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Kirmes Magazines

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Ian    274

Kirmes Revue magazine - mint quality editions of the premier German fairground and amusement park magazine. The magazine was originally in German, and I have indicated where I have translation supplements. There are lots of detailed machine history articles in the early issues.


10 issues from 3/98 to 12/98 - German edition, no tran.

Full year for 2001 - 10 issues as there are 2 double months - German with translation supplements.

2002 - single issue number 58 (with translation)

2003 - single issue number 68 (no translation)

2004 - 3 issues as follows - number 78 (no translation), 85, 86 (with translation)

2005 - single issue number 98 (no translation)

2008 - 7 issues all in English

2014 - single issue


So that is 34 issues. Will accept £50. Too heavy to post, so buyer to collect, or I can possibly bring to Stamford mode show.


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