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Holland's Cakewalk & Stamford Fairground Transport Pamphlets


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By kind permission of Stamford Fairground Publications ,the Fairground Heritage Trust have republished two further pamphlets that may help Modelers and historians.


One was originally published in 2005 and covers the Holland family and specifically their Cakewalk.  Ideal for those interested in these machines, who are modelling these machines or those who are just interested. 12 pages.


The second is Stamford Mid-Lent Fair Transport Past and Present. It contains colour and B&W photographs of fairground transport at this historic fair from Thurston's and Whyatt's Diamond T right through Ling's , Crow's and Tuby's Fodens and ERFs.  16 pages.


These are now available from here  along with our popular fairground modelling Pamphlets. Also available on EBAY - search for either title.


Stamford Transport.JPG

Holland Cakewalk.JPG

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Paul Needham

all the booklets are good

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