Moderator will deal
  • You Can't Do Something/Access Something - Firstly search the Forum Help / Announcements forum - your query may already have been answered. If it isn't, please post in that forum - another member may be able to assist or an Admin/Moderator will be able to help.
  • You Need The Help Of An Administrator - You can either post in the Forum Help / Announcements forum OR send a PM to Myself, @Jamie Peters AND @Mike Willis. Please make sure you send ONE PM to ALL of us - sending individual PM's to all of us just increases work :)


I stress that I am happy to help, but I don't always have access to the forum and using the above will ensure that your query is dealt with quicker and more efficiently.


All the best





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