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  • Funfair Reports *** Please Read BEFORE Posting ***

    1) Funfair reports must only be posted from personal knowledge, that is, you must have attended the site during pull on, build up or the fair open.

    2) You can only include rides that (a) are on site or (b ) you have 100% reliable information that they WILL be in attendance (i.e. you've spoken to the owner or lessee)

    3) When you start a new topic the template will be inserted for you. Please USE IT!

    4) Ensure that your report is accurate. Spelling should be checked. Please use correct capitalisation and punctuation. The archive is only as accurate as the information we input!

    5) Once the fair has finished, the reports will be moved to the archive 

    6) All amendment replies to be left in place until the report is moved to the archive.

    7) Only the report creator and/or major contributors will be credited with the report.


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