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  • Dear All

    The Forum Panel is now active - The Members can be contacted using the "Staff" page.

    Running the Forum and keeping it all things for all members is an impossible task. We are never going to agree on everything all the time. Having said that, I fully admit that I have made mistakes in the running of the Forum. I have always said that this is "our" Forum, and I am hoping that the Forum Panel will make any policy/rule/moderation decisions more representative of our members. Hopefully it will lessen mistakes in the future.

    In an effort to improve the forum and to try and sort out any issues, we have agreed that the Forum Panel will be able to discuss matters on behalf of members (including banned and inactive members) ANONYMOUSLY. If you have a concern about the forum, or a suggestion for improvement and don't want to raise it with me or the Moderator Team directly you can, if you wish, send a PM/Email to any of the Panel Members. They are happy to be contacted and will bring your issue/suggestion to the Forum Panel for discussion - you will NOT be identified - the Panel members have assured me that they will bring your concern for discussion to the Panel verbatim and NOT identify you. The member raising the concern will be informed of the result of the discussion by the Panel Member. Neither myself or The Moderator Team will ever know who raised the concern. 


    As the Panel Member you contact is duty bound to bring your matter before the entire Panel, it is unnecessary to contact multiple Panel Member's on the same issue - the feedback you get will be the feedback from the entire Panel regardless of who you originally contacted. To avoid duplication and confusion, it is better to pick a Panel Member and contact them directly to raise your concern.

    All the best



    The Team