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In an effort to manage our photo storage we have introduced a new policy at http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/topic/91277-photo-storage-new-policy/



We hope that this will enable us to keep the maximum number of photos for the longest time at the smallest cost.


Please take a look - photo sets which don't comply will be deleted.

  • Dear All


    All Platinum Supporters can display a banner at the top and bottom of the forum to advertise their Product, Service or Site.

    A Platinum Supporter package costs just £20 per year giving fantastic exposure of your banner for a low cost. You are also helping towards our considerable hosting costs :)

    Just click "Forum Supporters" from the menu above and sign up for a Platinum Package.

    Once signed up just Email Me, or PM me your banner - 468x60 pixels, .jpg, .png or .gif format - and I will include it in the rotation.


    All the best


    The Team