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Submit Fair Reports? You Must Read This!

Bill Edwards

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Dear All


The time allowed to edit general posts is in the forum is one hour. However, we have been requested to allow a longer time for Members to edit THEIR OWN Funfair Reports.


This has proved to be complicated to set up on the forum as we can only set one edit time and a longer general edit time was deemed undesirable.


I have now set up a workaround. It isn't perfect, but it does allow members to edit THEIR OWN reports for as long as they are in the Current Reports Forum.


This requires me to manually add the necessary permissions to each member who submits a report individually. I have already added every member who has submitted a report this year. I will keep an eye on new reports and add anyone who doesn't have the necessary permission. If you have submitted a report and cannot edit your report, please send me a PM and I will adjust your permission as soon as I am able.


This facility also allows members to edit other members reports. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is ANY member permitted to edit any other member's posts in this forum. Every edit will result in the "edited by" box being completed and an entry made in the Admin Panel Moderator Logs. Any member who edits ANY post made by another WILL have the facility to edit reports removed immediately and permanently!


All the best






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Bill Edwards

 A reminder to those who submit funfair reports......


If you can't see the edit link on your funfair report, please send me a PM and I will add the necessary permission. I'm trying to keep up, but I do miss some :)


All the best & many, many thanks to those who take the trouble to submit reports!!

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Bill Edwards

Please can I clarify......


If you are able to update/amend/correct any of the information in a funfair report, you should do so by REPLYING to the report. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you edit another member's report - they must do it for themselves.


Many thanks



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