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Bill Edwards

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Bill Edwards

Dear All

I have recently had a number of enquiries about deleted posts and photos and want to take the opportunity to reiterate our current policy.

Our current hosting plan costs £80 per month and is (just about) covered by voluntary subscriptions from "Forum Supporters". That hosting plan gets us 10gb of storage.

With all the data and photos that we have, we have to be fairly ruthless to keep within the 10gb.

Forum topics (with the exception of rides lists, transport lists and funfair reports) are set to automatically delete once they have had no replies for 14 months. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. There is no "archive" and they cannot be recovered.

When a rides list or transport list photo is updated, the old photo is deleted. Again, there is no archive and once deleted they are gone for good.

In an ideal world we wouldn't delete anything, but it just isn't practical with the current level of financial support from Members.

I am grateful to all those members who do support the forum financially! When the level of support drops below our hosting costs, the forum will close :(

All the best


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Roger Peatman

So,-- to all members who are thinking of becoming Forum Supporters ,-- now seems as good a time as any to sign up !!

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