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Question About Adding Transport To The Rides List/Transport Forum


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If I add a transport photo to a ride on the Rides List, should I also add (or ask for it to be added) to the Transport Forum, so it can be searched by it's reg plate?


I've just added a photo of Arthur Price Jnr's Helter Skelter transport to his entry in the Rides List. It's a Volvo, reg number R959 MFV. However, because there is no entry for it in the Transport Forum, if someone saw that truck and wanted to search for it on here to find out who's truck it is, it won't show up (that's how I usually identify trucks :) ).

So if a new entry is put on the Rides List, should that same photo be put in the Transport Forum? Make sense to me.


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If you have any transport that you want adding to the Transport List if the vehicle is not already listed post your photo in the Transport List Admin section and a Mod will add it to the List as a new entry. If you are posting an updated photo of a vehicle already listed then post it as a reply to that vehicles listing in the same way as you post in the Rides Lists. and a Mod will add it.

Cheers. ;)

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Cheers Steve. I've done that one. Let me know if I did anything wrong with how I did it

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