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  • Dear All

    The forum is generally very reliable, however like all web sites, it will suffer from 'down time'.

    To keep you updated if the forum is unavailable All The Fun Of The Fair now has a Twitter account at https://twitter.com/#!/atfotf

    You do not have to have a Twitter account to view the page - you do not need to log in and you do not need to follow ATFOTF to see the updates. The page will be used when the forum is down to give ATFOTF members an indication of the problem and the likely time that the forum will be available again. Of course, if you wish to follow ATFOTF you can do.

    What is the current "forum down" proceedure?

    All of our Moderators have my mobile number and will text me as soon as they see a problem with the forum. I will get onto the problem straight away. If there is going to be any significant delay (longer than about 15 minutes) either I, or one of the Moderators will update the Twitter account.

    What do you do if you can't access the forum?

    Please wait 15 minutes and try again. If you still can't access the forum please take a look at https://twitter.com/#!/atfotf . If after an hour you still can't access the forum and there is no update on Twitter it is likely there is a problem with your account and you should email me at bill@fun-fairs.co.uk

    What should you not do if you can't access the forum?

    Please don't email me, Tweet me, Facebook me or send me any sort of message. I will already know about the problem and will be working on it. To reply to you individually takes me away from fixing the problem!!

    What's happening to the Facebook Page?

    It will no longer be used.

    All the best



    The Team
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