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Problems Logging In??

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


The most frequent issue I deal with as an Administrator is members having difficulty logging into the forum.


99.9% of login problems can be solved by resetting your password at https://www.fun-fairs.co.uk/lostpassword/  -  even if you are 100% certain of your password resetting it on the above link clears out the software cache and allows access. 


In the small percentage of occasions when this doesn't work, please send me an email (admin@fun-fairs.co.uk) and I will look into it for you. Please let me know what error message you are getting - emails saying "it won't let me in" don't help me to help you :)


It is also imperative that your email address on the forum is correct. As part of the password reset process you will be asked, by email, to verify you've asked for the reset to prevent hackers from resetting it for you! To change your registered email address click your name (top right of the forum, then account setting and change email address. Or email or PM me and I can do it for you.


All the best





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