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Why Do You Visit The Forum?

Bill Edwards

What is your connection to this forum?  

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Dear All


This post is partly a bit of fun, partly "market research",  and partly a way of us getting to know each other a little better.


I am curious, and I bet I'm not the only one, to know who makes up our members.


I've set up two polls which you are welcome to vote in. If you wish to, please vote for the category that most suits you. You can also reply to the topic if you wish if the poll really doesn't cover you or you wish to clarify. The poll is anonymous!


All the best



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Me? I have retired from my main career and now work two part time jobs. Apart from running the Forum I help out Philip Green when ever I am able and he needs additional help. I've never traveled full time, when I was younger I was committed to work and family - now I am older I like my home comforts too much :)

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Like Bill, I am retired from my career.

   On retiring, I purchased and fully restored a Coulson toy set, six bay juvenile swing boats and a junior striker. I tried doing small events but, with just the wife to help, I found the build up too much, for the amount coming in. I settled at a Railway Adventure Park and enjoyed five seasons there. However, I missed attending steam rallies, so I sold the kit and returned to my main hobby of fairground modelling. Dave H told me about the Forum and, having joined, I got hooked. When Bill offered me the opportunity to moderate, I jumped at the chance.

   I've ticked, visit 'more than once a day'. I didn't dare tick, 'rarely off' in case Bonnie sees this topic. :o

I'm not silly.;)

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I'm been a regular visit right from the early days. I log in daily when I am at home, this is except yesterday when I was at Hyde Park all day. I've been visiting fairs for many years now and I help out showmen more or less "behind the scenes" with several websites.

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Paul McHaddan

I have been interested in fairgrounds since 1991 ish mainly taking videos & now photos since about 2005!


I have helped out many showmen who ever phones me if i can help them i will, First come first served ;), i have looked after juveniles, adult machines & side shows & a bit of driving for them!


All of this has been done while i have a full time job so it has been a bit of a rollercoaster over the years :P

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I've been interested in fairs since year 5 at school, I am still in school and dream of being a showman when I leave school.


I ticked "I am an enthusiast and help out Showmen part time" Because I do graphics for a few showmen and do work for the Parkin family in their kiosks, But I also have my own candy floss cart and am looking for a stall.


I also ticked "I am rarely off" because I spend a lot of time on the website, I don't know what I'd do without the forum!!

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Dizzy Gosnell

My first fairground experiences were from my 2nd floor bedroom window looking out to Woodstock fair every year. Tony Spurretts Rifle Range and the Hatwells arcade & archery right outside my front door. (On the NFA site there’s a photo of me aged about 7 in front of Ives dodgems being built up in the Crown pub car park with my house in the background). A few years later working with Perry Hatwell on his ‘Disco Waltzer’ and George Hatwells dodgems at odd times at various local fairs. It was all of those experiences combined that gave me the travelling bug.
After my 7 year stint with Sainsburys after leaving school, I got into concert lighting for tours. I mentioned to Perry a couple of years ago that concert touring is pretty much like the fair ‘ here today gone tomorrow’, but our stuff has wheels on most of it, and lot more indoors events less rain and mud, except for Donnington.  After 14 odd years of touring round the planet with the likes of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Phil Collins and numerous others, and sleeping on buses, flight cases, the back of trucks. I started working from the office. Opening up a USA office in Maryland in 1985, moving to Nashville and then to where I am now in California.


My fairground visits now are American in the main, apart from the odd trip back to blighty every 2-3 years.

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I couldn't tick anything in the 1st poll, I was a gaff lad in the early to mid 70's in Scotland for 3-4 years, I used to be on every day, but down to around once a week at the moment, looking after my old Mum just now, I like the projects section & transport

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Mark D. B. Jones

Hi, for anyone who doesn't know me I am a full-time Electronics Engineer and until I got a 'Smart-Phone' a few years ago only visited my local fun fairs in Ledbury Malvern & Tewkesbury. Since discovering this forum, various Facebook pages and for the last year the World's Fair publication I have visited many more fun fairs. I did over 50 last year and many more so far this year. I have become good friends (in person & on Facebook) with over a dozen great Showmen & Show-Women. My favourite ride to look at and ride is the Round Up (especially those built by Sam Ward).

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Wayne Entwistle

Good aftrenoon.

I got told about this site a few years ago not and never looked back its got everything i need, Good information from friendly people and a great site for enthusiasts.


My love affair with fairs starting from an early age, i used to sit on my local park and watch build ups, opening times and pull downs.


When i was 15 and not interested school life Henry Hill Snr and Henry Hill Jnr took me under their wing and taught me the true values of working life.

Once they acquired A191(Speedway) that was me settled it was bloody hard work but its whats made me like i am today. Never miss a days work and i have been with the same company now for 20 yrs.


All in all i see it as the fairground provided me with the work ethic that i still use today.


Hard work makes the dream work !


Regards Wayne.

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I am addicted to it just like I have been addicted to walking platform rides/machines for the last 35 years.

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