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New Coming Events Forums - Guidance - AMENDED

Bill Edwards

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Dear All

For a trial period the Coming Events will be listed in forums.

The actual details of the event can be added as free text with as much or as little detail as you are able supply.

This must include a start and end date and a location.

Additionally you could include details of the event (e.g. Goose Fair, Winter Wonderland etc), the post code & organiser/lessee

Other info could include a copy of the poster, links to other forum posts (previous funfair reports?), opening times and attractions that are attending.

Posts previously posted in the General Message Forum such as "What is attending Goose Fair" or "Are Smith's Dodgems attending Goose Fair" must now be added to the relevant Coming Event post.

Replies with addition information, queries and questions are encouraged!

The format of the Topic Title is important to the search/sort facility - any variation to the standard will muck up the order the events are list in!

The basic principle is:-

Start Date (in the format 21/03/16)


End Date (in the format 27/08/16)




14/11/15 to 03/01/16 Reading, Berkshire

13/11/15 to 04/12/16 Malton, North Yorkshire

It may sound pedantic, but missing out a date's leading zero (i.e. putting 4/12/15 instead of 04/12/15) will alter the default sort order!

Events should be placed in the correct forum for the START DATE. If an event spans two months, they will be copied, by a Moderator, to the following month.

Example, an event runs 31st December 2015 to 5th January 2016 - should be posted in December 2016 with a Topic Title of 31/12/15 to 05/01/16. This will then be copied by a Moderator to January 2016 with a topic title of 01/01/16 to 05/01/16 ensuring it is in the correct order for January. (This may seem a difficult way of doing things, but I can't, at the moment, see a more straight forward way of ensuring the events run in chronological order)

(The new forum will list Coming Events from December 2015, consequently some events are listed as 01/12/15 when they clearly start in November - this is a one off situation whilst the new system is implemented)

To use the forum you can either browse through the listings or go to the forum of the relevant month and use the "Search" box (top right of forum) and search for a Town or County (or any other info for that matter), only coming events matching your search criteria for that month will be returned.

The success of this system relies on YOU, THE MEMBERS, adding events. Unlike previous years there will be NO ONE researching and adding events on your behalf. The information available will only be as good as the information YOU SUPPLY!

There were insufficient volunteers to cover more than a small portion of the Country entering events as Area Reps, however if any member wishes to assume responsibility for their local area, please do so.

If there is insufficient events supplied, we reserve the right to withdraw the Coming Events or default to a less useful method of publishing dates.

Contribute or lose it!

All the best


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Dear All

Whilst entering a few events for December & January, I have identified issues with entering events that span two months in two different forums and need to change the way we record these.

Firstly, it means additional work in the respect that the entry must be manually copied by a Moderator.

Secondly, we will have two entries for one event. If people ask questions or add information - there is the very real possibility that the two entries will be different. Syncing the two entries will be a nightmare at the end of each month.

Thirdly, each event will pop up twice on the "View New Content"

The solution is that there will only be ONE entry for each event, recorded in the month that the event starts. The topic title will show the dates of the event.

I had anticipated deleting all of December when we went into January (as Decembers events that went into January would be replicated in January's Forum). However, December's events which go into January will remain in the December forum until they have finished.

It's not perfect as a member searching for an event on January 1st will have to check December's Forum as well for events that started in December but are still on in January, but I think it's better than the way I was doing it!

All the best


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Dear All

A reminder - if there is a Coming Event entry for a fair, all your "what rides are attending", "is a certain ride attending" etc, should be added as a reply to the coming event entry.

Many thanks


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You may also enter Coming Events where you don't know the exact date - but you must know the month. Simply create the topic with a title such as


Unknown, Finchley, London


Hopefully someone who does have the information will reply.


I can't stress enough, that whilst I have populated November & December 2016 from the old list, NO ONE PERSON is going to be adding events for you to search/browse. It is down to ALL members to add the events they know about. 

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