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Photo Captions

Richard Furniss

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Although it is very commendable for forum members to include captions when posting photographs,it makes viewing much easier if the captions are placed UNDER the relevant photos as requested by Bill in his posting instructions. How often do you see photos in books and magazines with the captions above the photos? I would suggest almost never!

I am sorry but I have taken OFFENCE to this post, people are far to quick to Criticise what members do on here in stead of ENCOURAGING members to post

is it no wonder Members don't want to support the Forum

I have recently undertook a round trip of over 400 miles and visited many fairs at great expense to me, I have posted reports from that trip, I have then sorted over 1500 photos taken on that trip and found a selection I thought the Forum would like to see, I have even spent a great deal of time adding Captions to those photos and if anyone posts a lot of photos on here they will know its not easy thing to do, and now I find members moaning about the position of the Captions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to all the members who liked this post I am very Disappointed as most of you should be Encouraging posting not Liking something that in my opinion has done the complete opposite

Rant Over

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I'm sorry you've taken offence - Richard's post wasn't aimed at anyone in particular and was a polite point out of the instructions that have been in place for a long while now and which are supported by the members.

The amount you do for the forum is highly commended and your support very much appreciated, but the positioning of captions is an easy fix and greatly enhances member's enjoyment. Not sure how else Richard could have pointed it out??



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Richard Furniss

Thanks Bill, and sorry that you've taken offence Gary. It wasn't aimed at you in particular, in fact I very much enjoy your postings on the forum, and usually click on your "like this" button. Having said that, I still maintain that it is easier to view and appreciate posted photographs when the captions are placed underneath the photos.

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Majority of the time i look at photos on here and find they havnt got captions i dont bother loking through them.

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