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Not being on this forum long I find it difficult to see what's what. Members seem to have their own opinions on what they love to do with the fairground. I find there are too many threads. The management could condense some of these topics into Old fair, New fair, Transport, Models, General messages. I can understand if members don't agree with me, but this is just an idea.

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What is it you like townie ?

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I like old, properly because I am old and remember my youth. I have nothing against the new fair. If you read what I posted there is a place for all.

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Bill Edwards

The forum has been running in various guises since 1997 - quite a few members have been here since the beginning.

I've always maintained that this is "our" forum - not mine. Major decisions are taken by the members - which forums we have etc. We've pretty much got it how we want it. Whilst I am grateful for any suggestions to improve the forum, it may be a good idea to learn your way about before trying to change the way we do things - you've only been here a month after all :)

You say there are too many "threads" - Do you mean "threads" or "forums"?

Threads are started by members and we've no plans to restrict what members post or condense them to assist one member.

If you actually mean "forums" you may be interested to know that we've tried fewer forums and found that the forums were much fuller making topics difficult to find and consequently more difficult to follow.

I've moved this from the "General Message Forum" which is for discussing FUNFAIRS to the "Forum Help" which is for this type of post :)

All the best


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My intension wasn't to offend anyone, in my opinion I feel this forum is overruled with forums. Some of which have not been active for a long time. If I have offended anyone I apologise it was not meant to be detrimental.

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Bill Edwards

I'm not offended, I just find it a little strange that you've joined a forum, been a member for a month and want to change the way we've done things for 18 years without making the effort to learn our ways - and you clearly haven't as your terminology is wrong and you posted your comment in the wrong forum :)

"Some of which have not been active for a long time" -

I've looked through the list and this could apply to:-

Fairground Art - last used under a month ago, but is more for reference

Family Tree's - these posts used to be more popular, we could possibly get rid of this one

Living Vans - difficult to see which other forum these would fit in

Photography - again one we could possibly get rid of as it is underused

As I see it that's a maximum of 4 under used - do these really cause you such a problem?

There are currently over 46,000 topics - spread between the five forums you suggest, would, in my opinion, make each forum so big and unwieldy it would be unusable - that's an average of over 9000 topics per forum :(

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Okay 99.975% of the members are happy with the way the forum is set up. I was just suggesting a alternative, obviously I will keep my nose out. I was just trying to help out with the forum and help it grow. Sorry for interfering won't do it again.

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Yes you are quite right, the members come first and their opinions count.

Edited by townie
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