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Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards    11,945
Bill Edwards

Dear All


Following a suggestion from a member and discussion by the forum panel, the following changes have been made to the Rides List forums:-


Wave Swingers have been split from Chair-O-Planes and now have their own forum


Ghost Houses have been split from Fun Houses and now have their own forum


Wave Swingers - http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/541-wave-swinger/

Chair-O-Planes - http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/61-chair-o-planes/

Fun Houses - http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/68-fun-house/

Ghost Houses - http://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/forum/540-ghost-house/


I've moved the obvious ones to the correct forum, but I may have missed some :) - Please let me know (via the "Report" button) if you find any in the wrong forum.


All the best



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