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  2. Volvo For Sale

    Volvo FL6. Was a tractor unit but we removed the 5th wheel (will come with the lorry ) and added the 10ft box. It has an electric winch fitted and a automatic pin coupling. Nice little runner but needs tidying. It does not turn off with the key, not looked at why. 6 speed box and has a gross weight of 23 tons. Open to sensible offers.
  3. Hoopla For Sale

    I think this is a Marklands Stall. It is complete with table, counter boards, night shutters and a canvas tilt.It is in good condition (no rot ) but needs a bit of TLC. Can be viewed location Colchester. £850 ono.............
  4. I am, very reluctantly, having to sell some of my collection to create more space. I am therefore offering the following items for sale at what I consider to be very fair prices and reflect what I actually paid for them. They are located near Romsey, Hampshire and are available on a collection basis only. The 8 pics below may not be in the correct order but are easily identified, apologies. Orton & Spooner Ark Horse. Complete with all the chrome trims and with an absolute known provenance as coming from A117 Tucker's Ark that travelled mainly in Yorkshire. I have restored the left side to it's original colour scheme and left the right side unrestored. The seat has been recovered. It is completely sound with no rot. 42" X 39" X 10". £275. Bensons Double Sided Dropper. This was one of a set of 3 boards that hung across the main entrance to Bensons Ark A67. The reverse carries a highly decorative floral pattern. The other 2 boards reading Electric, Thriller, are known to exist but I know not where. Numerous photos can be found on line showing the boards. Totally unrestored and probably unique. 60" X 16". Slightly curved to reflect the radius of the ride. £340. Bensons Twist Car seatpanel. A metal panel that was attached to the back of a Bensons twist car. Fully restored to original colours. 42" x 20". £125. Roll - up Board complete with correct size rubber balls. Restored apart from the decorative floral pattern in the centre which is in perfect condition. Sound with no rot. A written inscription on the reverse reads :- G. Miller, Fairground, Fakenham, Norfolk. This game creates much amusement at parties. 54" x 18" . £ 130. Rounding Board from a Juvenile ride. Fair unknown but possibly from the Derby area. Fully restored to it's original colours and design. 56" x 10" £100. Stall Gag Board Restored, fair unknown. 24" x 20". £60 Decorative carved Bracket. Unrestored. I was told when I bought it many years ago it was from a dodgem track paybox at Rhyl but this is unconfirmed. 16" x 8" x 9". £40 I can provide far more information, and photos, as necessary on all items to serious enquiries. My total asking price for these 7 items is £1,070 but, start your own collection, I'll take £950 for all 7 if anyone is interested ! If anyone is seriously interested in more than I item I will consider reasonable offers but I believe I have priced these pieces at very realistic levels given their provenance / condition. My mobile number is 07870 390066 Andy
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  6. Quoted By Member

    Hi Wood1, The post you were quoted in was deleted after it was posted, so you would have got a notification saying you had been quoted when the post was made, but after it was deleted you wouldn't have been able to find it! The reason it was deleted as it was part of a discussion on an entry in the Transport List, and as per forum rules we don't allow discussions on list entries, just the main information and a photo or two. I hope this helps
  7. A member recently quoted me in a transport topic ,but I cannot find it after extensive searching.
  8. Happy 40th Birthday Mark hope you had agreat day
  9. Churchdown Extravaganza 2018

    Thanks to everyone for your information.
  10. Churchdown Extravaganza 2018

  11. Churchdown Extravaganza 2018

    Hi Brian, Why don't you sent Bill a message on here as he is a member!!!
  12. Hi. Guys, I would like to contact Bill Lane re the above, however the. Email address I have is incorrect. Any help would be appreciated many thanks
  13. A message from Mick’s daughter and son, Ang and Jim. The funeral arrangements are as follows: Wednesday 15th November at 10.30am The service will take place at Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Church, Laughton Way, Lincoln LN2 2HE This will be followed by a private family burial at Newport Cemetery. Everyone is warmly invited to join us afterwards for refreshments; venue details will be shared in due course. Family flowers only please. Any charitable donations made on the day will be divided between RNLI, Candles Charity and Heart of the Health Service. Lincoln Coop Funeral Service are happy to handle any specific cheques. Many thanks for your words of condolence this week; they are appreciated. Ang and Jim x
  14. Mick Claffey

    sorry to hear this sad news rip mick claffey
  15. Mick Claffey

    sorry to hear of mick's passing.i used to see him regularly at lincoln and boston in the late 70's and early 80's when i used to help gordon sherratt and later davey briggs.r.i.p mick
  16. Mick Claffey

    Very sad to hear Mick has lost his battle. Had many laughs over the years, will be missed on the fairground scene. I happier times - 1992 sat with the late John Walter Shaw on the steps of his waltzer at Kings Lynn.
  17. Mick Claffey

    R I P Mick you will be missed
  18. Mick Claffey

    sad news
  19. Mick Claffey

    Sadly today Mick lost his battle and slipped away peacefully, a very sad day
    • Adrian
    • Bill Edwards

    Hits Bill can you add a new ride to the rides list please, it a Gravitron and it’s owner is now Simon Steel, the ride is down in Barry Island Pleasure Park. Photo was taken by Myself in Barry





  20. Octopus For Sale On ebay

  21. Need A Carousel

    Have you tried Brett Graham, he has more than one? http://www.carousels4hire.co.uk/carouselhire.html
  22. Hagman Bar

    Assuming this is a 'for sale' item, it might help to add some contact details for any would-be buyer.
  23. New Feature - Trial - Feedback Appreciated

    Sounds an exellent idea Bill
  24. New Feature - Trial - Feedback Appreciated

    A very good idea Bill
  25. New Feature - Trial - Feedback Appreciated

    Looks good,will save a lot of time
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