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Posting Photos - Free Off Site Hosting?

Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

Dear All

I personally own a server with some capacity for storing members photos. I am not sure exactly how far this can help the current photo hosting problem, but I would like to 'experiment' and see if it could help towards a solution. (Please note: The hosting of photos is STRICTLY for use on the forum!!)

Photos hosted on a private server and displayed in the forum are extremely easy to post - in my opinion easier than attaching the photos to the post as much of the posting part is done using code that only has to be written once - thereafter find/replace can be used.

Having said that it requires you to be able to resize and rename your photos and have a little knowledge of FTP. Whilst I am prepared to offer instructions, if you don't know what FTP is, it's likely the learning curve will be a little steep :)

If anyone would like to take part in a trial, please contact me and I'll sort some instructions out.

If the trial is successful I will write more detailed instructions and open the offer out to those who have less understanding of FTP etc :)

All the best


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Lee Harwood

I can have a go if you like Bill. I vaguely know about FTP so although you'll have to throw some instructions over i think i'll understand it.

Having said that i'm not sure either of these recent solutions will help me - I usually put up 30 photos in one topic at least so i'd probably use up your server space in record time!

I can test this out though to see if its of help to other members.

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Bill Edwards

This offer is open to any member who wishes to post photos.

If you have a basic understanding of FTP, can resize and rename photos, I can offer almost unlimited space and a method to post photos quickly and easily!!

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Shaun Martin

It is really easy to do and very straightforward, and very quick to do, Thanks Bill, i have been using this option for a couple of months now :)

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Bill Edwards

I had a slight hiccup with this system in that I was held to be breaching my server terms & conditions by hosting photos.

I've sourced another server and have express permission to host photos for the forum.

It's how I display photos on the forum (Please see Baldock and Brent Cross)

Lee & Shaun are using this server. Tim Holmes also uses this method with his own server.

In my opinion it is EASIER and QUICKER than attaching photos to the post.

All you need to be able to do is resize and rename your photos and set up a program to upload the photos (I can recommend a free program and supply all the settings)


If you want to try, please let me know.

All the best


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