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Feedback Forum - Please READ Before Posting

The Team

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The Team have decided that for a trial period, a "Feedback Forum" will be made available to Forum Members who will be able to feedback directly or anonymously simply by logging out. Non members can also use this facility.


We appreciate and will look at ALL feedback given and will, where appropriate, look at ways we can improve things.


We would however appreciate it if you could note the following before posting!

  • ALL posts are on a Mod Queue - that is they won't appear immediately but will have to be approved by a Moderator. This is simply so we can weed out adverts, spam and abusive messages which could happen once we remove the need to login before using the forum
  • It should not be used to ask for help. If you are having difficulty either post in the Forum Help forum or email admin@fun-fairs.co.uk
  • Whilst we appreciate ANY feedback, please keep it polite
  • If you are complaining about a specific behaviour, please link to posts that include examples
  • The more specific you can be about issues/suggestions, the easier it makes it for the Team to discuss and improve things
  • It would greatly assist the Team if, when discussing an issue, you suggest possible solutions
  • This facility will be withdrawn if it is seriously misused.


The Team


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