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Message from the Forum Panel

We have recently received a concern over the Likes button in the Ride & Transport Photo listing Forum (does not apply to any other forums)

A bit of back ground for Members who are not aware of the situation

Some time ago members complained that the Ride / Transport photo Listing were being updated & members were not aware of this

So it was decided that all update were in the form of a reply and this reply would stay on the forum under the original post for 14 day (the photos may well be updated sooner but the reply will stay in place)

Now here is the concern raised, members may not beware that if you Like the Authors post which now has the updated photo after the 14 days, the Supplier of the update photo is not getting the Like, the Authors poster is and this may not be the same person, this was thought to be unfair

The Panel Team have discussed this at length and there is nothing physically we can do with the software to stop this happening

The Like /Thanks Facility is either on or off, there are no other options available and as Members like this facility it will have to stay as it is

So just to make members aware you can Like the reply (photo) for up to 14 days and the Supplier of the reply (photo) will get all the Likes it is awarded, these Likes received are automatically credited to the posters account and are not lost even after the reply post is deleted, but after that period the Author of the original post will get the likes

The Forum Panel don’t want you to do this without 1st knowing this fact, it’s only fair to you

So please show you appreciation to the Members Supplying important updates for the benefit of all Members by liking there posts, and if you still decide to post a like to the Author of the original post that’s fine to, just as long as you know who’s getting the likes

The Forum Panel

Edited by Gary Witcomb
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