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Photo Storage - NEW Policy

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The Team

We are extremely grateful for ALL of your photo contributions - they help to keep the forum alive. In an ideal world we would keep every photo posted forever. However, the reality is that storage has to be paid for and we have to manage our storage so that we can keep the maximum number of photos for the longest time at the smallest cost.


When we canvassed forum members some time ago, there was considerable (but not universal) support for smaller, more compact photo sets. We've also asked members for their suggestions as to how we manage our storage.


The Team has decided that, for an experimental period of six months all photo collections posted to the forum MUST comply with the following:


Photos will mainly be rides, stalls, juveniles, lorries etc. These photos will be taken properly framed, square on with no special effects other than normal editing. They should be in focus, adequately lit and without duplication, that is one photo per attraction - additional photos will count as "Extras" - please see below. 


Any photo not fitting the above will be deemed an "Extra" photo.


"Extra" photos should be kept to a minimum (we don't intend to count the photos and work out percentages, but it has been suggested that "Extra" photos make up no more than 10% of your post). 


In exceptional circumstances the maximum number of "Extra" photos may be exceeded, but this must be truly exceptional. What constitutes "exceptional" will be at the discretion of the Team.


Any photo sets that don't comply with the above policy will be deleted, the poster informed and invited to resubmit.





We believe that this policy will go some way towards allowing us to make the best use of our storage and we will keep an eye on our storage usage and fully review the policy after six months.


We thank you for your cooperation.


The Team

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