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  • Dear Member


    We aim to keep the forum a friendly, informal place to discuss our common interest - Funfairs!


    Just use common sense , courtesy, politeness etc and you'll be fine..



    To assist in the smooth running of the forum, the full list of guidelines is below, most are common sense.




    1. Members are only permitted one forum account and must not let anyone else use their login details
    2. No Flames, wind-ups, attempts at starting/continuing rows
    3. No adverse personal comments. Debate the topic NOT the poster!
    4. No posts about fairground/circus accidents or incidents
    5. No post that has an adverse affect on the forum or site in general or is deemed unsuitable for any other reason. This includes, but is not limited to posting inaccurate or misleading information.
    6. No "Which showman/ride is better" type posts. No "What is your favourite ??????" posts. This includes “Top Ten” type posts
    7. No text speak. POSTING IN CAPITALS, Putting A Capital As The First Letter and whole messages in bold or large font are not allowed!  This includes topic titles!
    8. Posts should respect the privacy of Showmen & their families. Examples include (but are not limited to) Locations of yards, photos that identify locations of yards, photos of private cars (as opposed to loads, which are OK), photos taken in private/restricted areas of funfairs & photos taken by 'intrusive' means, posting of conversations/information meant as private, and discussion of financial/business matters. Photos of living vans should not be captioned with the owners details.
    9. Posts about changes of ownership of equipment must only be made when the information is 100% reliable.
    10. No "Ride XXX is for sale" posts. When the ride is sold it may be reported subject to rule #9 above



         11. If you post pictures you MUST own the copyright OR have the express permission of the owner to post.

         12. Photos displayed in the forum must not be bigger than 800 x 600 pixels

         13. Whilst members retain the copyright to the photos they post, ATFOTF reserves the right to display said photos on any part of the site, including our Facebook page, and for as            long as we see fit.

         14. Photo's displayed in topics must be hosted on this site, that is they must be attached to the topic. You may not host the photos on Flickr etc or your own site and add links

         15. Members must not post content belonging to others members on ANY other site. Contravening this guideline will lead to an instant and permanent ban.

          Note,        Photo Storage / Guidelines CLICK HERE

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