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Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

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Dear All


Following on from the post about Rides List Moderation and in response to some of the comments made, I have undertaken a major overhaul of the Moderation Team.


There has been a reassigning of responsibilities, a clarification of policy and an increase in accountability. I believe that these changes are sufficient to address previous issues and will hopefully increase members confidence to post.


If, however, you are aware of any issues, however big or small, please let me know. I will deal with your concerns in complete confidence. I cannot fix problems I am unaware of! Although I accept that I cannot please all members at all times, I am determined to make the forum the best it can be for as many members as possible. If that involves making further changes, then I will do whatever is necessary.


If you have any concerns that may be directed towards me, please feel free to contact another Administrator,  @harry m or @Steve Barton - they will also deal with your concern in complete confidence.


Thank you all for your continued support.


All the best



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